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On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged the guys to race the fastest man on Earth. Ed's Maserati needed a major repair after his minor tree contact, Freddy's Rolls-Royce was experiencing some slight mineral oil leakage that turned into a little more than slight, and Tyler's Audi S8 would have an unforgettable encounter with the Grinch.

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    Car Trek S03E03 ("The One with the Penis Jokes")

    • maxman1602

      Perhaps information like that should go in the title.

    • JC Boom
      JC Boom

      There were lots of innuendos that they said with straight faces. Guys, where did you get the uggliest Christmas sweaters on the planet? Ed's necklace of Christmas lights was the piece ala resistance

    • Steve McRichards
      Steve McRichards

      I'd call myself a connoisseur of cocking about. Penetrating the forest of supple curves and smooth crevice's. At least no one got punched in the dick for not putting things back.

    • TrustTheAlgorithm

      Thank you for sponsoring these episodes, AutoTempest! These shows are a line drive into your target demographic, I hope it's as successful for you as these are entertaining for us.

    • Kijani Long
      Kijani Long what if you convinced ed, tyler, and freddie to buy *me* an jkjk

  • Александр Александров
    Александр Александров

    Ты русский чтоли?

  • Andy Speck
    Andy Speck

    You know you frequent the liquor store too often when you recognize the shape of a whiskey bottle you’ve never drank before. I hope it went to a good cause instead of being dumped out for the message in a bottle

  • Lord Inter
    Lord Inter

    I have to say, as an Englishman, a European, that is not a castle 🤣


    Very good

  • The Curious Noob
    The Curious Noob

    "I wouldn't mind an extra 6 inches" damn boy ain't nobody need to say that

  • Benny jetsaroundtheworld
    Benny jetsaroundtheworld

    You guys should be using jackstands 1:30 cmon set a example, also some of you have wives and kids

  • donkey stains
    donkey stains

    Im baked just watched every episode in a row 🚬

  • Sergey van Daalen
    Sergey van Daalen

    Damn dudes.... You are doing such a good job with these challenges. GREAT VIBE and chemistry.

  • Alex Alsop
    Alex Alsop

    Why did some just have a willet pot still bottle laying around???

  • B. Andresen
    B. Andresen

    …an American, turning right… thats not real, I have seen usa race, and I know they only turn left. Period. (What we know about americans in Europe)

  • Bitesh Biswas
    Bitesh Biswas

    Guys, the way you destroy and pay with this exotic cars, we car lovers from INDIA realy feel sorrow for that, if you realy dont have any feeing for these cars, please feel free to gift me one.

  • Timoth_y

    The Maserati, it was a-leapin' Now the radiator's leakin' Until Mona is ready to go, Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow

  • Eagle Livewire
    Eagle Livewire

    This is one of the funniest episodes ever. 🤣😂🤘

  • losthighway53

    I ain't high for :45 seconds in!!

  • Coalition Gaming
    Coalition Gaming

    Just here to recognize Tyler's amazing hair. Went for a swim and came out with perfect hair. Wow.

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    I'm just waiting for one of you to shout "power!! Speed and power!!!"

  • Alan Frye
    Alan Frye

    Melodramatic fun lol

  • Sam Steele
    Sam Steele

    It is a requirement of everybody in Georgia to know how to slide across a bonnet or boot. Good job Ed Duke.

  • Lucky Brains
    Lucky Brains

    This feels like Grand Tour from Wish..

  • Zane Hastie
    Zane Hastie

    Fell asleep.

  • Peter Hamilton
    Peter Hamilton

    a-b-c store...

  • aida aliten
    aida aliten

    Frosty the stop sign

  • Oonagh72

    That Maserati looks like a 2005 Buick LaCrosse

  • Dean Hodges
    Dean Hodges

    Tyler didn't even come close to finishing the cookies and milk. Shame on y'all

  • Ojtex47

    "It appears I have forgotten to secure my yacht " 😂

  • Nas AggPot
    Nas AggPot

    It was so painful watching him kill an S8

  • 406 Crusader
    406 Crusader

    Tyler you are crazy AF. 🥶


    The Web Series that answers the unasked question, "What would it look like if we gave The Stig's American Cousin and His Buddies a Car Show?" I really like this new gig. I gave up watching old TG when they got fat and stupid, and though I liked some of the new Brit reboot, I eventually moved on. This show is fresh, stupid and engaging the way TG was in the old days, minus the ridiculous festishist, cool-ass, slow-mo car porn reviews (which I loved).

  • Douglas Burgert
    Douglas Burgert

    I love how he takes the keys at 14:20 as if someone is gonna drive away with it😂😂

  • JK Ly
    JK Ly

    this should be bigger amongst diy car community

  • Mitchell Guyon
    Mitchell Guyon

    At least the v10 sounds amazing

  • getrealplease

    this series is way to topgear like, not in a great way... i rather watch the real thing

  • sloan giddings
    sloan giddings

    Dude in the pool intro looks like Cactus Jack... Aka Michael Francis Foley

  • The Dork Knight
    The Dork Knight

    Oof. The scripting in this one is BRUTAL.

  • Vinnie Ghost
    Vinnie Ghost

    Anyone else think Ed Bolian looks a bit like Jeremy Clarkson when he stops the car after the crash into the tree?

  • McKlayne Moss
    McKlayne Moss

    Doug Demuro NEEDS to make an appearance in one of these.

  • Sir Loin
    Sir Loin

    Oh fredward!

  • BatCaveOz

    This episode was both boring and bad.

  • Akira Jovan
    Akira Jovan

    The knotty head phongsaly interest because chimpanzee karunagappally bomb minus a infamous television. humorous, unwritten breath

  • ilhan halil seyhan
    ilhan halil seyhan

    I wish you guys didn`t script it..

  • Rohan Lowe
    Rohan Lowe

    really sick of the constant penile humour. I think i’m out.

  • and hi
    and hi

    The only cool ones is Freddyand jared. Eds fake excitement as he drives around the track. Tyler's a wannabe Jim Carrey

  • Aaron Moore
    Aaron Moore

    Jared yelling at the inflatable grinch "Damn Grinch" made me laugh alot harder than I should've

  • dogpark77

    What was that channel that hoovies mentioned that replaced Toyota hybrid batteries and showed how expensive it was ? Be much appreciated if someone told me what it was

  • SteelRain27

    Absolutely love CarTrek but please put episode numbers in the titles so we know the order

  • Nick Currie
    Nick Currie

    They mite be good with cars and videos but they cant get a car unstuck for shit.

  • Possible Games
    Possible Games

    What a great series.

  • Melvin the Mechanic
    Melvin the Mechanic

    Where is the part you drive the car in the water???

  • C.S. Charles
    C.S. Charles

    I love the Christmas sweaters.

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    Special thanks: Epoxy xD

  • Chris Holley
    Chris Holley

    Keep it up guys. Very entertaining

  • Johnson Vlogs
    Johnson Vlogs

    Anybody else just really not like eddy?

  • Lucas LaCombe Roblox
    Lucas LaCombe Roblox

    Those cookies look like raw burgers

  • Illuminati Destroyer Bear
    Illuminati Destroyer Bear

    This series wouldn't have worked so well if Tyler, Ed, and Freddy weren't in it. These guys have a great chemistry, you can see that they actually love what they're doing. Thank you gentlemen💙🐻

  • jayr124589

    Let me find out my man hoovies knockin down old bxtches at the senior center on bingo night... no wonder he has all those old cars on his channel 😂😂😂 makes sense now

  • VR

    Damn this gave me some nice top gear vibes

  • Roberto Zanrosso
    Roberto Zanrosso

    I know it's your job, but I could damn... you have been mean to the quattroporte

  • Doobie McNasty
    Doobie McNasty

    This is so much better than top gear without Clarkson Hammond and May

  • Travis E
    Travis E

    Jared is the best part of this trio.

  • Drew Murray
    Drew Murray

    I’ll never let go jack!

  • Doddy Item
    Doddy Item

    "who is the fastest men alive?" "Idk, ask my wife it's probably me" 😭😭

  • USMC Vet
    USMC Vet

    So you took street cars and raced them offroad and then were surprised that yall got stuck and the cars performed poorly. I have to say I couldn't be the only one who saw that coming. lol

  • kevin wangsa
    kevin wangsa

    Ed sliding over the Rolls Royce's boot has the same vibes as a 65 year old man playing Dance Dance Revolution

  • Sir Chris
    Sir Chris

    “That’s not stance, that’s broken” 😭😹😹

  • Matt Rael
    Matt Rael

    OMG does Freddy just tote Jared around on a chain to fix shit? Seriously, dude, you need to give that guy a break. Edit: Jared is the unsung hero for all the vids, esp for being Santa. Hope he gets a cut.

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    This is the content I was looking for

  • koda matthews
    koda matthews

    this is like top gear on every hard drug in existence and i love it.

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      Cadillac is not the most unreliable American car in the last 25 years..... THE CHEVY CRUZE IS!!! I have to fix my girlfriends car it seems like every week. Rear coil spring crack

  • Dustin Hayden
    Dustin Hayden

    Do like it better with supercars sports cars, or gt cars

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Ed Bolian - inspiration to men everywhere who have no singing talent ;)

  • Neil Murphy
    Neil Murphy

    How can a rubber toy damage a Audi fender

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Aww I love this new intro!

  • 619guy202

    20:01 Ed: u got a pretty face Immediately zooms into Tyler’s fat chins

  • Green Designs
    Green Designs

    Love me some willet

  • John Wheby
    John Wheby

    I love the listing of Epoxy in the Special Thanks during the credits.

  • Christopher Harbon
    Christopher Harbon

    Now that was fun 😄 a wee bit of shrinkage there Tyler 😀

  • Wanga Manda
    Wanga Manda

    I’m officially bored. Watching just to see how it ends

  • Veratis Two
    Veratis Two

    "I saw the jump and pressed send..." That's a quote I'm gonna remember.

  • Garrett Burrows
    Garrett Burrows

    I'm now accepting car donations if you want to send the Audi my way

  • Surfer Sandman
    Surfer Sandman

    YAY!!!! Jared!!!

  • Donbot5000

    ed's slide over the rr......epic.

  • Tom

    "Saw the jump and pressed send" hahaha

  • Trent Burns
    Trent Burns

    Cadillac is not the most unreliable American car in the last 25 years..... THE CHEVY CRUZE IS!!! I have to fix my girlfriends car it seems like every week. Rear coil spring cracked. Sensors above the gas tank bad! Temp sensors bad. Coolant pump bad. Plastic yes plastic coolant hub assembly cracked and spewed all over my face. Igniter assembly bar! CHEVY CRUZE IS JUNK and would be better made out of Leggo’s

  • Morzsaszar

    It is soo bad, overacted piontless car destroying by the far worst actors I've ever seen

  • James Squire
    James Squire

    Loved Eds dukes of hazard slide across the rolls boot!

  • Brian Collins
    Brian Collins

    " Please - Return all items to wher you found them. (OR ELSE YOU WILL GET PUNCHED IN THE DICK!)" Nice sign!

  • louis cambridge
    louis cambridge

    Ed started to sound a bit like Demuro doing his Doug score, when epoxying his radiator

  • Yama Man
    Yama Man

    This episode of Car Trek was just dumb.

  • CTC Investing
    CTC Investing

    I have the same S8 what exhaust is that? It sounds awesome !! ~Millionare McMath~

  • Rene Laizer
    Rene Laizer

    Why wreck the nicest car of the bunch? Disheartening....

  • spdodger

    You should've had Matt's Off Road Recovery's XJ there for Freddie's Rolls and Tyler's S8.

  • fred banda
    fred banda

    Tyler is determined and crazy 🤣

  • French20cent

    We all need a Jared in our lives.

  • Alexander Fields
    Alexander Fields

    wonderful show!!!!!!!!!!!!! moar!

  • Lorenzo Valla
    Lorenzo Valla

    24:53 (pneu)Money(a) for nothing and 10:20 chicks for free

  • A.J. W.
    A.J. W.

    I can't believe you went into the water Tyler!

  • Micheal Robinson
    Micheal Robinson

    Funniest episode yet! Love the incorporation of Jared

  • Robbie Gee
    Robbie Gee

    I got the Top Gear nod with Tyler’s sweater: OH COCK.

  • Scott

    Love the series. Tyler seems like the type of guy that would complain about anything, just to complain.

  • Md Ashiqur Rahman Omee
    Md Ashiqur Rahman Omee

    Car trek season one was the best

  • Gambit4u2

    Love this series!