We Drove Our Cheap (And BROKEN) Ferraris To The GREATEST ROAD IN AMERICA - Car Trek S4E5 (FINALE)
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On this episode of Car Trek, the guys are in the home stretch to complete AutoTempest's biggest challenge yet - to drive their cheap and broken Ferraris 1,000 miles to Gateway, Colorado, the home of the greatest driving road in America. However, before then, they have to first find out what their cars are worth. Ed's Ferrari 599 is getting more rattly by the mile and it has the most to lose. Tyler's Ferrari 456GT is a little worse for wear after its challenges, but its low mileage and rarity may give it some extra credit in the appraisal. And Freddy's Ferrari 308 GTB is so insanely broken that any valuation that doesn't include a tow to a junkyard would be a miracle. A fitting end to the series.

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  • busridediary

    this show needs to be on cable. Make it happen. please!

  • Kedar Jani
    Kedar Jani

    but?!! but what...it has no freakin doors LOL

  • salocin911

    "DOOR DELETE" I love it

  • Teddy Karogo
    Teddy Karogo

    Wow love watching this guys from Kenya wish I could own a Ferrari someday 😢😢😢

  • Darren Fuerst
    Darren Fuerst

    You look a little chilli "WAT!?!"

  • The Average Zillennial
    The Average Zillennial

    “The amateur pharmacist” 😂😂😂

  • WildDigger

    That road is OK but it doesn't compare to the Tail Of The Dragon... Now that is a fun road.

  • 879 gaming
    879 gaming

    I can tell you like top gear this is a great parody

  • Tyler Hubert
    Tyler Hubert

    That argument between Freddy and John had me rolling lol

  • Les Dijoux
    Les Dijoux

    I think that for the next season it could be cool to see a offroad theme or utilitary.... 🤷‍♂️ why not

  • Christopher Fiore
    Christopher Fiore

    Binged some Tavarish views a ways back and this was my first Car Trek experience as SVname decided to unsub my Freddy subscription 😐 this was awesome and I look forward to binging the other seasons. 😁 Tyler Weeeeens

  • joser1458

    After AMC short squeeze im definitely getting a bad ass car 👍

  • Matthew Castilljea
    Matthew Castilljea

    The next Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May

  • MrSnoopyxxx12

    This is absolutely amazing

  • Zac's Channel
    Zac's Channel

    Don’t think I’ve ever had tears from a car SVname video- until the end of this one. Well done my friends 🙌🏻

  • mrbigstufable

    You guys are garbage for mocking the woman with the leg brace. Disgraceful.

  • K Y
    K Y

    Aren't all Ferraris broken, always?

  • Zbinden Dominik
    Zbinden Dominik

    I'd really like Tavarish to LS swap the 308.

  • Vernon Ray
    Vernon Ray

    The bag...lmo

  • Vernon Ray
    Vernon Ray

    The red 1 still looks the best.... But im never buying a car like that

  • Trevor Harrington
    Trevor Harrington

    30:46 risky pass lmao bet Tyler puckered up 😂😂

  • Isaac Foster
    Isaac Foster

    You’ve done cheap Italian cars, I’d say you guys should do cheap German cars next.

  • Jdjd Jdif
    Jdjd Jdif

    I expected they fix those cars perfectly and rece again.

  • R W
    R W

    How are those hand radios getting that range? One guy in the middle of the desert and another in a town.


    35:38 Ed gives his 'auto'- biography very sincerely and talks us through his past hopes and dreams as he walks through his immediate present ... and tears up. Very honest moment. Thanks Ed. Oz.

  • Julian Felipe Granados Flórez
    Julian Felipe Granados Flórez

    that ending was a little cheesy

  • Shante Francess
    Shante Francess

    From here on out Freddy should be let go from Car Trek he ruins the show and the viewing experience hands down 💯

  • Shante Francess
    Shante Francess

    This channel, and car Trek sucks balls and Tavarish is no different and is absolutely annoying as hell 💯 how this channel has gotten as big as it has blows my mind. You f****** such Tavarish!!!

  • Andrei Sebe
    Andrei Sebe

    This has that classic Top Gear vibe that we all love.

  • Colton

    That car is the REASON people buy camrys. LOL

  • RideThe6

    Looks like covid is pretty deadly. Not !!

  • SuperNorstShow

    I want to see these 3 take a road trip in a pinto, a vega, and a gremlin

  • Liviu Bita
    Liviu Bita

    Freddy's 308 suffered in a straight line because of the added weight (Freddy). 😄

  • J Rock3091
    J Rock3091

    Ferrari, seeing one of their most iconic cars. Going down the road, with a door delete mod. Makes me very very happy on the inside. Knowing posh Italians are reeeeeeeeeing is the best.

  • Simon Munden
    Simon Munden

    I’ve been a passenger in a 456 and it did not inspire me to want a Ferrari.

  • robbie millington
    robbie millington

    Love it chaps. Can’t wait for the next Trek!

  • BluesClerk

    It has always been my greatest desire to own a Ferrari. That desire is now gone forever.

  • joe hoover
    joe hoover

    @tavrnish i bet i can make that 308 beat that 599 in a drag race......instagram.... turbojunky288gto

  • joe hoover
    joe hoover

    the guy critiquing the cars has no idea how easy that 308 is to fix 3 weeks i can have it rebuilt and fixed, turbocharged, intercooled and aftermarket ecu (ferrparts shipping delay not included bc who knows how fast u will get it) the 599 is a basket case even new...the 465 is a good car as long as you keep its maintenance up....and honestly the 308 has the most miles traveled of any ferrari and the most made out of the 3

  • Josh Sammy
    Josh Sammy

    Freddie's car is the coolest looking though! Can't wait for car trek 5!!

  • Dendrox den
    Dendrox den

    Probably my favorite series on SVname! Can't wait for the next season. Also, I was nervous just watching you guys sit on the cliff at the end lol.

  • Josh Ferry
    Josh Ferry

    You guys did a great job! Thanks for a great show! I like the 308 but doors would be good. :p

  • krim

    Its the closest American version of top gear you can watch.

  • Bas Dergen
    Bas Dergen

    Japan is a continent?

  • Patrick H
    Patrick H

    Vote all demoRat left wingnuts out! ASAP! Vote all demoRat left wingnuts out! ASAP! Veteran-U.S. NAVY SEABEE!!

  • Endre Schuchtàr
    Endre Schuchtàr

    Ed's acting skills have to be acknowledged

  • cloudkitt

    I appreciated Hoovie's closing Star Trek reference

  • Joe's Phenomenal
    Joe's Phenomenal

    Looks like 308's are going for quite a bit at auction and going up. Why wouldn't it be a cool project for Tav to pull it apart and restore it? Looks like he could probably get quite a bit for it if it were fixed.. I mean, the Maclaren was totally junked and he got that looking pretty nice. Just my humble opinion.

  • Dustin Hayden
    Dustin Hayden

    I'm even jealous of the 308 taking a road trip like that is on my bucketblist hopefully I'm years and years away from dying however everytime I try to start getting a car and a road trip together something comes up but this is inspiring and I just hope I find away to make it happen all I want it in is a sport car and a beautiful road 🙏

  • Jacob Sanchez
    Jacob Sanchez

    Ed almost crying and speaking from his heart just made a fan out of me

  • Zoltan

    50 years from now, that 308 will worth the most out of this trio. And that looks the best right now…

  • robert caldwell
    robert caldwell

    You guys hanging out with terrorists? Geez... The only thing I can think is,with time, the 308 MAY, see it's day. Kudos to Tavarish for sticking it out. Good job guys. You could do the famous Dragon's tail,in N. Carolina but between the cops,and traffic, you won't enjoy it. Capt.Bob...

  • Rolling Shutter
    Rolling Shutter

    I am loving the deal on Ed´s Ferrari. Someone has to snatch it up. "99.999$ $0 per month, 0% interest with 100% down regardless of credit."

  • arup bose
    arup bose

    As a consistent viewer and car enthusiast I really appreciate what you guys are doing here, but I would like to say, Freddy , if you're reading this, please choose a better car next time around, you know something that doesn't breaks down after the first few challenges. I get that it enhances the viewers' intrigue but for once it would be a welcome change for us viewers to see Freddy not driving a deathtrap of a car.

  • JR EL Gran
    JR EL Gran

    There's no way a flood car with over 20k known improvements needed is worth 70k!

  • kprice399

    Rode 141 on my K1300s. It was truly an undiscovered master class road. Few cars due to location, and able to hit any speed my heart desired. Long sweepers and auto moto enthusiast would love. Great series. You guys did a great job!

  • djnjoy

    I'd love to know the name of the track at 6:45 mark, Shazam returns nothing. And in general, this series reeks of old topgear, and for that i really enjoyed it. Thanks!

  • kprice399

    Better than top gear Brit & Us version. You will need an audience packed full of young hot ladies... They got you there. What a relief no complaining bad jokes JC. I’m hooked

  • Ryan Oakes
    Ryan Oakes

    Budget top gear

  • Ranger TS
    Ranger TS

    Only Tavarish followed the spirit of this challenge. Ed/Tyler not so much

  • NurbekProductions

    Anyone know which road they drove on?

  • Varun Sam
    Varun Sam

    Please do these.kinda series..super fun and knowledge about cars and things to deal with.. appreciate it guys..waotim for the next series.👍

  • IKhan

    Amateur Pharmacists hahaha.

  • Sanchit Sharma
    Sanchit Sharma

    Even though it was scripted, the way he threw the bag from one end to another was way too funny. All of them broke character when that happened.

  • Sam Will
    Sam Will

    13:29 Did anyone see the GoPro fall!!!!!

  • TripleZ89

    Guys he traded in a Lambo Diablo for that 599. Oof.

  • TripleZ89

    Wholesome and hilarious show, big thank you, and keep it up.

  • ElDeano09

    inside 20 minutes... social media is death..... get a life

  • Siren Head87
    Siren Head87

    I might not have enough or even close of the amount of money do buy that 599 GTO but I still really want that sooo much. Even tho it has looooots of problems

  • Philip Masie
    Philip Masie

    Freddy, you had the best car and I can’t wait to see the Car Wizard restore it to its former glory!

  • AaronAnonymous

    Shoutout to CARBROS for designing hoovie’s Ferari shirt with mustang logo.

  • Charles Bain
    Charles Bain

    What's the shirt John is wearing? I dig it!

  • richard mckee
    richard mckee

    Can they get rid of freddy?

  • Cobra 427
    Cobra 427

    Sketchy masked men on a roof 😂

  • Jeff Edwards
    Jeff Edwards

    Hoovie: "Anything manual has skyrocketed in the last few years" Us: Thanks a lot Ed.

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    There probably isn't much you can get for 30k that is a Ferrari that moves under it's own power.

  • BlueVash


  • Sam Buckeridge
    Sam Buckeridge

    We NEED a BTS somewhen!!!

  • mirthenary

    Hey Tyler would you mind trading your 456 for a slightly used 2018 focus st with _barely_ 80000 miles on it?

  • 3103frank

    Loved it!

  • Mega OOF
    Mega OOF

    Make next season a budget car challenge. Any vehicle as long as it is $10k or less.

  • KingofBS

    This Car Trek was really good, but nothing compares to Car Trek 3 which was genius!! I LMAO the whole time. :D

  • Michael Pewtress
    Michael Pewtress

    You need an editor and a photographer and better B-Roll... I enjoy the show and want you to succeed. If you want more feed-back shoot me a message. I'll be constructive.

  • SushiSlicer

    I didn't even know there was a great driving road down there called gateway. I was born and raised in Colorado so this comes as a total surprise to me. None of the car groups near me even talk about that road.

  • judas sean
    judas sean

    31:06 excuse me sir what do you do for a living?

  • Nicholas James
    Nicholas James

    3:35 Car Trek Drug Bust

  • LorNevermore

    "IT HAS NO DOORS" every Freddy/ John interaction is pure comedy

  • TheRealHoltzy

    You are 1 member away from a hit show. Tavarish is your weakest link I'm afraid. You need a James May, not 2 Hammonds

  • CarOnTheWall

    another great season! i honestly think the competition aspect would have been a little more interesting if Ed had bought something in the price range like a 355 but great show! can't wait for the next one

  • Joshua's Recordings
    Joshua's Recordings

    My favorite car on this show is honestly the 308. Would love to see it restored and love that the Wizard bought it.

  • TenHeadLife

    Nicely done fellas.

  • scooter dogg
    scooter dogg

    it's miraculous Tavarish survived , now he's part of the 99.7% club lol party on !!

  • Anthony Caranna
    Anthony Caranna

    Despite all of it's other failings, Freddy's 308 was still a better performer than the unfortunate late-80's Ford Escort at the bottom of the ravine (36:26). Thanks for the series - can't wait for Season 5.

  • Obenwahkenobi B
    Obenwahkenobi B

    @CarWizard @26:30

  • DDMSteveB

    I’ve enjoyed budget TopTour, or GrandGear. Solid work team. Probably the best edited series so far.

  • Miguel Acosta
    Miguel Acosta

    I wonder if anyone made it out of that car, looks like it was never cut open to let them escape.

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith

    These idiots think the greatest road in America is in Colorado. Cute.

  • Laderschladr

    you should do 4x4 under 10k would love to see you guys beat up a jeep liberty

  • Paul Jones Moody
    Paul Jones Moody

    Freddy, glad you made it through COVID.

  • Paul Jones Moody
    Paul Jones Moody

    A great series! Loved seeing the southwest. Love the wizard. Great drone footage. Great formula overall. Fun seeing the camera crew and film truck.