Rebuilding (And Heavily Modifying) The WORST CAR EVER MADE In 5 Days
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Today, I rebuild what many would call the worst car ever made - A 1986 Yugo GV, famous for being all over channels like Doug Demuro, Aging Wheels, and this one. Unfortunately, there was some pretty bad news in the middle that changed the scope of the build. Anyway, let's get to work!
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Jonathan Young Original - "The Land of Broken Dreams" (feat. Caleb Hyles)
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  • Macedonia Timeless
    Macedonia Timeless

    38:30 "Now its the most powerfull Yugo in the world" You are wrong brother 😂 Have you seen some of the projects here on the Balkans? We did 2.0 engine in there, lots of them are 1.6 around 100 or even more horse power, there are 1.4 turbo engines... Not the most powerfull in the world...

  • Luca Blight
    Luca Blight


  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • Pickleman

    A lovely little car, it never pretended to be sporty or have great build quality, it was just something for people get from A to B on a budget.

  • Massimo Ricciardi
    Massimo Ricciardi

    Burn it lol

  • Panos Loulakidis
    Panos Loulakidis

    Here in Greece in 1990s we have the yugograles yugos ho has lancias integrale engines!!!

  • NG Photography
    NG Photography

    Its better than pacer, thats for sure LOL

  • Daniel DiFeo
    Daniel DiFeo

    9:08 they must have forgotten to tie their laces

  • Big Dave Bishop
    Big Dave Bishop

    LS SWAP lol

  • A86

    A 1.8T swap in this baby and it woulda been good af, plus you can get them for cheap

  • Jerry Ferguson
    Jerry Ferguson

    There's a phrase no one ever expected to be spoken... "Race inspired Yugo"

  • Un0rdin4rY Pr0gr4mmeR
    Un0rdin4rY Pr0gr4mmeR

    34:48 - Pay attention to the space behind the driver. There must always be a crucifix in Yugoslavian made cars :D

  • tino zor
    tino zor

    You need work/practice with manual shifter...if you do not how, read manual, don't look stupid. Do not blame on car, with kind of assaulting comments - like "wow, second" not make yourself like clown - on the other way take Ferrary (if you can afford).

  • GP Scrapper
    GP Scrapper

    Yugo was cool car at the time but shame Americans bombed the factory and indecent people in it Have a nice day

  • Micheal French
    Micheal French

    You have no idea how much I want this car.

  • Pyle

    Put smaller wheels on it, it will look better and accelerate harder. Also if you think this is the worst car in the world you obviously haven't seen Trabant

  • Milan Bogdanovic
    Milan Bogdanovic

    36:00 Yugo-Gypsy first time in America :'-D

  • Sean Harris
    Sean Harris

    what was the company name that supplied all the parts? I need to hear it just a few more times.... cool build

  • acerard

    You do realize nevera and rimac are from Croatia, basically from Yugoslavia? Same as Yugo ;D

  • Marko Jocic
    Marko Jocic

    Do you know why you have heater on back door?

  • 6laurun6

    I don't know how I got here, but hey, I appreciate a good video when I see one. Yugo wasn't really a good car, but at a time when it was launched, people could buy it with 2 monthly paychecks, and that was a huge thing...

  • Melanie

    Totally dig this little one! 😍 I'm an oddity lover. Now I want one of them too.

  • Frane Peraga
    Frane Peraga


  • Cdog

    Even today you have original Yugo driving like a new. So you can't say the worst car ever made. Yugo was just a simple car with how much you pay you will get.

  • kindoson Burns
    kindoson Burns

    When your motorcycle has a bigger engine than your car

  • MrFilipM 》
    MrFilipM 》

    frick you that is the best car ever

  • harbinger200

    Not true, Yugo is better then Bugatti Veyron. You know shit.

  • Alex Mocan
    Alex Mocan

    Mental edit :))

  • Betty Moss
    Betty Moss

    My dad had a Yugo to drive back and forth to work and he loved it. And he was a very large

  • Goran Kacarevic
    Goran Kacarevic

    When has Jamal Murray started to rebuild cars?

  • Danilo Vesnic
    Danilo Vesnic

    One of the best cars come to Serbia and every second car is a yugo

  • Curtis Mass
    Curtis Mass

    That Yugo is now a drill sgt.

  • StivensGameZone

    there is one guy in serbia.he engine swap it with a engine from dacia ..i believe he produce more than 250 ps easy .... yugoslavia memories :D

  • Viva Yugoslavia
    Viva Yugoslavia

    The best wish from YUGOSLAVIA! We are proud od our YUGO!

  • mario gubo
    mario gubo

    You need to learn how to drive stick boy 🤣🤣🤣

  • miroslavmatovic

    I know nothing about maintaining or working on engines, but I liked watching what you do

  • Laksonik

    Worst car ever? Trust me you don't see bad cars...

  • Koloidna Srebrna Voda 15 ppm
    Koloidna Srebrna Voda 15 ppm

    How could you call yugo the worst car? Have you ever seen Wartburg, east Germany? Or, Trabant, for God sake? 2 stroke engines? Trabant limo...4 meters of iron and 5 meters of SMOKE?

  • damir tiric
    damir tiric

    This factory made Zastava 101 that was travelling from former yugoslavia to Kilimanjaro and they made it without single breakage in the engine or anything else,only tyres were broken,so you don't know what is "THE WORST CAR EVER MADE" it,s some Korean car which has 100% od deadly outcome in frontal crash,so this is not the "WORST CAR EVER MADE" plus it's the most exported car in 60's and 70's from factory in former Yugoslavia to countries all over the world,it was the society status symbol,even our police and other institutions were using it as a official car

  • Simon Rafe
    Simon Rafe

    I'm not a car guy - I don't even drive. I know the basic principles of an internal combustion engine, but I have to pause the video and Google the terms you use so I understand what particular parts do - and I am learning a lot. But I just love this channel and seeing you two do these cool projects.

  • John Nikollaj
    John Nikollaj

    Honestly... I get recommended your vids all the time and they are usually good but normally I watch them. I'm not into watching fast cars made faster. I can do that on my own. Now, this cool and interesting. I'm curious and will watch this and savor it.

  • Alexander Miles
    Alexander Miles

    I'm not just saying this because i live in former Yugoslavia in fact i hate the car but there are much much worse cars in the world than Yugo.


    yugos are cheap in the balkans bu evrywhere else its like 2k

  • oscarMike

    'It's Yugo man, it's built for the economy not speed!' Samuel L Jackson

  • M.I

    Hell yes Yugo on steroids

  • Justin Peraia
    Justin Peraia

    Yugos were actually decent cars, even though they were based on older Fiat technology.

  • Simona Googleva Googleva
    Simona Googleva Googleva

    Wot you guys toking about “ we love Zastava” yugo is top of the line 😭😭😭😭😭and regards to Serbia 🇷🇸 \0/

  • TnS

    There are no cars like this today....this yugo inspires all hard analogue driving!!

  • Beth H.
    Beth H.

    Now THIS was fun to watch. I love watching old cars being fixed up. Who needs Ferrari's when you can fix up cars like this.

  • Fabmsro HFM
    Fabmsro HFM

    Worst car ever made... Trabant: hold my beer!!!

  • Fabmsro HFM
    Fabmsro HFM

    Next project.... tuned Trabant!

  • fred flinstone
    fred flinstone

    What is so weird about replacing everything on a Yugo? That is perfectly normal every 5000 miles for those cars.

  • fran

    Yugo is so underrated, cheap and has a lot of potential ,my grandpa had one for 30ish years with minimal problems....all you have to do is care about the car and it Will run

  • Bogz Bolinas
    Bogz Bolinas

    Tavarish, bro it would be great if one day you do toyota starlet build or mod

  • Bonzai42

    there is old saying in balkan: yu go but car doesn't :D

  • Tyler Cai
    Tyler Cai


  • Mitsos 306
    Mitsos 306

    This is an American approach for a European car... Not what I had in mind as heavy modification, I did the same (and more) on my peugeot 205. Anyway, very nice video, I enjoyed the 80's montage!!

  • BL000OOO000D

    put an F23 Honda engine inside of it and a twin turbo and it'll last forever

  • Niki Lauda
    Niki Lauda

    I was driving one myself and, believe me, had no complaints at all, lol!

  • Lee Fithian
    Lee Fithian

    Yugo , I go , we go , we all go , in a yugo , one can actually peel out in that tinfoil wrapped’ toothpick of a car , actually witnessed a “brand new” looking yugo out on the highway not long ago , brave woman lol

  • Vlaho Gjangradovic
    Vlaho Gjangradovic

    jaoooo šajka jadna ti majka...

  • Dejan Didulica
    Dejan Didulica

    Its not worst car ever made.. I had one of them back home and was good for our people..


    And, that Yugo is for export... can you belive how much worst is car made for domestic market???

  • Radovan Dragović
    Radovan Dragović

    YUGO was far from the best car Yugoslavia ever made, but it was most successful and bunch were sold all over the world. BTW, if that made you laugh, you should have tried YUGO with 175hp citroen engine, and before you say "that's not FIAT", yes it is, that multijet engine was FIAT licenced and just bolted on a Yugo. It was hilarious and dangerous as all hell...

  • ComradeAndrej

    It's the best car ever made. Dumbass.

  • Aleksandar B
    Aleksandar B

    This is how to make Yugo race car with Fiat 1.6l engine.

  • springer 11724
    springer 11724

    Yugo is actually not that bad. The worst car ever made is Tesla Models. LOL

  • gotnokittys


  • Dar Ko
    Dar Ko

    Tesla in the worst car...Yugo is super !!!

  • Mike

    This is the kind of car you need to put a motorcycle engine in a really powerful motorcycle Wike Hayabusa the ultimate sleeper car who would wanna ever be beat by a yugo ?How embarrassing lol.

  • Miha Kocevar
    Miha Kocevar

    Yugo was THE car 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 You knew that they had heating of the back window ? That you don't get cold hands when you push it 🤣🤣🤣

  • gjb49

    Back in the '60's one could buy 4 Goodyear tires for less than $100.

  • James McCreery
    James McCreery

    Wait? Where is the new Land Rover Discovery? Totally misleading tittle!!

  • dodich81

    You can get the valve here for 10 euros..

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist

    Kako ga cepas jbt

  • tadic nebojsa
    tadic nebojsa

    You should call ZavodnikSFRJ to show you how to fix and improve that Yugo. He lives in Phoenix

  • Legodlak

    you forgot the most important part of yugo tuning... weigh all the pistons and conrods ... then lathe the pistons and machine the conrods so hey are all the same mass... should give you about 5 horsepower and a much smother engine

  • Rudi Angi
    Rudi Angi

    Worst car ever made? HAH! You should see a Dacia 1300-1310.

  • Rob G
    Rob G

    Haha, 25y ago I had Red Yugo with 1.6l Fiat Reagata 100S (rare single camshaft version) engine, Solex carburator from Alfa Romeo (Dellorto had better performace but had to be tuned every single week), 4 disc breaks from the same Regata, steel reinforcement under the car and over the engine, light flywheel from Skoda Felicia to have nervous reaction, 3.5" lowered, coil springs from some Mercedes, differential blocked at 75%, rims from Lancia Delta, and my friend had similar configuration except it was Black and had Lancia 1.5l turbo engine... It wasn't so legal, but it was fun, and We've survived. :) There was one guy who was in illegal car races, and he took apart his Lancia Delta Integrale and rearranged it into his White Yugo, there was not enough space after the engine assembly, so the radiator was mounted in front of the car, so he had a Yugo with over 200hp...

  • Matthew Jenkins
    Matthew Jenkins

    When a car has 2x power per litre and 4x MPG of a V8 AMC Pacer, it stands no chance of winning the "worst car of all time" title. And that was before you big blocked it!

  • Ranka Bogeljic
    Ranka Bogeljic

    Awesome! lol

  • William T
    William T

    If I remember correctly, near or at the end of the Yugo run they introduced a bosch fuel injection system, (I could be wrong). I remember seeing this and remarking; "It'll need a lot more than that to compete in the jet assist" We used to say the "GV" stood for Giant Vag*na


    Only true Slav can master it.

  • vjeran vlahovic
    vjeran vlahovic

    😂😂😂😂 my yugo had 1.5 Lancia engine...nice job. Best wishes from Zagreb Croatia

  • KBLO

    Каман тавариш, ју мадрфајр - шоу сам риспект. Итс 35 јир олд кар - до из јул сее југо ис оне агиле мф ин а 205 пеугеот клас. Тјунед Југо хес бин килед ману тенфолт анд овер експенсиве карс, спортс купес фор декејдс. Југо ис лајт со риинфорс ит, кат тхе суспенсион вајдер тајрс, ланциа фиат енгџинс фит ин југо с бонет. Гирбокс алсо ! У шуд контакт сомебоду то интеодјус тхе вејс оф југо тјунинг. Биг шадаоут фром Белграде

  • Chris Falx
    Chris Falx

    I had an 88 escort w 19k miles 1 k at pep boys had that baby for years

  • ldm ldm
    ldm ldm

    When cars was made to last forever I have done about 600.000 km with that engine with only regular maintence 🥰

  • Lord Demethor
    Lord Demethor

    She is so beautiful

  • Ivan Stepanovic
    Ivan Stepanovic

    Parts are still available in Serbia, but increasingly more difficult, mainly second hand parts from scrapyards... So, if you can find smb here, you could get those...

  • Julius Grover
    Julius Grover

    Great video....btw, it's duck!

  • EIthan

    think you could put a WV golf 1 engine in that beauty

  • All Waizeright
    All Waizeright

    I would have like to see a FULL restoration with new paint and interiors.

  • theodore scott
    theodore scott

    that little car deserves love and respect, it should be preserved it is about time someone like you guys worked on a car like this

  • Frank Livanios
    Frank Livanios

    In Europe they used to install Lancia engine 1.6 lt! They have the same engine mounts

  • Joh Cooper
    Joh Cooper

    I can't help but think that drago has a bigger training facility.

  • Mario D. Zmaj
    Mario D. Zmaj

    this is nonsense, I bet it would be cheaper to just buy a good used yugo from europe and pay for shipping, and even better you could just junk it because thats what it is, a pile of junk. Sincerely - a croat

  • Majorfatal1

    Nedostaje onaj gepek na krovu :)

  • Majorfatal1

    Best car ever! :)

  • blackgruya011

    For 35 year old car, which was that cheap, what the fuck you expect? Was it beettle much better? People in US was buying this car to kids or to go to the market, not to race or show off in neighbourhood. Lets be realistic, I am from Serbia and i know this car well. It is a shit car, but comparing to price and role he was awsome. I see that model is no looking as one was exported to US. I think all was made with leather seats and some extra details, Anyway any car wont look better after 35 years specially if is that cheap you dont give a shit to care and do proper maintance. It was fun for watch!

  • Texas Ray
    Texas Ray

    When they first came to America my sister looked at a new one at a dealership, she opened the hood and the hood bent in half.