I Made My Aston Martin DBS Sound Like A PAGANI ZONDA (With A $4,000 Exhaust)
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Today, my Aston Martin DBS gets the performance upgrade I've always wanted. It's fast - REAL fast.
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  • Tavarish

    For those wondering, this car has four primary catalytic converters that have not been changed or altered in any way. The secondaries serve more as restrictions than anything else, as the primaries are more than enough to handle the main emissions requirements of the car.

    • Ben Kroko
      Ben Kroko

      @S W we like to have fun buddy

    • A S
      A S

      If I go to med school and be your personal doc. Will you gimmie this ?

    • Mario Marquez
      Mario Marquez

      @Tavarish show us a picture....you know damn well you took them off. There's only two

    • Mario Marquez
      Mario Marquez

      Didn't know you knew more than Aston Martin engineers

    • Amir Pomen
      Amir Pomen

      Naaahh.. screw rpm act

  • Boris H
    Boris H

    Is these even alowed in US to be straight piped?

  • Zachary Anglemyer
    Zachary Anglemyer

    Hi Can you just decat the exhaust and the AP tune? How does the Auto change the tune?

  • drstephensugiono

    My 2010 DBS is an automatic, wonder how it would sound with the velocity AP?

  • Rich Bond
    Rich Bond

    My favourite car. Good work!

  • steve clark
    steve clark


  • grizoh

    You should dyno it

  • Scoba Mowol
    Scoba Mowol

    Big improvement! The next step is to fit some equal length AP Velicity headers for that true F1 V12 sound track.

  • Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua
    Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua

    Don't forget to take Tyler for ride....

  • K M
    K M

    Aston Martin just screams Sexy to me. I love these cars!

  • Brian Branch
    Brian Branch

    Do you ever sell your project cars or just keep them ? ##curiousindetroit

  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier

    Can you fit golf clubs and bag in the boot? Fun video thanks

  • Ajosra Last Name
    Ajosra Last Name

    Made it sound like a Honda?

  • Bef090

    I for one, am thoroughly enjoying your background music sir.

  • WildDigger

    That sounds so dang awesome! Glorious!

  • SpacedX

    I know this is already in the past, but you should have left the suspension alone until after CarTrek!

  • green lobster
    green lobster

    Hands down the best sounding car in your garage...!!!

  • mike lyons
    mike lyons

    I almost like the original throaty sound better. The new sounds good but it sounds more Ferrari, Lamborghini sounding.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh removing the old cathalytic converters, the ultimate fuck you to the enviroment and the car behind you, for no real gain in power at all

  • Laurent Le Henne
    Laurent Le Henne

    I like how your eyes became a little boy's eyes opening his Xmas gifts when you did that test drive !

  • Thomas Hogan
    Thomas Hogan

    Get the AP headers man. Take her up to 11. I'm sure they are a nightmare to install but well worth it because she will sound like a Zonda R.

  • CrustStar Gaming
    CrustStar Gaming

    Who also has been here since the Viper?

  • Shackthetrucker TG.
    Shackthetrucker TG.

    I started following you early back when you were filming in your parents driveway , I thought what you were doing was cool , I am glad to see how much you have grown and your channel has grown , you've done an awesome job , keep up the good work .

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Wait, when did you buy a c6Z???

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    You should’ve done a sound Clip with just the deletes for comparison

  • Richard Wallinger
    Richard Wallinger

    the new exhaust looks amazing .. the welding and bends are tasty .. the sound is AWESOME.

  • Jedd Paez
    Jedd Paez

    Tavarish:"The wheels are kinda stance nation" Me: "It no bueno fam :( "

  • Barry Humphries
    Barry Humphries

    A lovely British car; sadly the steering wheel of this one is on the wrong side! 🥴 🙃 😬

  • mrnicktoyou

    The deeper tone of the stock exhaust suits this car better.

  • Lorenz Friedmann
    Lorenz Friedmann

    Im just gonna baby it off the line: continues to hit red line like there’s no tomorrow xD

  • Bader Al-Failechawi
    Bader Al-Failechawi

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that an x-pipe is best as close to the collectors as possible?

  • Claudio Morgado
    Claudio Morgado

    I was wondering what would happen if you used one of those exhausts on a diesel car

  • FdR NGM
    FdR NGM

    The car sounds like its saying "Oh I'm so happy you took off the extra weight" 😎 great stuff man

  • Michael Bertoni
    Michael Bertoni

    Could of just hollowed those cats out and reinstalled.

  • arkhsm ford
    arkhsm ford

    The joy on your face when you gave it a boot full...Priceless !!

  • Cesc Fabregas
    Cesc Fabregas

    honestly i think tavarish woud do better with less imposing titles of his videos.... since he moved from his garage to his shop things seem to begoing down hill.

  • Steve McNamee
    Steve McNamee

    Does the tacho work backwards in this? It looked it on the test run.

  • samfungccim

    yes enjoy the video! I put in a straight pipe on my 79 Alfa Sprint Veloce decades ago...it sounds like louder than stock like a motorcycle even the cop gave me a ticket for too loud! and the car is much faster for free flow enza exhaust!

  • Oscar Oliu
    Oscar Oliu

    What music was at the 14:20 mark?

  • Daniele Lim
    Daniele Lim

    Hey Tavarish, please get velocity ap to send you the equal length headers. Thank you.

  • Ramenz_

    Damn it sounds good but I think aftermarket lambo exhaust sounds better likes strad's lambos

  • Mattheus Ranger
    Mattheus Ranger

    I feel we didn’t really get a good sound test from the outside with some drive-by shots with sound. Howling at a distance, tunnels etc. Bit of a rushed video. Feel like he showed us a bit of sideboob but no more, as lovely as the side boob was!

  • Joseph W
    Joseph W

    Holy shit that sounds amazing!


    Unpopular opinion: sounds better than the Vulcan….

  • Gary 88
    Gary 88

    Best looking car in the last 20 years I agree 👌🏼


    Yeah u really Babied it off the line 🤣😂

  • Jack Woodham
    Jack Woodham

    Holy sweet Jesus. Sound had me smiling ear to ear

  • Sebastian Vammen
    Sebastian Vammen

    You are pretty much a replica of Doug DeMuro . You both Have an Aston Martin. You are advertising for a car biding website. And you almost look like you could be brothers

  • simocreations

    Wow. That sound

  • Burnett Hopkins
    Burnett Hopkins

    Come on Eddie! The best looking car ever made? The DBS is absolutely stunning. But what about the Jaguar E type? What about the Shelby Cobra? Almost any Duesenberg? A '63 Vette? A '66 Vette? A '69 Vette? A Bugatti Atlantic? Jaguar XK? Need I go on? In the last 20 years? It is probably in the top 5. But personally, some of her sisters catch my eye more. And what about the Ford GT? (Both models) Ferrari 812 Superfast? Aventador?

  • Gabriel Gomez
    Gabriel Gomez

    Wow, plug and play -no weld. Car seems pretty easy to work on.

  • Nick 04
    Nick 04

    16:28 how I feel after drilling holes in my airbox and cutting off the resonator in my Ford escape

  • Ross Robertson
    Ross Robertson

    Any chance you could stick 2 trumpets on the back or maybe a saxophone

  • Grant Anderson
    Grant Anderson

    Brilliant. love your reaction to the sound

  • Xavi Spit
    Xavi Spit

    Pure V12 N/A sound. That's other level... ;)

  • Potato

    Tavaris, did you sell the precious metals from catalytic converters? they are worth more than $4000.

  • jo2ex

    15:00 your welcome

  • Ralph Gregory
    Ralph Gregory

    The pedal on the right modulates throttle position,learn to use it #revlimitersaveshisa$$

  • James Trotman
    James Trotman

    We need a car trek vs car throttle challenge series.

  • Earl Evans
    Earl Evans

    Just seeing this dude getting happy and smiling about the sound of His car made me smile.

  • Smoove Margiela
    Smoove Margiela

    It’s crazy how 1 straight pipe makes men happy but women need like 30

  • Marc Justin
    Marc Justin

    Anyone notice that wide body in the background 👀

  • Howitzer XO
    Howitzer XO

    Lets do it to you Buick verano

  • Afrykass

    2035 and we won"t hear sounds like this anymore. Only electric-shit buzz.

  • hot|money|vapor

    Hands down best sounding DBS out there. From the inside it sounds A LOT like a Carrera GT with the roof on, great job man. I always loved the stock DBS open flap sound especially cold starting, but this is next level.

  • xnreyescj

    5:30 (before) 15:00 (after) + TavarishPog

  • Maxwell Brown
    Maxwell Brown

    Solid time lapse music choice!!

  • EstebaN

    It sounds insane I love it so much

  • Ed Wilko
    Ed Wilko

    Sounds amazing can't help but think might get annoying on the highway for 500miles, but she's a toy and I net you won't be using her as a grand tourer anymore. So you just really doing a CAT delete on it, you very rarely need to replace a astons exhaust system as they're a mix of stainless and titanium. my opposite neighbour works at aston Martin Newport pagnell bucks, England where this car was built (last cars built at that plant 80% of it now housing but they still rebuild vintage astons, special projects including the lastest special edition gold finger db5's at 2.5million uk pounds

  • Bob Ellis
    Bob Ellis

    That car is gorgeous, and sounds amazing now!

  • tigox brata
    tigox brata

    would you consider doing a video on how you improved video content quality over the years?

  • Henrique N.
    Henrique N.

    Anyone else think that the stock muffler looks like a fuel tank?

  • Jens Vielmann
    Jens Vielmann

    16:10 "I am just gonna baby it of the line"... Ok, than I dont think I would want to lend you my car ;)

  • Blame

    How long does it take to paint a fucking McLaren bruh, I'm over it with this waiting.

  • kstricl

    BOOGER CAM!!! Need to get Junkyard Mook down there sometime to show you how to do booger cam properly.

  • Cold Start Norway
    Cold Start Norway

    The look on freddie’s face on the test run totally made this video😃😃😃

  • Malorek The Great Holy Darkness
    Malorek The Great Holy Darkness

    Getting down on that electro swing just passed the halfway point.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    World: If it ain't, Broke don't fix it Tavarish: The stock Aston Martin exhaust sounds great, so let's fix it!

  • Max 44
    Max 44

    Searching manual dbs prices right know.

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    Banging off the rev limiter in a DBS is one of the best things I've ever seen

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      It actually sounds a lot like the Lamborghini Gallardo in my opinion

  • Chandrick Walton
    Chandrick Walton

    Tavarish: I’m just gonna baby it off the line…. DBS: TURBO PURSUIT PARTY MODE ACTIVATED!

  • Rayool S
    Rayool S

    not running the car on open heads? blasphemy!

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      He turned his aston into a pagani.. BEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN!

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred

    Beautiful sound

  • Joshua Peters
    Joshua Peters

    I'm so jealous!

  • MajesticKa1

    That sounds AMAZING !

  • Adrian

    I just screamed without the s

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez

    Hoovies Ferrari 348 with Capristo exhaust has entered the chat..

  • George Chirayil
    George Chirayil

    15:02 - 15:15 uh..

  • Emile Gordon
    Emile Gordon

    I bid $150k for his custom DB9

  • Nkb1991

    Where is the McLaren?

  • James C
    James C

    Love your vids, never stop!

  • Franso Arbela
    Franso Arbela

    Bro i am buying this car

  • Wes Jones
    Wes Jones

    Love your channel brother your living my dream


    Remove the stereo ,you wont need it anymore, Hi from Brasil.

  • Morten Haraldsen
    Morten Haraldsen

    It actually sounds a lot like the Lamborghini Gallardo in my opinion

  • austinsthetits

    baby it…clutch dumps lmao

  • MidnightKittykat

    He turned his aston into a pagani.. BEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN!

  • Fred Frederickson
    Fred Frederickson

    It’s no 12 thousand dollar exhaust but it’s alright I guess 😪

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    “I’m just gonna baby it off the line I don’t want to break anything” (floors it)

  • Sullen Snake
    Sullen Snake

    “I’m just gonna baby it off the line I don’t want to break anything” (floors it)