My Wrecked Mclaren 675LT Is Getting A $30,000 Paint Job (Most INSANE Custom Color I Could Imagine)
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Today, I take all the repaired body parts from my previously wrecked Mclaren 675LT and take them to the experts at Allyz Auto/Color Recon to get a custom color I'm calling Tempest Blue, to honor the sponsor of this entire series, AutoTempest. This is going to be expensive, but very, very worth it.
Special thanks to Allyz Auto/Color Recon
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  • Sagar .A.R
    Sagar .A.R

    Bro what is the update on your Mclauren, when will we able to see it finished, is it a 2 million surprise!!!!!!!!

  • Superior-Dr-Modz


  • Machine Trader Europe
    Machine Trader Europe

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  • Peter

    waiting and waiting and waiting for update.... VTuned is going to finish his before yours.... :-) Edit: Real tailor-made suits can take a year, shoes even more, so several months for a supercar to be painted might be par for the course!

  • Joel Limon Ramirez
    Joel Limon Ramirez

    What happen to the 675

  • Nitro

    Did Juan say 4 weeks or 4 months? We need an update Pls!!!!

  • Cartoon Fish! Fun videos!
    Cartoon Fish! Fun videos!

    All that money for a McLaren and they can't even build them right!

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    Charlie Nance

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    Wasteland Kitten

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    Official JD Coy

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    bun b

    Its crazy how much stuff you can fit into a caravan

  • WildDigger

    I think you guys picked an amazing color. 👏👍

  • Salvador Marin
    Salvador Marin

    When are we going too see it painted !!?!?!?!?

  • Adam Mahmoud
    Adam Mahmoud

    4 weeks more like 4 months

  • Joe I
    Joe I

    April 8th: "About a month's time". What happened, did he just get bored and move on to something else?

  • Jemuel Bascom
    Jemuel Bascom

    How is the paint job and accessibly coming along, eager to see her completed and I love the progress thus far ...

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    Enrique Caceres

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    Casey Abbott

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    Dave E.

    Juan is great. I'm happy for his success.

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    marc ausn

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  • da hustus
    da hustus

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    Mustafa Yılmaz

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    J Bwn

    So dusty.... he was touching those parts and all I could see was dust.... terrible 4:45 I can’t believe that someone who paints cars would rub his fingers around on a finished paint job with that much dust on it like that..... freaking nuts....

    • prajwal ponanna
      prajwal ponanna

      They hadn't started yet back then I'm pretty sure.

  • billgoodnu

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  • Alex Tan
    Alex Tan

    Hi, tavarish does this series is keep going? I kept waiting to watch on new update video. Since 2 months pass didn't upload any video about this series.

  • Hemmo

    any update on 675LT?

  • Samuel Trenchard
    Samuel Trenchard

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    Jonathan Fairchild

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    Deny Moirangthem

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    gaurav joshi

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    Daz io

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  • Sergej Nadaždin
    Sergej Nadaždin

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  • Gary Stump
    Gary Stump

    Tavarish: ok I'll send the left over parts but McLaren: what I don't like buts Tavarish: your paying for shipping and I want the paint code McLaren: fine I'll get you the stupid paint code

  • Stranglethroat

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    Travis Copas

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    Corvette SuperCars

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    Daniel Moreno

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    Fact Spitter

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    bryant jamel

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  • John Reaume
    John Reaume

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    Julie Goyen

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    Douglas Blair

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    Smash Rey

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    Robert M

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  • Rob Kitchen
    Rob Kitchen

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    chano ramos

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  • Jock Lewis
    Jock Lewis

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  • the1beard

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  • RR M
    RR M

    Its gonna look just like Daniel Ricciardo. McClaren ...good luck!

  • Craig Fordham
    Craig Fordham

    Juan is THE MAN!!!! I love the pride he takes in his work .

  • Jdm Guy
    Jdm Guy

    Bro. We get it you don't care what others think. Kudos. Now do something with that hair.

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee

    I don't normally comment on SVname videos but felt like I had to on this one. Your body shop guy Juan is probably the first person on any video that actually knows what he's talking about. Usually I cringe when I see where and what people (Hoovie) do to their vehicles in regards to the paint. I've been a painter for over 25 years and I'm(not currently it lapsed) ICAR platinum certified in undercoat, metal prep, refinishing and color sand and buff. I listen to most of these people and realize that they have no idea what all is involved in the refinishing process. Juan seems extremely knowledgeable but above all else he seems very honest. That 4 week timetable is a very reasonable timetable for a busy body shop. And I don't know if the $30,000 is the actual price but given the amount of work involved and the quality of the product being applied with Sikkens(Akzo Nobles top of the line product and the oem supplier for quite a few European auto manufacturers) a show quality job for that price is very good. Macco is great if you want a decent looking job on a less expensive car that is getting sold. It's nothing more than a cheap facelift, and I know from experience because I worked at a Macco for about a year in my younger days. Even the best job they offer is not great because they prep them all the same, i.e. half assed at best. Good prep work is the only way to end up with a good job and Juan at Alleyz (?) Auto body seems to understand that and it's reflected in how he explains their process and how his shop is laid out. You need to keep this guy on speed dial because it's extremely difficult to find someone who knows what they're doing and is fair and honest as well.

  • chaotic butterfly
    chaotic butterfly

    Jared is just the greatest guy .

  • Smooth Customs
    Smooth Customs

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    tomas pereira

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    Jason C

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  • Geo

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    Hannes Hietsalo

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    Jack Whatever

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    bboi chirok

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  • Otto Bahn Society
    Otto Bahn Society

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