Mclaren Said My 675LT Would NEVER Drive Again...So I Proved Them WRONG (And Made My Car WAY Faster)
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Today, I take my wrecked (and rebuilt) Mclaren 675LT out on the road for the first time. It's 1 of 500 cars made in the world and the most expensive car I've ever built. No pressure.
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  • قناتي - Canati
    قناتي - Canati

    The negative side of this channel is that (70% talking. Talking.. talking and talking.. 30% work )

  • Clayton Kovaleski
    Clayton Kovaleski

    I have literally been nonstop binge watching your videos for like a week now, lol. I have learned so much from both you and Jared. Thank you so much for your channel, very informative and entertaining. By far my favorite SVname channel to watch now.

  • Neythan Sostre
    Neythan Sostre

    i cant stop smiling throughout the whole video lol

  • WildDigger

    Absolutely insane! That would be a fun fun ride. 😀

  • Salvador Marin
    Salvador Marin

    What happened with this car !? Did you ever finish it ?

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • germancampero

    We never saw this car finished... Any news on how this project ended?

  • Ali Muhammad Musavi
    Ali Muhammad Musavi

    5 months already, time sure flies so fast 🤣

  • Vadim R
    Vadim R

    Any chance this won't fall into automotive youtuber category and never get finished?

  • Justin B
    Justin B

    @Tavarish Man I gotta say I am jealous! It is a beautiful project! I will be watching with envy my friend (subscribed)

  • Mark Doug
    Mark Doug

    Can't be any rust if there is no car

  • willismetal

    the start reminded me of the old school hotroders but modern :P

  • Nadeem Akbar
    Nadeem Akbar

    where is the completion video guys

  • axelfdennis

    great, now you can do the alinemend again after the car complete because its heaver

  • Steve Moffat
    Steve Moffat

    It's been s few months now when does the body go on?

  • Timothy Taylor
    Timothy Taylor

    Where is the finished project? I can’t wait to see!

  • DailyDriven

    nice work.

  • Nemanja Smiljanic
    Nemanja Smiljanic

    Fkn Yugo in the cover

  • LordBillington42

    Is this car ever going to be finished?

  • S. Andre Yoder Harris
    S. Andre Yoder Harris

    Congratulations man I’m absolutely amazed.✊🏾😍

  • MiPhone Repair LLC
    MiPhone Repair LLC

    Does Jarod get to test drive the car along the way as well? Seems like he did a lot of work and should get to enjoy that launch too lol

  • prince.antonio

    Who else came from vikiwiki ?

  • prince.antonio

    Not done yet?

  • Malachai 333
    Malachai 333

    Where is the rest of this build....

  • John Randle
    John Randle

    The work gone into this mclaran It is such a complex car and it was badly damaged to fix it when you are not into the companies all know how is amazing well done?

  • Gary Chivers
    Gary Chivers

    So entertaining I love this channel please keep the vids coming. 😁

  • J Rock3091
    J Rock3091

    McLeroy 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Jack Santos
    Jack Santos

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  • Fearless Fly
    Fearless Fly

    Jared is a true hero, a mate of mates!

  • Aidil Aazad
    Aidil Aazad

    This is why I love Mclaren

  • Cookie Crisp
    Cookie Crisp

    So happy for you and Jared. This build has been amazing to watch. You deserve it man.

  • Boltie

    "Projects"... actually means: More Trash that's gonna stay in the garage until he decides to sell it! 😂😂😂

  • Scitimar

    The car is happy... until in discovers it's half naked

  • Jey Lee
    Jey Lee

    As a fellow Floridian, I support this kind of craziness(I think it's in our contract to live here oO). Wish you'd wear a helmet tho, with those exposed wheels, no windshield, no roll cage, no doors lol. It would actually pickup the mic better too instead of so much wind noise.

  • contingency9

    Brilliant job!

  • hey yo
    hey yo

    If Mclaren was worried that your car would start a chain of people trying to DIY a bunch of totaled supercars, they were wrong. The extent of what it took to get this car back on the road was far beyond what the average asshole would be capable of doing in his driveway, and cost far more aggravation than most people would be capable of putting up with. Hats off man, this is your magnum opus.

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson

    Apparently you are Marge now. Lol

  • Jonathan Patten
    Jonathan Patten

    I hope you do something to address the bent exhaust on that it's just driving me a little crazy either been the other one to match it or bend the bent one back to stock or just get an aftermarket exhaust or whatever but do something so it is your car and your money and all of that this is just one guys opinion

  • Reece Taylor
    Reece Taylor

    11:44 starts driving

  • Aardvark Mindshank
    Aardvark Mindshank

    World's best go-cart. Love it.

  • React and Game
    React and Game

    I just had my heart broken, but watching tavarish just makes me so happy lol😂. Thank you so much man❤

  • Fat Olli
    Fat Olli

    How are they not sending you a cease and desist letter. Lmaoo

  • Ulises Hernández Rodríguez
    Ulises Hernández Rodríguez

    Daaamn can I go to work for you? Im an automotive desing engineer and I would happly sleep in the garage just to learn from you guys and obviously money haha

  • Tom Jackson
    Tom Jackson

    Leroy the Savage could have a British cousin...

  • Sanyam Jain
    Sanyam Jain

    Joey seems like such a youthful cool guy. Fortune favours the brave and you're one brave man Freddie. Congratulations and good luck! Also, Jared is the man!

  • tcarable

    Good job

  • James Roe
    James Roe

    awesome job freddy :)

  • Paul

    Looking forwards to seeing more on this car from this series, great content!

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'Reilly

    Subscribed for the Team America "emergency signal" joke

  • tony rains
    tony rains

    please stop pointing all the time.

  • Wendell Greenidge
    Wendell Greenidge

    Lmao!!!!! The,”No I won’t call it McLeroy” made me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!!

  • angel melko
    angel melko

    This is the mad max build. Maybe just a windscreen like Jared said.

  • Atharva

    OH MY GOD!!! I am a fan nowww!! Mad respect for both of you!!

  • Hurtman

    Future Leroy 3.0

  • Flobbi

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  • Leland

    Tavarish, do you have any knowledge on importing cars? My dream car is a 2016-18 Audi S6 Avant 4.0tsfi. Only sold in Europe I believe.... what would that look like importing that to the US?

    • Leland

      Cause autotempest doesn’t have any !

  • A Genuine Smith
    A Genuine Smith

    I can only dream!

  • babemokzar

    needs to race leroy in this trim.... Cleetus might not win that race

  • Unknown Perso
    Unknown Perso

    The 675LT is already fast Why not rip off the entire body?

  • Jameel Ja
    Jameel Ja

    With the bodywork off, it kinda looks like a Lotus 340R.

  • Team Yoshi
    Team Yoshi

    A budget McLaren Elva lol


    Congratulations 👏🎊 Mate looks amazing as is lol.

  • Lawrence Szabo
    Lawrence Szabo

    Me: Did you do it? Tavarish: yes Me: What did it cost? Tavarish: everything

  • Auto Top Sim
    Auto Top Sim


  • Nelson Martinez
    Nelson Martinez

    That’s amazing great job

  • RTX 3090
    RTX 3090

    Just imagine mclaren offer him to work as repair man that probably gonna be so fun

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  • Lee

    I got an idea. That engine in a nissan skyline shell 😏 Or maybe a truck 😑

  • John C
    John C

    It’s amazing that you could work on this car. Where is the body?

  • Fernando Louro
    Fernando Louro

    1:53 does anybody know the song in the background?

    • Fernando Louro
      Fernando Louro

      @bedeckt first thing I tried, neither of those 2 is the one in the background ;-;

    • bedeckt

      look at description and scroll down theres a song-list

  • james curtis
    james curtis

    FORGET THE BODY!!! keep it as is :)

  • Waldemar Kraus
    Waldemar Kraus

    Aren't parts like the roof, doors and windows part of the structural integrity of modern cars. I would be scared driving like this, could maybe do some damage the body parts.

  • Pheeww

    Really impressive

  • Justin B
    Justin B


  • TwinShards

    5:57 0.Nice

  • Xeno Morph
    Xeno Morph

    When you can achieve this on a supercar then you know you made it.

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    Dieter MacPherson

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    Tavarish is fun.

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    Tom Traubert

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    Kevin Crum

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    TG Pips

    That's some mad weight reduction right there! :D

  • serious flight sim llc
    serious flight sim llc


  • Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards

    Good on you for spending all of the time and money to rebuild this. How much has it cost you to date?

  • KillaWatt96 World
    KillaWatt96 World

    Seeing the car like this only gives me one idea.... For the sole reason of showing off the technology that was put into this car........ That all the body panels be replaced with clear Plexi ones, and glued back on with a clear epoxy........ Ensuring that it would be a definite One Of A Kind car.

  • J Lincoln Burrows
    J Lincoln Burrows

    The "Emergency Signal" had me spitting out my food at lunch today. Absolutely priceless. #teamamerica

  • Bryan Hill
    Bryan Hill

    Talk about a go

  • Ziad Kadi
    Ziad Kadi

    Thats awesome congrats

  • will stovall
    will stovall

    “Fuck You McLaren” is really what he meant in the title

  • Wannabe Me
    Wannabe Me

    Awesome work, man. Kudos to both of you! I subscribed hoping to see how the Mclaren comes together.

  • R Parmar
    R Parmar

    So whats the update...

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

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    Al Laroche

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    Lewis Harvey

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    Paul Bratton


  • romdatt

    Exoskeleton and some over fenders and do some open-wheel lapping events.

  • Nigel Mason
    Nigel Mason

    I have looked everywhere to see this car finished and I cannot find it. Have you finished it ?

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    Nick Lynam

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  • Chris Bicknell
    Chris Bicknell

    for real i bet that mclaren the fastest one out there it has hardly any weight to it lol. if the wind drag doesnt effect the car that is

  • redsplatr gaming
    redsplatr gaming

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    Daniel Ward

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