Why I Left YouTube...I'm Sorry
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Here's why you haven't seen a video from me in a very long time. That changes today. Hopefully.
00:00 Intro
00:54 Thank you
01:28 What happened to me
03:18 How I'm going to fix it
04:17 Breaking up the channel
05:26 Status of the Mclaren 675LT build
06:10 Coming up after Mclaren
06:33 Car Trek 4
07:33 Thanks and an apology
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  • Sad

    stop clickbate u just gonna lose subs

  • smith john
    smith john

    Those lady push-ups tho lol


    Get yourself better! You know what to do and what not to do, bro'. You only have one body and one life. You're a young guy, in your prime, so we all know you will do the right thing. For what it's worth, and I wish somebody would have told me this years ago, there are a couple of things we can all do to avoid problems. Number one is to take small bites and chew your food until it is in liquid form. You will find yourself eating much slower and also getting full faster. I know what people are thinking who are reading this but this is the best advice you'll ever get. Number two is to avoid junk food as much as possible. You can eat this crap once in awhile but a steady diet of McDonald's, Taco Bell, Burgerking etc. will shorten your life. Once a month...no problem. Every single day, you will die young from heart disease. Number three is don't smoke and don't do drugs. That's just plain idiotic. Last, but not least, eat a balanced diet. Too much of any one thing isn't good. Moderation, balance and drink lots of water and you will feel better than you can imagine. OK...enough! Just want to see you get better so you can make these ridiculous but very entertaining videos. I still question anyone who wants one of these "supercars" but we all do what we'll do. That's the way it should be.

  • Esau Hammons
    Esau Hammons

    as your high school coach i got some bad news... you did 0 pushups T... you need RLeeErmey standing over you yelling at you!

  • DarthHideous

    if you're one of the many who DIDNT subscribe to Tavarish's second channel...Congratulations...YOU MISSED NOTHING! YOU WIN! GOOD DAY SIR!

  • Stevenchase

    I guess no more Supra giveaway?

  • Anthony Villarreal
    Anthony Villarreal

    Nice knee pushups,. My daughter does those...

  • Mind ya biz
    Mind ya biz

    Dang I thought Jared always worked with you, y’all seem like a great pair of friends and work together well lol.

  • vr4 twinturbo
    vr4 twinturbo

    3000gt99 🤩🤩👏👏👏👏

  • Heath Hafemann
    Heath Hafemann

    Masks never worked against covid sorry the mass media lied to you

  • cheung fan
    cheung fan

    That's right time to take a break for yourself to strengthen up your own immune system just like you put in quality parts into your vehicle, everyday your body produce 6.5 to 7 billions new cells. Did you give them the right nutrients other than your daily three meals which either be processed or organic materials. I came back from 3rd stage colon cancer which was not an easy journey after losing three foots of colon after surgery, followed by six months of chemotherapy. Then I was introduced by someone a very superior supplements to boost up my immune system ( by the way did you know that cancer cells exist in you body after you was born as a baby but it's your immune system part of the white blood cells the T cell Cytotoxic cells swallow up the cancer cells when your immune system was strong) So after 4 years of this company supplements plus other booster products I was declared by my oncologist remission which . meant I am cancer free or in other words my immune system is back up to par!

  • Adrian Giese
    Adrian Giese

    Oh no!

  • ringslider

    Always, always, always....take care of yourself first. Workout, eat healthy, take care of your mental and spiritual health first. Whatever is it that you need to do, handle it.

  • TruPaul

    The knee push-ups 🤣🤣🤣

  • finaljesus

    i’m new to your channel and i find it very entertaining i love that you work on cars please never leave youtube you have a lot of older and newer fans like me take care God bless you and your family and stay healthy and safe thank you for your channel

  • ChrisMayhem

    People with masks still get sick. Masks don’t do shit . So many tests have proven that. It’s your health and immune system that determines

  • genx6000

    Sounds like you had long covid

  • MrHamlet

    Glad you're back, but more importantly, glad you're healthy. Don't worry about us pleebs. Best wishes to you good sir.

  • Lu

    I am your fan and admired your tenacity in all of cartrek!!

  • Big Bill
    Big Bill

    No one cares you have like a dozen unfinished products and ppl only still watch you because of car trek

  • EternitySoundDesign

    2varish... funny XD

  • Jeffery Thompson
    Jeffery Thompson

    I tested positive over a year ago.I have the same problems.that's when I discovered your channel.I hope you get better.try to stay in touch.

  • Deborah Valentine
    Deborah Valentine

    Kudos on your recovery. Masks don't work for respiratory; Covid virus which is why "the "god" that be" is wearing 2 and 3 masks....because the first didn't and don't work. Basically "Size Matters". Prior to politics getting involved with the Covid virus ALL of the medical 'industry': WHO, CDC, New England Journal of Medicine etc. all confirmed this for the same reason why firefighters do not wear masks when fighting fires. Firefighters do not wear masks because of the size of smoke particles are so small they pass right through the mask and into the lungs. Now, for comparison, the Covid virus is 300-700 times smaller. So, the key is, keep up your vitamin D, wash your hands using lots of soap and keep your unwashed hands away from your face... Also, statistically, your age category is over 99.7% full recovery in any event.... Am anxious to see your finished Lotus Esprit restoration.

  • No No
    No No

    Take care of yourself. We want you to make content for a long time

  • Declan Kelly
    Declan Kelly

    It’s such a shame that everyone who now gets a cold or ‘flu thinks they’re going to die. Shame on you, governments.

  • Shoua Lee
    Shoua Lee

    I have to ask, how do you pay for your addiction lol

  • The Casual DIYer
    The Casual DIYer

    @Tavarish Hey Freddy, loving the channel. I lucked into it only two weeks ago and have been watching CarTrek. Some many have pretended to be a replacement for Clarkson-May-Hammond but few have captured it. I think the three car-amigos captures the true sense of a buddy adventure. The chemistry is perfect. Adding the Car Wizard was fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work. You are an inspiration to the DIYer community, always eager, but never so daring as to get yourself injured or worse. No shame in taking time off. Rest, recover, and spend time with the family. Stay sane.

  • Mike Humphrey
    Mike Humphrey

    Try BRI resveritrol for the brain fog.

  • RicardoA BH
    RicardoA BH

    Is agnosia a symptom? Do you get lack of smell? Get well

  • XangshinxKenshin

    It's alright to be sorry. We are glad that you and your family is alright. ❤️

  • Trev Eves
    Trev Eves

    You've found a new subscriber. Get well, Sir. Covid is a terrible thing.

  • Vladimir Delecto
    Vladimir Delecto

    It's ok man, i am one month late to hearing about this.

  • joshrockwellchem

    Check out the Wim Hof breathing method. It helped me through my covid experience. Been doing it for 2 years for autoimmune disease as well and has helped tremendously with that too. Glad you are feeling better.

  • dynastoned

    what happened to the porsche?

  • John Michael Hall
    John Michael Hall


  • jochem86

    Covid is just a flu... mask wont do a thing... social distancing the same, all bullshit.

  • Henry Ramírez
    Henry Ramírez

    Your forehead is shinier than the floor on your shop, glad you are back... is there a video for the Eclipse you have on the shop?

  • xAsmir

    U should record and edit few vids and keep them ready for next time, when u cant upload or take vacation....

  • Jay Schwartz
    Jay Schwartz

    That’s Pizdietz. Polny! If you want to get bloodwork done to see if you had it, contact me.

  • Shane0360

    He had caronavirus

  • SXcite

    i love Jared

  • James Guptill
    James Guptill

    Growth. It's a good thing, get well.

  • vladimir curkoski
    vladimir curkoski

    masks doesn't help and people should be aware of that.

  • N Inc
    N Inc

    Clickbait. You never “left” SVname. SMH

  • N Inc
    N Inc

    Lol. We paid for all those cars with our views. Now he wants more $$ on 3 Chanel?

  • Bonnie Dobkin
    Bonnie Dobkin

    A far cry from your house with 1 lift , WOW ! Great VIDJA’s glad you’re getting well !

  • woodworker Royer
    woodworker Royer

    2varish might be the most subbed channel that had NO videos!

  • TheSingularity

    Bad tavarish. Live fast die young.

  • Shane Heath
    Shane Heath

    In stead of calling it car treck lets be real its top gear copy and since theres a uk usa and assie one call it top gear youtube ;)

  • NordFromNorth

    You probably caught something from that rolling biohazard rollsroyce

  • Jody Morgan
    Jody Morgan

    Have you had your furnace checked

  • clarence elliott
    clarence elliott

    Still waiting for the finish McLaren!

  • clarence elliott
    clarence elliott

    I truly look forward to what you have in store, but I'll be there when you are doing well!

  • clarence elliott
    clarence elliott

    Will be here my brother, your health is way more important than anything. I had covid-19 also and it's not a great feeling!

  • Rooster Cochran
    Rooster Cochran

    Ivermectin dude... 250MicroGrams per Kg. Not Milligrams. ...tractor supply has it, it was primarily a Sheep Dewormer but it acts on the channels that Covid uses to Hijack your CellNucleus

    • Rooster Cochran
      Rooster Cochran

      Hit me up, stay alive... one day I may get to work on a build with u n Jared ... I just found u guys and I am a huge fan!

  • Rooster Cochran
    Rooster Cochran

    Dude, take care of yourself bro... also, google Ivermectin... Stay SAFE, Keep your Family SAFE. I lost my dad to Covid and we built Hundreds o f cars... then two weeks after I lost him, we found Ivermectin is 98%Effective. Check it out.

    • Rooster Cochran
      Rooster Cochran

      If you want a Dr who will prescribe it for you send me a text or a message and I'll holler at him for you.


    Stay Safe and Healthy.... Oh, because you did videos on some BMW’s and they were awesome builds for sure. I purchased a 2018 BMW 5 series vehicle. It’s a luxury edition 540i XDrive, which has a ton of options that the first owner sunk some serious cash into (Technology) upgrades. It also has some M Performance options too. It has B58 engine, the slant v6 twin screw turbo, which is one of the best engines that BMW has out there in their lineup at the present time. The mileage on the vehicle was only 20,347 miles. Original sticker price back in 2018 was $79,785 .... I got it for the price of a used Toyota Camry .. Not bad huh ? Thanks again for the inspiration !

  • Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
    Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Did you have difficulty with smells and taste? If so, you definitely have gotten corona but from what you have gone through that sounds like the other things that shows up from individual to individual when you contract corona. I myself haven't even gotten any corona contracted during the pandemic since it started.

  • dickson rain
    dickson rain

    dude. not cool with the clickbate. if i see one more video with some bull shit title like this then im unsubscribing again

  • Kool Cat's Litter Box
    Kool Cat's Litter Box

    I will be honest....I kept checking my subs and notifications. I thought I had messed something up. Glad to see you back. Life happens. No need to apologize!

  • Michael Mouse
    Michael Mouse

    ... it's called having a COLD...remember them?

  • Eugene Suntower
    Eugene Suntower

    Had that too. I'm happy, you and your family are ok.

  • FJ. Tovar
    FJ. Tovar

    I can’t wait to see more builds, Get well man!

  • Mountain Steward
    Mountain Steward

    Covid kicked my butt too man. I sell handmade items online and fell 3 weeks behind on orders. I have NEVER had SO MANY people be SO understanding as when I messaged and let them know I was sick. Keep up on your lung health man, it took me almost a YEAR to feel 100%

  • heincarpenter

    Take care man!

  • noche te ipsum
    noche te ipsum

    MAN, I hope you had an overall physical and blood work-up. So many folks just concentrate on Covid they forget about the other Ten thousand diseases that befall us... Make certain your health is good man, not just Covid. Stay safe Bro. BTW, I hit pause, subbed to secondary channel, now I'll watch the rest of this one. You deserve to be a success Man.

  • Gary Pamela Bradford
    Gary Pamela Bradford

    Your out of shape? As a famous ginger cat once said, "round is a shape..."

  • Marcus Camps
    Marcus Camps

    Sort your hair out

  • Gaisa Sanktejo
    Gaisa Sanktejo

    WHile I enjoy watching your videos, they are secondary to your health and well being. I would prefer you to be well and able to do what you enjoy rather than laid low due to whatever illness/fatigue and so on. So, think about yourself and your family first, we may come second, but thats fine by me since that is AS IT SHOULD BE! Best of health friend G

  • Roger Stoodley
    Roger Stoodley

    Wow, new to the channel. About 3 weeks. You're very entertaining and funny, I love the car builds. So glad you're feeling better. Stay safe, keep this awesome channel going. I'll be subscribing to the new ones. Thanks for making lockdown in Newfoundland better. Keep being one of the best car channels on YT. Hope the fog rises. It would be nice if you resurrected Nice to see some Porsche Carreras...

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    You had the flu sir...

  • TheRebuilt1

    We take better car of our cars than we do ourselves I say all the time. Not related but back in my day I had a technician that was 28 who died fo a massive heat attack. He was big guy like me but Neve really exercised but knew his stuff around cars. He died on a treadmill of a massive heart attack at 28, yes 28. We as an automotive community should have our bodies in at least comparable condition to our cars. Be safe and try to eat well.

  • Anthony Buchanan
    Anthony Buchanan

    If a doctor has not told you yet you need to exercise your lungs, get a triflo or simply buy balloons fill them unload and fill them up again

  • Thriving Entrepreneur
    Thriving Entrepreneur

    l lysine bro. fix all those residual issues

  • Layoner14

    Not fair you doing the kneeling push up. Lol

  • Hannes Hietsalo
    Hannes Hietsalo

    Could be middlelife crisis with hot wawes and burnout.

  • manuel matias
    manuel matias

    Health is wealth take your time with your recovery.

  • Professional Amateur
    Professional Amateur

    That 3000gt is the coolest car your have, my DREAM car.

  • J & J AUTO
    J & J AUTO

    Tavarish you say this every month. Why I left why I left. Ever heard the boy cry wolf? We know it's for views but get over urself with your I'm leaving. Your never leaving . And u know it. Click bait. Just say your sick and taking time. Cause that's the truth. Now get better cause we need content lol. Cheers man

  • Blaqlabs Podcast
    Blaqlabs Podcast

    Sounds more like Hanta or Lyme from digging around in rat infested cars. It about laid me out years ago. Btw: masks only do so much esp for Hanta. Virus gets everywhere even with a suit.

  • notfiveo

    They should have tested for carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Kenneth Rolls
    Kenneth Rolls

    Girl pushups but still better than i can do 🤣

  • Angmohamed Bin Hussein
    Angmohamed Bin Hussein

    Damn bro I remember when u had 2k sub. Now in millions.bless u. Hard work 😓

  • harleycharley

    Hi buddy....we miss you on here....

  • asueft

    I got Covid13 eight years ago, wad sick for five months. I have a weak immune system and have guarded myself ever since. If over 70 yo, definitely guard yourself

  • Richard Coleman
    Richard Coleman

    No need to say sorry... Glad to see you hope you feel better soon.

  • Stalin

    Literally it was a month, who cares.

  • LiTenUpADP

    The fatigue is the hardest part. Yep.

  • Avi

    Bro don’t even apologize. Take care of yourself and your fam. I really appreciate all the content you put out!

  • Bruce Schneider
    Bruce Schneider

    My doctor and a doc friend from college both told me the same thing: if you text negative for Covid-19, but have the symptoms, you've got it. 30% of negative tests are false negatives. I had it, too, but also tested negative. Recover well, Freddie!

  • Tony Ant
    Tony Ant

    So you had the flu 🥴

  • El Conquistador
    El Conquistador

    leave youtube pls

  • Jacob Bergeron
    Jacob Bergeron

    Yo just stay safe.

  • Shadman Rahman
    Shadman Rahman

    Pleased to hear that car trek is up and running

  • Carrie Watkins
    Carrie Watkins

    Freddy I had a bout of the COVID back in December. I never had a fever all throughout my sickness but I had body aches a fairly persistent cough. I knew I had it when I had no sense of smell or taste. I was down for about 12 days. Wasn’t eating much for those days. I really enjoy your channel. The stuff you do for AutoTrek is hilarious. Get better and keep up the great content. Thank you much for your hard work.

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen

    Tavarish needed time to spend all that new money baybeeee

  • Big John Fury
    Big John Fury

    *Copart Covid and took 9 months to finish and still not done*

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno

    No stress man. Don't worry about DDE and what they do. You do what you want!

  • mjenkings

    Sorry to hear you were ill. Never apologise for putting your health first. Take it easy and thanks for all the great content (and Jared's a great friend to have!). I'm also hearing a lot of first hand stories here in the UK of people getting what is clearly COVID but returning a negative result.

  • Chuck LeeClerc
    Chuck LeeClerc

    Eddy you have to change your diet (low GI carbs/ low carb IF) and start working out, running sprints, it would be just a cold for you in that case.