I Surprised My Friend By Giving Him THE WORST CAR EVER MADE (He Was NOT READY)
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Today, I decided to give my rebuilt and heavily modified Yugo GV to the only person I knew who would truly appreciate it - Robert Dunn of Aging Wheels. But not before a few other things showed up...
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  • Skizzo321

    Aging Wheels is the Techmoan of American automotive tech.

  • Macedonia Timeless
    Macedonia Timeless

    23:07 Glad I can see and hear american like the Yugo... Unlike other guys that just like to say shit about a 4000$ car that is 40 years old 😁

  • Macedonia Timeless
    Macedonia Timeless

    17:20 Well.. The single stage paint is paint and clear coat in one... In fact it has clear coat but mixed together with the paint...

  • Sergio Flores
    Sergio Flores

    I would love to own a Yugo.

  • Andrej Maletic
    Andrej Maletic

    the Yugo doesn't have rearview mirrors

  • Cindar F
    Cindar F


  • Dallen9

    They stopped making in 12 years ago they stopped selling it in the US 30 years ago.

  • Melanie

    Love his reaction! My kind of shitbox.

  • Jack Zed
    Jack Zed

    Funny... I don't see an Isetta in this video...

  • OH

    "The new owner doesn't know he's going to be the new owner because he doesn't know he's getting this car" Thanks for breaking down that complex scenario for us XD

  • Andrijam66

    I liked what he did with Yugo... I never owned Yugo, but I drove it. Most of you won't believe it, but there are still Yugo's races in former Yugoslavian republics. :) :) svname.info/nick/video/YqRqoNOso3e1rsQ

  • slingshot1961

    I bid 5 bucks for all 3 of them.

  • Шумадинац

    FUCK YOU! Yugo still runs on the roads and that means smtng

  • Otto Lehikoinen
    Otto Lehikoinen

    "Pinnacle of basic transportation", wow!

  • Mark Svara
    Mark Svara

    The Brooklyn EH!

  • Vedran Cvitković
    Vedran Cvitković


  • Vedran Cvitković
    Vedran Cvitković

    You didn't see the real yugo

  • Dushan

    yugo is good car fuck u bro

  • BL000OOO000D

    actually yugo is most amazing car with a honda engine inside of it

  • vedran gradac
    vedran gradac

    Vrati mu 13 inc felge ....da ga mozes posteno provozat....

  • Dejan Stanic
    Dejan Stanic

    Be aware of loose brick walls after this video

  • Bob Ernest
    Bob Ernest

    The Brooklyn sv1 looks like somebody tried to make an early 300zx out of a 1st gen Miata

  • Ranka Bogeljic
    Ranka Bogeljic

    That crazy laugh in the end tells all.

  • xp boko
    xp boko


  • slobov

    Its not SHE,its HE

  • Moondawg369

    I actually know where a Bricklin is sitting. I could not figure out what it was, until I saw this show. You cannot mistake that front bumper. it feels like it weighs a frickin ton. Great show.


    Я всегда верил что жигуль хорошая машина

  • Ivica Dimovski
    Ivica Dimovski

    the only vehicle that thinks all night how to screw up the boss not to ignite in the morning

  • Adam Petten
    Adam Petten

    Worst. Trabant says hold my beer.

  • Jeremy

    What a lovely humble man

  • GAT brat
    GAT brat

    Last yugo was produced in 2008 thats not 30 years that is 13 years.Read about someting before you can speak about that.

  • matije koca
    matije koca

    Its not worse you fat american , Yugo is faster than supra!

  • BeBee Doll
    BeBee Doll

    It was made back than so everyone can afford it. 30 years later US is a state of prisoners, mass shootings and homeless people. In Yugo whole families went to vacations so it is far from the worse

  • Kristofer Merisalo
    Kristofer Merisalo

    I truly enjoyed this episode, keep it up (Y)

  • Vince S.
    Vince S.

    I love the bromance...lol 😍🤩😍🤩

  • 1971 Nissan Cherry
    1971 Nissan Cherry

    He likes weird stuff, he could only like it.

  • Benjamin Wells
    Benjamin Wells

    I love this channel

  • sasa matic
    sasa matic

    Robert je ime sa balkana

  • D U
    D U

    best car to learn everything about the cars...from driving to mechanic...

  • Anthony Long
    Anthony Long

    The smile and joy he has at the end, PRICELESS!

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife

    So is this going to be fixed up to like new?

  • Plymouthée Turbowe
    Plymouthée Turbowe

    Had to turn the volume down on the smell-o-vision to keep from throwing up🤣

  • Jayjuniper Jen
    Jayjuniper Jen

    Cool looking car love the manilla color it suits this car perfectly and he was so happy to have it back. The Yugo makes quite a statement

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'Reilly

    Haha literally the only guy who would love this car

  • Christian Sanden
    Christian Sanden

    I like that car👍👍

  • Vukasin Radanovic
    Vukasin Radanovic

    Ovaj lik toliko lici na stevu djubreta da je to neverovatno

  • BStard

    Yugo nije za dugo

  • Stefan Kostić
    Stefan Kostić

    The most famous Yugo in the world

  • Phillip Keeling
    Phillip Keeling

    Just discovered your Yugo series. Great stuff. You guys work and narrate very well together. The rocky stuff in the last video was just precious. Y’all are surely the patron saints of lost causes.

  • Paul McLeod
    Paul McLeod

    There is a safety green Bricklin in my neighborhood, near Windsor, it's quite stunning! Would love to watch a rebuild.

  • ron black
    ron black

    the bricklin had an acrylic skin with fiberglass on the back side that was chopper gunned to it. the resin was supposed to melt into the acrylic in order to stay bonded.i think eventually they got it to work by changing formulations. this is similar to how they make acrylic hot tubs.

  • Boban Ristic
    Boban Ristic


  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    The back reminds me of a Datsun 240z

  • Scott Lingenfelter
    Scott Lingenfelter

    I've given cars away and also received a couple. Often makes me wonder what kind of friend does that. Honestly I got a basket case geo storm and my GTP which makes me want 300hp crank from it. So is it good friend or a bro waiting for that hahaha moment?

  • TonyBiH

    Please link your friends channel?

    • Max Z
      Max Z

      It is linked already.... aging wheels....

  • Kiel Cottongim
    Kiel Cottongim

    I love the question “sits in car and says Anything special I should know?” That’s when you know you have driven some junk in your life! I’ve asked it a million times!

  • László Ördög
    László Ördög

    How many smiles I can see in these Yugo series.. was worth watching

  • Keith Brown
    Keith Brown

    What happened to the original wheels with the new 13" tires?

  • Jst Drv
    Jst Drv

    THE KETOGENIC DIET. also great content

  • Charles Donaldson
    Charles Donaldson

    "I feel like a kid on 'Garbage Christmas.'"

  • Bitemyshinny Metalass
    Bitemyshinny Metalass

    Dang it now I want a Yugo with that engine setup.

  • YouCensored

    Robert is like a kid who just got told there will be 3 Christamases and presents all in 1 day, lol.

  • That AMC Guy
    That AMC Guy

    Oh Tavarish, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry you bought THAT Bricklin. I've been looking for one myself (on and off) and when I came across that one..... hooo boy. I passed just one the parts it's missing alone. Add in the fact that it's a '75, I really wasn't interested regardless of price. (ideally, I want the rarest, AMC 360 / 4 speed car.... like the one I passed on at the Portland Swapmeet a few years back. DOH!) You think the Yugo was hard finding parts for.... Bricklin is 10x worse. But, when done right..... they are FUN cars. The AMC 360 V8 made 220 NET horsepower, but was rated at 285 gross. Torque in in the neighborhood of 315-320 ft lbs. Quite honestly, it'd be kinda fun if you converted this Bricklin BACK to an AMC motor with a Torqueflite. In regards to the doors, originally, they were hydraulic, but the hydraulic system was slow and failed - often. Most Bricklin folks replace their door systems with a pneumatic system that Terry Tanner came up with. I believe Terry used to sell kits to convert the doors to pneumatic.

  • J. Kalkirtz
    J. Kalkirtz

    Wow...the two famous Malcom Bricklin cars in one video...I am impressed


    Of course you can polish a turd, but in the end who really wants shiny shit.

  • Zak Tak
    Zak Tak

    Check some Yugo hill climb videos. Get in contact with one slav driver and you can make a monster out of it.

  • George Reginald
    George Reginald

    Gone to be a good build

  • Ed Garrow
    Ed Garrow

    I never was a fan of the Yugo, but THAT looks like a huge amount of fun. I was cracking up watching 2 guys acting like little kids on Christmas morning receiving the Red Rider BB Gun! I can't wait to see the upgrades. Carry on, fun stuff in a crazy world.

  • Paul Sthormes
    Paul Sthormes

    Nice 👍

  • Kettujäbämiesukkeli ukko
    Kettujäbämiesukkeli ukko

    You should've taken this car to AmmoNYC for interior detailing, would have been nice collab. Also, you need to have Doug DeMuro drive this again.

  • BMW E39 535i V8 - Driving around the world
    BMW E39 535i V8 - Driving around the world

    Oh and Yugo was made until like 10 years ago :)

  • BMW E39 535i V8 - Driving around the world
    BMW E39 535i V8 - Driving around the world

    Plenty of those still in use here.

  • walpiwalter

    Thank you, Tavarish, for introducing Robert Dunn. His SVname channel is pure gold!!

    • NJ

      Most underrated channel on the platform

  • Ганг Рена
    Ганг Рена

    Be sure to strengthen the baskets, from the suspension to the suspension, assemble the tube. And back too. We used traffic sign tubes. If you don't, it'll soon start to turn out to be a homo kinetic joint. Bring him to Serbia for free I'il set you up

  • Ганг Рена
    Ганг Рена

    You poo a lot. The Yugo is a good car to move from point to point B, usually a means of transportation. It's better Yugo than on foot or by public transport. It's cheap, it spends little, parts are cheap, maintenance is simple. You can't buy bikes for that money. The most cost-effective car ever is the Yugo

  • Benđi B.
    Benđi B.

    If you knew what kind of recovery we were working on these cars because Italy is close to us, we walked there on engines from Fiat Rhythm 1.5, then double Weber. If you went down just right, he was driving like a railroad. It was a low-weight, HP 120, that was a rocket, it went on a 200km/h highway.....

  • Jason Sutton
    Jason Sutton

    It's 45 just like me lol. The look on his face is priceless.

  • Kelly Bocock
    Kelly Bocock

    I love his U Go

  • rambie

    Damn, im torn I want him to make it full race/lemons car. But I also love the fact that the interior is all original

  • Kelly Bocock
    Kelly Bocock

    Make it an electric car.

  • zoran b
    zoran b

    Well , let’s be honest . Yugo is far to be The Worst car ever . Maybe in Germany . But in USA ? Come on guys . It is bad , definitely wrong car in wrong place ( same as selling fridges to eskimos !) . Design is - ugly . But what about Pontiac Aztec ? Or Pacer ? That even mother can’t love . Speaking about mechanics - I belive 80% of US petrolheads , in late 80’ , never see belt-druven camshaft , direct- driven valves . What I must admit is -bad workmanship . It is so typical for all east european manufacturers - excelent design ( i.e Lada Niva ) but than - one or two classes cheaper material , bad work , lack of any controll ( and any responsibility ) - and thats it . Crap . Of course , living in country of Yugo - I can confirm . We love it ( in 80’) - we hate it ( 20 years later) . Finnaly - couple Yugo-jokes: 1. Why Yugo have heater rear window ? To keep pusher’s hands warm! 2. How to double sales price of Yugo? Top up the fuel tank !

  • Nick N
    Nick N

    I have a Yugoslavia bought new 2008 l use it when l visit Serbia. I had a leak but it was the hose from the fill that led to gas tank. Poland still makes parts. When l brought the last year l put in a new Peugeot engine at the factory

  • bryan cantor
    bryan cantor

    Love the genuine response to his new toy. Keep up making the video's. Maybe a gremlin or pacer next lol.. Lots of luck on the "brick" lyn

  • Peter

    You guyrs are such nerds. I really enjoyed this video!

  • ZEMM

    I was the owner of Yugo for a year. My mechanic spent more time with him than I did.

  • derPetunientopf

    Get a higher suspension and a dark green paintshop and it will look like a Lada 4x4 Taiga, well atleast from the side. It already has the same amount of horsepower.

  • miakovic van gool
    miakovic van gool

    weird VW Golf😂👌

  • packingten

    Been nice giving it to single mom w no car...

  • F Paoli
    F Paoli

    Turbo charge it and add a FT450!!!!

  • Paul Cox
    Paul Cox

    Just drop a 5.0 coyote in her

  • Wolfsokaya

    It would just need a blue paint and some white sport stripes. :D The next project like this should be an old Barkas. :]

  • Chris Vogler
    Chris Vogler

    I had an idea for the Brick. Throw in a 3.5ltr ecoboost that is tuned like the Supra. that would make for a very interesting ride and fit in with your other turbo cars.

  • shad0wth3fall3n

    So I am new(ish) to the channel (LOVE the Car Trek series), and I'm new to being a car fan in general, but seeing my dream car, that 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse from F&F, brought back such good high school memories. I am so jealous man! Great vid and keep up the amazing work

  • ducNV


  • jme 1917
    jme 1917

    Cant polish a turd but u can spray it gold 😁

  • MostlyWeed

    LS swap time

  • bloody death
    bloody death

    where can i find the guy channel he gave the car to

  • Brian Dela cruz
    Brian Dela cruz

    Please do a uaz469

  • Bojan Milovanović
    Bojan Milovanović

    My dad had exactly same yugo, yellow body with yellow interior. it was Yugo 45A here, with single piece rear taillights . Yugo koral came later with double rear taillights...

  • Konstantin Vojvodic
    Konstantin Vojvodic

    He knows where his wheals are.