We Took Our Unreliable Luxury Cars On A 300+ Mile Christmas Road Trip (And They All BROKE)
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On the final episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest's challenge was to deliver Christmas presents a few hundred miles away to the oldest Baptist church in St. Louis. Tyler's Audi S8 was completely bottomed out, leaking oil and various fluids, and was in no shape to compete. Freddy's Rolls-Royce needed some serious mold removal and some mineral oil, but Ed's Maserati may have just been the Christmas miracle they all needed.

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  • Paul Shaffer
    Paul Shaffer

    Loved all of them boys. Come to Louisville and ill gladly give you the tour....of this dogshit city

  • Footballer153

    I am extremely curious as to the route they took to get to St. Louis. I live in the area that the Cadillac started failing on Tyler. They were one county north when this series started, went south to my county, took a state highway, some county roads, and back on the interstate north. Just got me really curious on their route.

  • Evaldas Gurskis
    Evaldas Gurskis

    Stupid show

  • Eric Dravin
    Eric Dravin

    Rust and smoke, the heater broke .....door just blew away

  • BL000OOO000D

    should've bought a e39 m5

  • AcIi

    CRTL C +CRTL V Top Gear but still kinda entertaining tbh

  • Benny jetsaroundtheworld
    Benny jetsaroundtheworld

    Is that a seiko on Tyler

  • kalm dwn
    kalm dwn

    Downshift to 1st gear bruh...

  • ptle


  • B. Andresen
    B. Andresen

    Audi, Mercedes, Well, ANY European car, new one that is, is better than the rest…you have to kno…oh Well, you would not would you 🤣

  • Neo Csatornája
    Neo Csatornája

    @Tavarish this was realy good, the new one is not so. Please do simular on next series. I love to see a hoptie or Mercedes again 😀

  • Aj Blazed
    Aj Blazed

    how the fuck do the 3 of you all look over 50

  • Smokeless Chimney
    Smokeless Chimney

    Please keep making these. The improvised braking stunt was true entertainment. We are hooked. Do it again.

  • gatoLOCO - play lose laugh win
    gatoLOCO - play lose laugh win

    Why not refill coolant? Why are they killed that engine on purpose and act like it's the car's fault? I really like this series, but things like that really are unnecessary fake drama :(

  • Niklas Wejedal
    Niklas Wejedal

    Maybe Cadillac should have called their engine the Deathstar instead... :D


    Why do I get the feeling that ed is more like sheldon cooper.

  • fabio caobianco
    fabio caobianco

    Perché fare queste cose con le macchine?

  • csakben99

    Me: i want the original topgear Mom: we have topgear at home Topgear at home: cartrek Nonetheless its a good show too

  • johnro6659

    That was a fun series I hate the fact you guys destroyed that Maserati though!

  • RadialSkid

    I remember the automotive press glowing about how great Northstars were when they came out, apparently just because they had overhead camshafts. If only they could have known how time would redeem the far more reliable HT 4.1s and 4.5s they replaced.

  • Fernando Pires
    Fernando Pires

    how about bloopers?

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    Very cool, please keep goin

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    I love the Santa pants and feet hat

  • Arthur Corassini
    Arthur Corassini

    I love the way Mona communicates with Eddie via morse code

  • Fernando TRA
    Fernando TRA

    I'm just watching this Car Trek. Couldn't Freddy downshift? What's with "put it in neutral"? That's even worse than no brakes. But it makes for fun in a cringing way.

  • 902nick

    Omg that pour audi getting dragged 🤢 hahaha ! Frigging love these vids BTW 💪

  • The Flat Rock
    The Flat Rock

    I had a white Caddy with the 4.6 engine. Good car took a lot of beating

  • The Flat Rock
    The Flat Rock

    Each kid gets a hammer and 10 whacks on the car of their choice, Hoopties??

  • The Flat Rock
    The Flat Rock

    You need a Big Bruiser by Marx

  • DarthHideous

    The Car Wizard has Hoovie and Jared has Tavarish...but why doesn't Ed have a Batman to his Robin?

  • Cooter Motosports
    Cooter Motosports

    Absolutely hilarious

  • dandeman46

    That was simply FANTASTIC!!!

  • Apres Coups
    Apres Coups

    This reminds me of Top Gear but without the subtle racism.

  • ##AlbanianKing

    We need #CarTrek4

  • ImMoral *
    ImMoral *

    This top gear is looking weird. Did May get a haircut?

  • Brian Campbell
    Brian Campbell

    Why would he torture himself with awful smells? The humor, of course, but I hope he had an air freshener or 12 under the seat :)

  • Amante De Capaldi
    Amante De Capaldi

    I didn't understand the cooling stuff why the heat has to stay on ?

  • John Herald Jr
    John Herald Jr

    After watching this series I have to say with a larger budget and some fire, this could be right up there with Top Gear. Great job guys. "Tyler! Man the Jugs!"

  • Bronson1886 AKA John Grisanzio
    Bronson1886 AKA John Grisanzio

    I wish I could have that Maserati I would Love to see the car called Mona Restored .

  • Mark Copland
    Mark Copland

    Walking off to get water in St Louis, hope tour packing heat.

  • Michael Oxley
    Michael Oxley

    I'm so sad I didn't see this during Christmas. You guys have to come back for another season! I'll click on AutoTempest every day until series 4.

  • Rick Hibdon
    Rick Hibdon

    Hoovie's balls LIGHT UP?

  • Luke Draper
    Luke Draper

    Eds matchbox tracks are awesome

  • Matt Evangelou
    Matt Evangelou

    Hey Guys - very enjoyable series!!!! Keep it going - you all have great chemistry together....

  • Jared Strauss
    Jared Strauss

    does he have tylers ball lights around his neck?

  • Vladan Umicevic
    Vladan Umicevic

    Well this is last time for me to watch this the 3 idi.ts, they ruined 4 cars that they could gift for xmass yet they chose to be jerks and not funny.

  • still Living
    still Living

    This was stupid, a waste, and glad I never subbed.

  • woodworker Royer
    woodworker Royer

    You know, the only thing WORSE than these cars, is a Ugo. But the next worse thing is my STINKING INTERNET! I am 20ft from my house, and 30ft from the router, and I lost signal...

  • Evgenii Nalpin
    Evgenii Nalpin

    I really love this Not Top Gear show, you three are real good!

  • G6 Liara
    G6 Liara

    Fortunately, not all Audis are bad eggs. I have a '95 model A6 2.5 TDI Quattro, which is a proper high mileage hero. It's in very good condition, though there is a little rust on some panels (easy to fix though). It's been going strong for 475000 kilometers (almost 300k miles). These engines and drivelines are known to be pretty indestructible - I am referring to the inline 5-cylinder diesel, not the V6 variant that came later. Also paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. Comfort is pretty good (for 1995 standards at least), and it's got less electronic gadgets than the newer models. It's also quite easy to up the power output of these. A pair of ROM chips, a slight turbo upgrade, some timing adjustments and an open turbo-back exhaust. You can quite easily get a good 250+ horsepower out of these, with the powerful torque a diesel engine is known for.

  • Christopher Yotz
    Christopher Yotz

    This series is fantastic. The only valid replacement yet for a show that used to be the most watched car show in the world. Keep it up. Maybe next series get the best italian sports cars you can for $5k. Or, the best american luxury cars for $2k. Whatever. Just keep it up.

  • Sir Loin
    Sir Loin

    That caddy isn’t unreliable, I’ve had several and they have been rock solid

  • philip4x4guy

    Way too over acted and gimmicky, there are enough of those shows, keep it real and basic

  • Dustin Hollingshead
    Dustin Hollingshead

    Car Trek 4 idea: $5K RV, cross country, everyone in the single RV.

  • Jordan Cummins
    Jordan Cummins

    I died when Tyler said, "Oh Northstar."

  • ilhan halil seyhan
    ilhan halil seyhan

    Poor Maserati. It was so pretty car.

  • bkurt

    ad singing was priceless hahaha

  • bkurt

    poor tyler man hahahaha

  • bkurt

    what a fucking shame on you cadillac/gm

  • Wisam A
    Wisam A

    This is great, so much quality content

  • Josh Rosema
    Josh Rosema

    You should have the episode number in the title.

  • Garrett Mitchell
    Garrett Mitchell

    22:14 that guy driving behind them when they see a Maserati with presents taped to the roof:

  • lek1223

    Van, Vs Truck, vs Pickup

  • Snarl616

    much much much better than The Grand Tour

  • TheCptnOf Fail
    TheCptnOf Fail

    Of the three seasons I think this is the best. Just the right amount of knock off top gear, and unique humor. I got quite a few loughs out of this.

  • Raul George
    Raul George

    I liked every bit of it! Though, A bit more "NATURALITY LINKED TO YOUR PERSONALITY AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE"; Maybe?, perhaps a cartek where the "ESSENCE' of negotiation(business) by Ed, restoration by Tavarish and possible humor/stupidity(no offense) of Tyler all come together.

  • PCPKCreed

    You guys need to buy the Best models of dead car companies! And do a cartrek 😉

  • Bryan 2.0
    Bryan 2.0

    I hope the producers of Top Gear America are watching this.

  • The Big Bad O
    The Big Bad O

    I think they can be the next successful top gear trio. We gotta make that happen!

  • SoulFly

    lmfaoooooo tavarish saying so odd “ed your 35”. was the funniest bad acting. i love it.

  • Possible Games
    Possible Games

    Dang that was a fun adventure good video.

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    For once I would like to see hoopty's and unreliable cars turn into reliable cars or even somewhat showroom cars with only a certain amount on a budget it's easy to destroy a car any idiot can do that but for a serious car lover that's a challenge worth taking up and unfortunately I don't think these guys can do it

  • Hermann Weinzierl
    Hermann Weinzierl

    So cool 😎 you are so crazy!! 🥰

  • liny2sd

    The Quattroporte is totally my next car, after a track beast of course.

  • PI2021

    The Xmas lights have gone around. Lol.

  • wade addington
    wade addington

    Much better than the old Top Gear America

  • sgrKmill

    My Favourite series on youtube. Thank you, Freddy, Ed & Tyler for the amazing Content. Wishing you all the best in 2021 :D

  • Fadence

    Beep Beep Beep... That would destroy my sanity.

  • Fred Frederick
    Fred Frederick

    How were these three not chosen to save Top Gear USA?

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott

    What American Top Gear should really have been....you should be lobbying to get hired as the new hosts for the next series.

  • Michael Trey Wright
    Michael Trey Wright

    Watching the hot wheels reminded me of the hot wheels game on the cpu back in the days like early 2000s

  • Vallabh Samta
    Vallabh Samta

    Please number the episodes, sequence/season/series wise.

  • De'ans Group
    De'ans Group

    You guys make it seem like there are cars all over for free. God that Audi.. That's my presidents car.


    i wonder why they didnt use a shitty jaguar lol

  • Gaming Victories
    Gaming Victories

    I love how almost 300 miles is worrisome lol.

  • Bass 'n Kitties
    Bass 'n Kitties

    "I have 6 extra inches for you in the back ready for you" Ed - "that's where they go" 😂😂😂 So many dick jokes. I feel like CarTrek is really coming of age. Maybe "coming" isn't the right word...

  • Hugh Smithson
    Hugh Smithson

    What’s the music at 22:09? Can’t for the life of me place it.

  • Chris Warfield
    Chris Warfield

    More Car Trek is just the thing we need to put 2020 behind us. More Car Trek please!

  • Richard, The Tech Guy
    Richard, The Tech Guy

    The three of you together, just amazing. You all work so well off of each other. Best laugh my wife and I have had in a long time and we all know we need that in these times. Your guest stars The Car Wizard and Jered were a special touch. Please continue the series, you have myself and 1000's of others waiting for the next one. Thank you so much .😎

  • Gnarly 208
    Gnarly 208

    This is the next new top gear

  • FishHardOrGoHome

    Such awesome series

  • Doobie McNasty
    Doobie McNasty

    Could have done without that baby scream SE

  • Stöpfel W
    Stöpfel W

    Too bad the Audi got crashed on porpose to often because it maybe was the most solid car in the first place maybe too solid and to drive it while sitting on its bump stops just for the sake of entertainment was just plain stupid 🙄

  • David Bronson
    David Bronson

    Mona and Maserati for the win!

  • syenna and bubbles
    syenna and bubbles

    Absolutely great season again!! Can t wait for another 😎😎

  • BStard

    Cheapskates TopGear

  • Glitch Machine
    Glitch Machine

    The Maserati made it!

  • Kylie John
    Kylie John

    A great piece of plagiarism.

  • TeslaX On The Road
    TeslaX On The Road

    Haha, this is hilarious. I was secretly hoping the Maserati could make it. You are awesome, guys!

  • Christopher Buda
    Christopher Buda

    Nice Cadillac deathstar action