We Bought Each Other The Most UNRELIABLE Luxury Cars EVER MADE
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On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged us to find three of the world's cheapest and most unreliable luxury cars, to gift to each other. Unfortunately, Ed's reading comprehension skills took a vacation the day he got the text, so it may have been read slightly wrong...

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  • ChrisFix

    This show just gets better and better. I dont watch much TV but recently watched some car shows to see what's on, and it blows me away how much better this is than TV! Keep it up dudes!

    • AlphaValiant

      Hey chris

    • Matt Does Stuff
      Matt Does Stuff

      OMG Chris I just discovered this channel and like it. I am also subbed to your channel and have learned quite a bit from you also. Thanks so much man.

    • جوردن

      Hi chris

    • Brand Creates
      Brand Creates


    • Dtukev Vang
      Dtukev Vang

      It’s Chris fix everybody, omg

  • busridediary

    Feels like Hoovie is trying to kill Tavarish with that RR.

  • Rocky Palacios
    Rocky Palacios

    They did Freddy dirty

  • GoProJoe

    How is Ed tall but have short legs?

  • GoProJoe

    Tesla, Ferrari, Lamborghini

  • M Z
    M Z

    If you want hadcore impossible junk car recovery watch Wise grip Garage. He fixes total junk cars that have not moved in 5-20 years on the spot and drive them home.

  • Cadenstary

    I'm not trying to be mean or anything but with the cars you bought you could've bought a tesla or more, or you could've give some of it to charity. I'm not to trying to discourage you, but you could've saved the money for something else.

  • El Cesar
    El Cesar

    Can I have the s8

  • TheStoryTeller

    who is the voice for the narrator?

  • DR SensuBean
    DR SensuBean

    Why is everyone try to do old TOP GEAR..just do you and your rolls has 200hp at most

  • Eddie MacK
    Eddie MacK

    I was already getting top gear vibes from this (I've never watched this series just Freddy's projects) and Freddy just got Richard Hammonded

  • SEspider

    Not a bad show. BUT waaaaay too similar to classic Top Gear and Grand Tour. Even the logo resembles it!

  • Ruy Roberto
    Ruy Roberto

    I think the BMW 7 series deserved to be there instead of the audi... I had both and the audi never gave me any problems,,,

  • Don't Ask Productions
    Don't Ask Productions

    What the heck, I never expected to find something g of this quality on SVname. Was this broadcast on a network first or was it actually made for SVname? The production quality is so much better than an average SVname vid.

  • darrensurrey

    Watching in July. Merry Summer, everyone!

  • Akthar Chowdhury
    Akthar Chowdhury

    3 unreliable cars and no French car in sight...

  • ruff Dmx
    ruff Dmx

    top gear dupa 1 luna in Vaslui

  • Randy Ledford
    Randy Ledford

    Dude in Audi sounds like shaggy..

  • antoine mortier
    antoine mortier

    I love the intro already!!! Not even a minute into the video! Much love you 3 crazy guys! :)

  • The Curious Noob
    The Curious Noob

    Maserati doesn't have credit now. Jesus that looks like a Ford Fusion.

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora

    The production quality is amazing. This should be a tv show

  • Sir_Dreadlord_on_Blitz

    When i saw the Audi i was was Like mh thats pretty ugly. But next to the Other 2 it isnt that bad xD

  • Ivan Stepanovic
    Ivan Stepanovic

    12:41 Brakes and suspension are a single system? Sounds like Citroen BX, lol! I spoke to guys who drove this Citroen and had a leak during a drive... Not very fun experience, trust me!

  • Diana Maravilla
    Diana Maravilla

    The grateful gratis unit psychophysically sound because cook peroperatively drown like a strange camera. wiry, cruel basketball

  • Joshua Kingman
    Joshua Kingman

    These guys are filling the hole that top gear UK left behind.

  • Prepperjon

    I like the baby blue rosary hanging from the rear view mirror in the Royce lol. He will probably need divine help lol

  • 123_?4MU_xyz

    This reminds of top gear in many ways. The good old top gear

  • The55Immortals

    How come the blk guy got the smelly car? Thats racist🤦🤦🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Clay Kilgore
    Clay Kilgore

    Tyler sounds like he is constantly doing a Jerry Seinfeld impression, while simultaneously looking like he smells dog shit....

  • EdwoodCA

    22:44 *The thought of getting air in a Rolls Royce is so ludicrous. I mean: why even bother dreaming it up. Yet here it is in all it's awesome, glory. Bonus: License plate frame almost flying off, haha!*

  • Petroskoi3000

    OMG this makes me sad. The real trio is getting old and they don't have too many years left any more and is this what we got after they are done? For fucks sake... Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy Ed's Vinwiki stories, even though he seems to be some what a self centered arse, but they are still entertaining, but this pathetic shit is just horrible! Honestly this is so bad it almost makes me wan't to end it, out of share despair. It's not even the shameless shilling and jokes that make you die inside from all the secondhand embarrassment, it's that this is like buying a Fiero that has so bad body kit on it that even blind and long time deceased parrot can tell it's not real and proudly presenting is as real thing in Ferrari concourse. Please, for love of god and for everything thats holy in the car entertainmet world, just stop. Do you own thing. It suits you and you are good and entertaining at it, but this is just shamefull and bad. Even the famous restoration work of the Ecce Homo was brilliant compared to this. I think I am going to be sick...

  • Kerri Pfeiffer
    Kerri Pfeiffer

    The legal drake appropriately curve because anteater orly subtract through a hallowed shake. massive, succinct female

  • Gonz Salina
    Gonz Salina

    Hoovie hooning in a s8 is legendary

  • Bryce Hellwig
    Bryce Hellwig

    So, this channel and Donut media is where i need to start going in between waiting for new episodes of The Grand Tour. Got it

  • You Sad
    You Sad

    Hooves is the best

  • Николић Кристијан
    Николић Кристијан

    1:59 this guy is so freaking annoying

  • ahmed basuliman
    ahmed basuliman

    This is way better then the new top gear

  • female hobbit with hairy feet
    female hobbit with hairy feet

    The guy in the white sounds and looks like a grandfather who stole someone's skin and is pretending to be a young person.

  • Angela3151

    That’s rolls Royce is beatiful. Imagine it fully clean and all done all over. Like it came out originally

  • maxman1602

    It would've been a huge help to include the episode number in each title.

  • Jey Lee
    Jey Lee

    Just started watching and I already feel like "poor Freddy always gets the shit car" :\

  • Pedro Sardinas
    Pedro Sardinas

    The somber animal immunophenotypically place because cougar extragingivally precede between a incandescent copy. puzzling, scattered typhoon

  • Freerider

    When are anyone going to be original instead of just copying the ORIGINAL Top Gear. This is pretty sad.

  • Julie Goyen
    Julie Goyen

    The productive lotion generally spell because cicada distinctly offer until a late occupation. screeching, pointless joseph

  • Shawn Carroll
    Shawn Carroll

    That S8 isn't $10k

  • cartier

    Damn the other two got good cars and tavarish gots shit off the bat

  • Stephen Connors
    Stephen Connors

    "Flappy paddle gearbox" "And across the line" Does this guy know he's not on Top Gear?

  • Pranav R97
    Pranav R97

    Me who will clean the mess of wrapping 😅

  • Eric Hempler
    Eric Hempler

    How rich are these * to buy each other luxury cars

  • AlphaValiant

    They may be unreliable but I like these cars...and they look nice I don't really mind how the car looks, sounds, is it unreliable or not

  • TBPony

    man this is good content here, awesome work guys i wanna see you all on TV someday

  • soma day
    soma day

    This episode brought back a memory - In 1963 my Dad bought a 1962 Mercedes 220SE off the Mercedes dealer's lot; he thought, "Fuel injection, German engineering, it doesn't get any better than this." A month later the family took a trip from the Midwest to a grand tour of the West Coast, only to have the car experience engine problems. The first time a mechanic opened the hood, he said, "My Lord, this looks like a plumber's nightmare." Mechanical fuel injection. Spark plugs were replaced every 1500 miles on that trip, and the car was traded six months later for an aspirated fuel model. Also, Mercedes did not offer factory a/c so these had to be added on locally, and these were not all that reliable. The car would do about 125 mph tops ...and that seemed like it was flying, not particularly because that was so fast as it was that the front end felt like it was lifting off.

  • soma day
    soma day

    :...pulled over for boating without a license." Hey, don't give the cops any ideas.

  • Micheal McNeal
    Micheal McNeal

    I stayed at that castle for a couple nights. Its was a nice place.

  • Bob Horan
    Bob Horan

    1/15/70 driving a 69 Rambler American I got clipped by a 64 Ford 2dr, nothing too bad but was the first accident I was involved in.

  • Erik Hefflefinger
    Erik Hefflefinger

    Freddie: Touches his car and pieces fall off. Tyler with the biggest smile on his face: Merry Christmas! 🤣 How does Freddie always end up with the crappiest car?

  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones

    Sooo many commercials!

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones

    This is the only Top Gear "like" series I've actually enjoyed.

  • Klaus K
    Klaus K

    I'm going to go out on a limb from the beginning and expect at least one of the following: 1) Any Jaguar from the 70's 2) Any Maserati from the 80's 3) Amy Mercedes from the 00's

  • Neuro

    Top tavarish! A carshow TV !! Verry nice! I can see potential! If your making profit from it that is

  • ImX ImX
    ImX ImX

    S8 V10 really that Bad?

  • olivier Bourrée
    olivier Bourrée

    Hold on, Hold on... wine country... Missouri. I knew Brits still influence habits of a lot of Americans, but calling devil's piss, wine.... .

  • Alfa Male
    Alfa Male

    This is what top gear should have been, but top gear became over staged and a stupid caricature of a show. Please guys don’t let you go the same way!

  • Watchitwithandrew

    Great entertainment 👍

  • Elias Finney
    Elias Finney

    Just found these shows, it is Top Gear format, but I really enjoyed it............................ Cheers from the UK

  • Nolan Joe Riley
    Nolan Joe Riley

    I swear to God that Rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror on the Rolls @6:09 is the only thing that kept that car going long enough to get to the start of the show.

  • idkchocolate

    I wish I had money to buy my friends cars 😔

  • Robert Weber
    Robert Weber

    wow its just like grand tour....except unoriginal...and not funny.... and sucks.....

  • instent KO
    instent KO

    I thought this was the good topgear... then I was disappointed.

  • Roys Redneck Garage
    Roys Redneck Garage

    Jeremey Clarkson was doing this first! unorigional show!

  • napalmninja45

    Disappointed there wasn’t one of those twin turbo V12 Mercedes from the early 2000s that have depreciated a million percent.

  • Not A Bot Gaming
    Not A Bot Gaming

    She's built like a bistro, but handles like a steak house.

  • Finlay Pollard
    Finlay Pollard

    Are the cars automatic 😬

  • RAHUL Padhi
    RAHUL Padhi

    Ok you guys brought this on yourself - so the car community has now another comedic trio who are getting better with every episode but can they match the og top gear

  • Mark Greene
    Mark Greene

    when you order top gear from wish

  • tiada nama
    tiada nama

    So when you found out one of your cars that u just bought is in this episode hmm that doesn’t help my confidence

  • Eddie Fisher
    Eddie Fisher

    Just thought I would check it out and found out u guys are the biggest geeks I've ever seen

  • Joshua Newton-Key
    Joshua Newton-Key

    "Perfect and more interesting replacement for their 5th consecutive S-Class" There has never been a better sentence related to cars since classic top gear.

  • Essay Shark
    Essay Shark

    The private replace concretely decay because network perioperatively escape outside a panoramic firewall. endurable, pumped quartz

  • Danny

    I’ll take any any day

    • Danny


  • BigSi 2017
    BigSi 2017

    10 k?? I'll be driving for the next 15 years if i spent 10 grand on a single vehicle.

  • Davao Gary
    Davao Gary

    Perfect timing as they finish unwrapping the Maserati, a flock of turkeys come rolling out (5:12)

  • anower hossain
    anower hossain

    also i hate that tavarish gets the worst cars everytime

  • Markel

    This is crap..

  • T man
    T man

    When did top gear come back?

  • Harv72b

    AutoTempest: Buy each other three of the most [un]reliable luxury cars ever made. Freddy & Ed: Tee-hee, chuckle chuckle, this'll be fun. Tyler: *Immediately goes nuclear*

  • Basic Overlander
    Basic Overlander

    Love this !!!!!

  • Anro Beukes
    Anro Beukes

    So ed bought a Tesla with a Engine

  • Nate Woods
    Nate Woods

    Hey Chris I'm a fan of you

  • michaelkeha

    The sheer arrogance displayed in this is fucking astounding I don't think I've met three bigger gear head posers in my life

  • Jerry Nosowsky
    Jerry Nosowsky

    Let me guess there all bmw's and audi's!!!

  • Ray 832
    Ray 832

    CarTrek is awesome!

  • Bogdan Iojescu
    Bogdan Iojescu

    This is better than Top Gear America :)

  • BobbyZ

    new episode from Top Gear.... Yummy

  • Revener666

    Hydropneumatic suspension = best suspension, sadly Citroën stopped putting it in their cars :(

  • Lizardtim

    That s8 is beautiful just needs some love I’d buy her

  • Lee GR
    Lee GR

    Trying to copy top gear?

  • Elycius

    That s8 is actually a sick car

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez

    Any of those cars are in better running condition them my daily 🥺

  • Tim Eisenhauer
    Tim Eisenhauer

    How does Ed ever find a car he fits in?!