I Sold The WORST FERRARI IN THE WORLD And I Couldn't Be Happier
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Today, I sold my Ferrari 308 GTB that was used pretty extensively in Car Trek 4. The buyer? None other than the world famous CAR WIZARD! I hope he likes it!

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  • work desu
    work desu

    meanwhile somewhere else someone is k-swapping one of these for the track

  • shugga leaf
    shugga leaf

    B.o.a.t. = Bust out another thousand $1,000! But yeah buy a micro yacht like that 1! I'll watch!

  • Charles Oxley
    Charles Oxley

    What I don't understand is, instead of removing the doors, why not remove just the windows and replace them with clear plexiglass instead....with a small sliding window to let in fresh air (sort of F40LM style)?

  • fallingstar435

    The maroon grand wagoneer is an 80's model with the pig nose grill ( unless the grl was swapped) the blue next to it is a 70's model wagoneer that looks like its probably going to be an ls swap considering the 360 is not in the truck. They looked basically the same for the longest time but you can tell quickly the difference by the tail lights as the 70's have a smaller more square tail light where then 80-91 had the flat rectangular ones.

  • Ovidiu Mihai
    Ovidiu Mihai

    This is the most special car on Car Trek so far! Maybe it's better sweeted for the Wizard but you could've take advantage of this action for your channel too.

  • Lobo Baltazar
    Lobo Baltazar

    Original 20 000 miles. It has everything modified and f**** up. Yeah original 20 000.

  • Juan Pereira
    Juan Pereira

    So dumb

  • Gokichu 9000
    Gokichu 9000

    Someone, somewhere, found themselves some random Ferrari doors.

  • AQVA

    u high af in the outro lmao

  • Graham Campbell
    Graham Campbell

    UTG "This is sketchy even by my standards"

  • Walt Kosch
    Walt Kosch

    I subscribed to you after your vinwiki about your McLaren. I felt your genuine passion. Let's get it!

  • ShamblerDK

    That intro though... it's one of those, where it just gets worse and worse the more you look. Also, I really want to see, how Wizard will save this car.

  • Woody Holland
    Woody Holland

    The Volvo moose emblem is Randy Prost race team emblem.

  • Peter Hall
    Peter Hall

    Don't get into boats, I live on one, boat stands for bust out another thousand

  • R Freitas
    R Freitas

    The worst because you touched it... LOL

  • Ryan Summers
    Ryan Summers

    So Freddy, houseboat project? Probably cheaper and more utilitarian than a Yacht at least.

  • Jim Gallagher
    Jim Gallagher

    The flathead Ford V8 that came in that square was one of the worst engines ever built. I had one as a teenager and it was forever overheating and blowing head gaskets. I probably spent as much time pushing it as driving it and soon traded it in for a 57 V8 Chevy coupe. At least I learned how to work on cars with that Ford Victoria.

  • puskunk

    Weird seeing Freddy in Taylor Ray's old car trailer.

  • daniyal mohammed
    daniyal mohammed

    When is he going to finish the Porsche

  • Dave Dixon
    Dave Dixon

    Minor gripe: Title of S4 is "we bought 3 Ferraris for the price of *A* Camry" so I was expecting a trio of basketcases that *together* added up to the price of a single Camry. Still great though.

  • Steve 89
    Steve 89

    Loving the handheld phone filming. You should do it more often 😊👍

  • wilkins2

    If the 308 could speak, I am sure it would talk about how glad it was that you are no longer its owner...

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis

    ooohhhh my favorite car diablo

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard

    Wizard is going to make a killing off this car, not to mention the content he’s getting fixing it.

  • Kirby

    Do you draw straws to see who has to get the interesting car that falls apart or is it on a rotation?

  • Dino F.
    Dino F.

    No worries. Car Wizard will fix it.

  • Contas

    That Ferrari was my favourite out of the three. It looks like a real Ferrari and the red is just amazing

  • Scitimar

    should've gone for a supercharger xD... Or a larger single turbo

  • Kalepsis

    This car is a perfect example of a Ferrari that deserves to be turned electric.

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Why is it you ALWAYS seem to get the biggest POS on CarTrek??? I'd like to see you get the best overall car at least 1 time Freddy!!! That 308 was the biggest pile of crap ever on CarTrek. Even worse than your other cars on CarTrek.

  • Raq G
    Raq G

    Tavarish for president! Haha. Hope you're doing well buddy.

  • Vito Vitale
    Vito Vitale

    I can hear the police coming oh no see what happens when the wizard has dodgy exotics delivered to the shop the neighbors think the Mafia has arrived in town!

  • Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
    Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

    You see if done right those carbs makes a lot of power like forced induction would all the power will be made below certain rpm

  • Shante Francess
    Shante Francess

    This channel sucks and doesn’t compare to other big SVnamers how it’s gotten as big as it is I’ll never understand 💯

  • edwoll77

    You made it the Car Wizards problem.

  • J_91Ford

    I love this car, truly. It’s got the essence of an actual Ferrari to me, although it really needs some love.

  • Clay Posch
    Clay Posch

    I love car trek but I'm dearly missing those great car build vids rn

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Dont sell it wizard :'(

  • Dave Hartsock
    Dave Hartsock

    Hows he going to afford that, yacht, watches?

  • Jan Bernauer
    Jan Bernauer

    What happened with the blue 911 turbo

  • mila islam
    mila islam

    why does your phone camera look better then your normal camera

  • OGStarkiller

    Jared kinda reminds me of Hopper from Stranger Things

  • DreamCarsPro

    *Is his name really David?! I thought his name was Wizard! Weeeezzzaarddd!!!111 Car Wizard!*

  • Rodd Johnson
    Rodd Johnson

    So happy that all of you guys are friends. Such a great group! I knew Hoovie had a lot of cars there, but geez..

  • Crunch 69
    Crunch 69

    what happened to the 675 lt and many others? Are you transitioning from car projects for acting?

  • Chris Allman
    Chris Allman

    Shave that head

  • ChickenMedia

    I feel If you had the time to fix the electrical this car would have been a much nicer ride

  • Ian Gourlay
    Ian Gourlay

    I really thought these three would fail miserably at this Car Trek thing, but to my delight they totally failed - to fail! On, presumably a shoestring budget compared to Top Gear and the (not so) Grand Tour. I have really enjoyed most of these and sincerely hope you can keep running with this and maybe get it taken up to be a real regular show? Odder things have happened. Your chemistry is different from the Clarkson Trio, but although it lacks the depth of those three twatwits it shows great promise. Please dont stop car trekking???

  • petrus Johansson
    petrus Johansson

    The Volvo 245 was really nice!

  • Lino Vieira
    Lino Vieira

    Special low miles car 22000 miles per piston

  • WiseGuy02

    I thought the worst Ferrari would be the one you got from Hoovie. How's that going by the way?

  • Daemonarch2k6

    Nice Ferrari, i have an Mercedes CLK like at 4:34 and love it... Bought it for 600 Euros, and it just runs fine.

  • Jeez Kult
    Jeez Kult

    A question... Why PORTOaperta? it means Open Port... 😂😂😂

  • Ch Martin
    Ch Martin

    The 308 is a great car typical Yank knows fuck all about cars.

  • chris l
    chris l

    the wizard

  • PhotoDaveJax


  • Svenska VargenTV
    Svenska VargenTV

    Im shore its 145...

  • Clicking Pixels
    Clicking Pixels


  • The Ginger Beef
    The Ginger Beef


  • sparkplug1018

    Don't buy a boat, instead be friends with someone who has one. And if you do make the mistake of buying a boat, name it the Final Fantasy. Because once you own it the fantasy is over.

  • michaelkeha

    What in the fuck did you do to that poor Ferrari

  • Andrew Malkin
    Andrew Malkin

    Is that Volvo Randy Pobst's car?

  • Michael Neuhaus
    Michael Neuhaus

    What happened with the new gmc Denali

    • sparkplug1018

      As I understand the story, Jared bought that right after this due to not being able to get parts for the Nissan. Guessing since we've seen those videos already Car Trek finished a few weeks ago.

  • Icky

    "i need to get into boats" everyone with a boat: nooooooooooooo

  • Doubtfull1988

    Tavarish looks like the Ferrari stole a few years of his life.

  • Andrew Karpyszyn
    Andrew Karpyszyn

    I was waiting to hear Wizard say "I'm thinking LS swap it"

  • DC Dreamkillers
    DC Dreamkillers

    Boats... you need a Glastron Intimidator, schimitar, CVX 18, CVX 16, Cv16ss or a cv23 check em out and make wizard jealous.

  • Jim Beck
    Jim Beck

    Car wizard is going to make that thing shine!

  • jeffrey blair
    jeffrey blair

    Wizard: I'll get it all "sorted" Hmmmm Autotempest show.....to....ANOTHER autotempest show? hmmmm

  • David Fuchs
    David Fuchs

    Don't get a boat, they are holes in the water you throw money into!!!!

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan

    Wait wat... I thought Jared worked only for Tavvie - but what's he doing working on one of the WHEEZARD's cars? 👀

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan


  • Lonezewolf Gaming
    Lonezewolf Gaming

    Car trek 6, trucks driving from whatever cartrek is to, ny.

  • cenaboyle

    Fred you haven't lived till you cow poo been spread in fields make grass grow

  • Tclans

    Time to visit ol cleet if you want to learn about boats 😄

  • cenaboyle

    Would love to see some euro cars in the show. The likes of Opel and Citroen that aren't in the states

  • Rivaldo Macbean
    Rivaldo Macbean

    When will we see the mclaren.

  • hal redlus
    hal redlus

    Tavarish, gotta admit at first i thought you were a bit ADD, but man i love the passion and the fearlessness that you dive into projects with. I love how you look at pretty much all cars for what they are... a lump of metal that you can bend if you want... absolutely love that everything is part of your playground. Same can be said for WatchJRGo. As a weekend warrior my hat is off to you both, and love living vicariously through you. Keep it up! Best entertainment, well beyond anything on TV.

  • Anas Saleh
    Anas Saleh

    6:05 he is telling the car wizard what the car wizard told him...

  • xSanityControlx

    that chevelle was one of the more interesting cars he had

  • RJ FT
    RJ FT

    'la macchina' now belongs to 'Il Mago' this is the Car Wizard, interesting to see how it was before

  • Woomelang Hotel
    Woomelang Hotel

    Hey Freddie, please just do your own stuff, Mate. You've lost like minimum 500k views doing 3 eps with sponsored and/or sponsoring supposed mates:- Hope you made a good Crust, though. Just do what you do best and the sponsors will tuck in. Be your old self and do what you enjoy - or at least what it appears you enjoy and then what I ( and IMHO maybe what we all) Love best about your channel. Or upscale and move on. Very Cool Ferrari and good for you that you can afford to buy it, buzz it around make a sponsored ad series on your channel, then sell it to M&M Wiz for a Loss and also a make good profit. Not sayin it was not hard work, just not quite right.

  • Sharkuleez

    BOAT= Break out another thousand or bankruptcy on a trailer

  • focus greg
    focus greg

    Excellent content 👌🏾🙂👌🏾

  • Gary Heighway
    Gary Heighway

    Best looking Ferrari ever.

  • First Prototype
    First Prototype

    You like a boat 🛥but you don't want one for yourself because : -it's very expensive to own -the initial price - the bills to put it on the water - the bills to register it - the bill to take your license - the bill for the fuel ⛽ every time you use it - the price to go from port to port - the price to move it around If you want this, all sure buy one and let me be the first to give you the condolence! Thanks for the longest video showing us nothing, yeah

  • Joa R
    Joa R

    Why aren’t you busy losing weight?

  • kennyangel

    The sticker with the eagle on front of the Benz indicates 50 years membership in the ADAC, the biggest automobile club in Germany. Quite an achievement, wonder how it got to the USA?

  • Lez Ivanerrol
    Lez Ivanerrol

    Freddy, You might regret selling this car. Wizard is going to make a Motza from SVname views working on it.

  • Banana


  • rjac001

    You can tell it's only running on about 5cly lol, that's the reason it was spitting flames lots of unburnt fuel

  • Algenis Almonte
    Algenis Almonte

    No way did he just skim over that clk320 16:22

  • Felix24148

    As cool of a car as it is. I can't say I blame you for unloading it. But I do hope you get w inner in the next Car Trek

  • Noob In Nature
    Noob In Nature

    sounds amazing tho

  • Dan _
    Dan _

    I mean you gotta make it american #renegade

  • That_one_dude_300c

    Please keep me posted on wizards V12 Chevelle oh my lanta that is insane

  • Craig Morgan
    Craig Morgan

    Mine is beta coz its mine,classic!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • greenhometony

    Drove a car without doors to Colorado in May?? Hmm, brain power not large in this one, lol... pretty sure it had doors when you got it, d o o f u s.....

  • BenRittenhouse

    Sellers remorse in 3... 2...

  • Namic Norris
    Namic Norris

    I heard about a clean country squire just contact Ralph Williams