I Broke My Ford F350 Dually Because I'm An IDIOT (PLEASE HELP)
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Today, I find out that you should never let an old diesel truck sit unattended. Bad things happen.
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  • Tavarish

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    • The white Demon 07
      The white Demon 07

      Put the truck in neutral because the shift linkage doesn’t see it’s in park and won’t allow you to start the truck so put it in neutral and fix your shift linkage svname.info/nick/video/d4aSj5pofn_dvMg

    • Andrew Billingsley
      Andrew Billingsley

      Your rpms should be around 300 to 800 when cranking your cps is replace it with an oem part

    • Dylan Brown
      Dylan Brown

      Crank position sensor 100%

    • Carlous Hutchison
      Carlous Hutchison

      Check the high pressure oil pump. Those are notorious for causing no starts

    • Battle born Speed
      Battle born Speed

      When my 99 crapped out doing the same thing it was my hpop casue I had rpm signal such as yourself but it couldn’t build oil pressure to fire the injectors

  • J Preston
    J Preston

    Might have something to do with your neutral safety switch. I noticed your park is in reverse. Idk. You probably already have it fixed.

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • Josef Partridge
    Josef Partridge

    I not really sure but could it be because the truck was in reverse and it wouldn’t allow it to start in a gear

  • Brian Still
    Brian Still

    Did you pull PIDs and monitor ICP pressure when you had the scanner connected

    • Brian Still
      Brian Still

      Please properly diagnose and quit throwing parts at it. Glad it's not a customs truck.

  • MrBayrum56


  • Ruben Leos
    Ruben Leos

    Replace the board for 45 dlls

  • Ruben Leos
    Ruben Leos


  • Kaysen Davis Basketball
    Kaysen Davis Basketball

    My guy, it’s in reverse. Put it in park and it will start. There is a sensor that prevents starting unless it is in park or neutral, it is called the neutral safety switch.

  • Janice Turner
    Janice Turner


  • John

    Check your glow plugs!

  • Joe Carbonara
    Joe Carbonara

    Starting fluid fixes everything on these trucks. Until it doesn't.

  • Ed Simmons
    Ed Simmons

    The whole time I’m watching this I’m saying “If your tach is not moving when your trying to start it, Your Cam Position Sensor is BAD”. I always carry a spare one in the glove box. Is it fixed yet?

  • kylethestyle

    It's because you're trying to start it in reverse.

  • Scitimar

    I love how Freddie has a gate that he can literally walk around xD

  • Vult D
    Vult D

    Idk if you still need help, but looks like your shift indicator is misaligned, your engine won't start because the ecu thinks it's in reverse. If not that, it looked like there was no check engine light with the key on, so you aren't communicating with the pcm, unless that's just a symptom of the first thing I described.

  • raim rawchaa
    raim rawchaa

    Did you get it working don't see a video where you got it working?

  • The patient angler
    The patient angler

    Did you fix this?

  • John Hulbert
    John Hulbert

    Could check the fuel system to verify it is actually getting fuel. Not sure how the oil pressure gauge operates normally on that ford and if it is suppose to move when cranking but when diesels sit for awhile the diesel can develop algae in the fuel filter and easily clog it and other parts of the fuel system and prevent a start. Ive seen it a lot on equipment. Realistically if you are getting fuel to the injectors, then verify the oil pressure system for the injectors themselves. If that is good then move into electrical. If it was able to start before and stay running at full power then compression is most likely fine. Just start with the easy stuff then move into the electrical. Just my experience fixing equipment.

  • Tristan Penny
    Tristan Penny

    Why was he trying to start it in reverse ? I can’t be the only one who noticed and also when he was pulling the fuses off he switched a 30 amp fuse with another fuse (6:14)

  • Eugene Burr II
    Eugene Burr II

    Check the IPR VALVE MINE Did the same thing also check the cam position sensor also a common failure. The IPR valve not so much on the 7.3. But they can go out.

  • LPC Drop The Bass
    LPC Drop The Bass

    Does the 7.3 have a fuel injection control module? If so that might need to get rebuilt.

  • Jake Rheault
    Jake Rheault

    Nissan titan Junk JUNK !!

  • Noah Mather
    Noah Mather

    Did you check glow plugs

  • Peter Fehr
    Peter Fehr

    Check your high and low oil pressure pumps and glow plugs or your ipr valve there's also sometimes a problem with egr if it's still on your truck

  • Kenneth Crenshaw
    Kenneth Crenshaw

    I love that he knows his own limitations... Could be the actual ECU. That would suck but it could be it.

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz

    Is the timing cover aftermarket? Aftermarket timing covers are known for spacing out the cam sensor too far and not reading any signal for timing

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen

    You changed different amp fuses at 6:10 blue and green

  • John Sajeth
    John Sajeth

    Swap your ipr with a new one and icp while you’re at it. It’ll start by then.

  • jatinder seehra
    jatinder seehra

    Is it me or does the Gear position look like it is in reverse? @6:43? Not Park?

    • allfasten

      I saw it too! What the hell? My truck never liked being started in reverse lol

  • Peter Nettleton
    Peter Nettleton

    I see Craftsman tools. I grew up on them accept for my dads one lone Snap On 1/2 inch drive ratchet (from the 1970s)

  • bradcarmichael47

    Bro you’re gear shifter is in reverse put it in neutral or park!!!!!

  • maroubramickski

    So what happened with the truck?

  • Sam Cochran
    Sam Cochran

    The timing belt is probably out of place and needs to be popped back in.

  • masterpiece transport
    masterpiece transport

    how do i get in contact with you

  • Bad Santa
    Bad Santa

    Well? Did it chooch?

  • MrBayrum56

    Hey T did you ever figure out what the problem was on your dually?

  • Jon Hiller
    Jon Hiller

    At least yours got triple the miles then Jared’s before it let you down

  • Luckiestitan22 Gg
    Luckiestitan22 Gg

    I think the starter is bad

  • Tim G
    Tim G

    Just a thought, as I you're cracking it, I noticed the oil pressure "gauge", which is basically an idiot light on our Fords, but, it never shows that you're getting oil pressure......maybe the oil pressure sensor? Curious to see if that's the problem, or not.

  • Allan Clarke
    Allan Clarke

    Travis it in reverse. Move it into neutral,or park

  • Derrik Szlavich
    Derrik Szlavich

    I find it funny that the truck is in reverse instead or park

  • jonathan chizmar
    jonathan chizmar

    Glow plug wire harness under the valve covers

  • gary_lav

    Is it me or is your column shifter in reverse and not in Park? Pretty sure that would probably prevent it from starting


    The truck is not in p or n great video.

  • robbie robbie
    robbie robbie

    Not an electrical problem. Your High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) reservoir is empty. Simply remove small plug with Allen wrench and fill with motor oil. Should start right up. Located just in front of fuel filter. Plug is size of dime on top of HPOP reservoir. Make sure to put plug back in BEFORE starting!!!! Have had to do this to my truck many times if it sits too long.

  • COzdemir

    more dually videos!

  • Brandon Ferran
    Brandon Ferran

    Not getting oil pressure while cranking. Something with the hpop system

  • Steelhead

    It won’t start because it’s in reverse? probably not the reason but noticed it looks like the gear selector is on reverse 😆

  • Typical PC Tech
    Typical PC Tech

    I had this problem before, but my car was Gas powered. Mechanic told me it was easy to diagnose, but hard to fix. But it was just one thing. My POS Sensor died, and I still... bought the car anyway! :P Just thought I'd toss that joke in, I hope you get her back on the road soon!

  • Lexus Es
    Lexus Es

    Bro I’m calling diesel fuel , it’s not getting fuel pressure

  • Eetu Korhonen
    Eetu Korhonen

    I'm no smart but how about water in tank? Thats real issue in finland😁

  • Thomas Bassett
    Thomas Bassett

    They also need to be in park or in neutral. Yours is in reverse. I dont know how your even able to crank it while its in reverse which tells me that you have some serious problems that your going to have to take to a Ford specialist for. But If your hell bent on starting it then at least try putting it in PARK FIRST. Then I would disconect the battery for about 20 minutes and then connect it again and give it a try. But it has to be in PARK FIRST before you ever try to start an engine again. From what your video is showing it's in REVERSE. LOL LOL I cant believe that I should have to tell you this.

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown

    Crank position sensor 100%

  • Jason Sutton
    Jason Sutton

    That is going to be awesome, my birthday is in May!!

  • Pedro Millan
    Pedro Millan

    I didn't know those trucks are supposed to start when they are in reverse and not in park.

  • Phil Rautine
    Phil Rautine

    Classic bad diagnosis of a 7.3. Throw more parts at it without any troubleshooting. Check the oil level. Then remove the fuel bowl cover and check the filter and whether its even filling, then remove the plug on top of the HPOP reservoir and see if there is any oil in it. Then break out a Diesel scanner and check ipr pressure and percentage. This will also tell you if the ICM is firing. it appears the Cam Position Sensor (cps) is working there is no crank position sensor.

  • woodworker Royer
    woodworker Royer

    "We have the IRS... no,..." The Infernal Revenue Service...

  • Jaime Rivas
    Jaime Rivas

    u need the car wizard

  • Jihad Blaik
    Jihad Blaik

    Just call Jared lol

  • Alexander Fields
    Alexander Fields

    high pressure oil pump? if it is that your back will be hurting. it is in the V part of the block under the turbo.

  • harley Freitas
    harley Freitas

    Lol Is it in park? Maybe compression maybe carbon build

  • Brayden

    It could be the starter, the same thing happened to my 97 7.3 and then we changed the starter and it fired right up

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem

    6:16 Is that Hagerty redline rebuilds song?, I get is royalty free music though.

  • TeacherPlannerCrafter Alicia
    TeacherPlannerCrafter Alicia

    No oil pressure on the dash,no starting it, no injectors, check out low pressure pump and low pressure oil/sensor system.

  • splam stapelfeldt
    splam stapelfeldt

    also its in reverse it wil only start in park

  • splam stapelfeldt
    splam stapelfeldt

    diesel is more difficult than petrol dats y

  • Timothy Riley
    Timothy Riley

    Why didn't he scan it. ObdII tf

  • Timothy Riley
    Timothy Riley

    Him turning over the truck 80 times gave me anxiety

  • Darkninja691

    It could be low on oil. She needs oil pressure to fire the injectors. Double check the oil and a manual oil gauge

  • Angell Family Adventures
    Angell Family Adventures

    Get an ELM327 obd2 dongle and download the TorquePro app. You can see the oil pressure and ipr duty cycle while cranking as well as actual RPM. If you're not building at least 500 psi of oil pressure it won't start. Injector orings could be leaking and causing that.

  • Jack Song
    Jack Song

    You are trying to start your truck in reverse

  • a wiseman
    a wiseman

    Look into 7.3 top end oil change. The oil which drives the injectors is supposed to circulate with the entire contents of the crankcase, but after some time this can be proven to not always be the case. Basically you’re going to suck 3 quarts out through the top of the engine and replace it with new oil and an additive to break down any sludge. Repeat about 3 times and you’ll be driving a brand new ‘99 dirty fird.

  • P I
    P I

    I can tell what it is.. Just watch your battery gauge when you are cranking it. Looks like maybe 9, 10 volts. Not enough to crank it over. 1.) Run a check on both batteries. The strongest battery, put in place of the weak one. One is the main battery the other is the reserve battery. The reserve battery isn’t used much and is stronger. 2.) Get rid of those junk Die Hard batteries. My suggestion.

  • Kopy Kat
    Kopy Kat

    isnt there a safety feature when its not in park so it doesnt start? or is the thing normally like that

  • R Fortier
    R Fortier

    Seems like all Ford trucks shift indicator is always off by 1

  • Andrew Olsen
    Andrew Olsen

    I feel like I'm late to the party but I never saw your low oil pressure gauge climb. First thing is to pull codes and check oil level. These need oil to run and I'm not seeing the engine oil pressure climb while cranking so the high pressure oil system wont work without it. If oil level is good go ahead and pull codes, itll give you a direction to look into.

  • Micky Lopez
    Micky Lopez

    Change your Fuel filters

  • David Daugherty
    David Daugherty

    I saw that you had a volt meter there. Did you know that you can use that to check your fuses without having to pull each and every one? Finally, I hope this may be something simple keeping the truck from starting. Throughout the video I noticed that the truck was in Reverse (R). Have you tried putting it in Park? Are you stepping on the brake when starting? I think these safety sally things were in place in 1999 vehicles.

  • Al Phillips
    Al Phillips

    Hi there! Now then.... I'm not in the slightest way mechanically minded, but, I was kinda under the impression that an auto gearbox would only start in 'P' for park and 'N' for neutral? Hmmmm

  • aiden fenn
    aiden fenn

    I’m selling a 2001 f350 if you’re interested!😃 it would go to money to buy my first car because my parents won’t help me.

    • aiden fenn
      aiden fenn

      Needs some clear coat work and a new bumper but other than that it’s pretty good

    • aiden fenn
      aiden fenn

      Little more miles than yours thi

    • aiden fenn
      aiden fenn

      Has pillar gauges like yours.

    • aiden fenn
      aiden fenn

      Again it would help

    • aiden fenn
      aiden fenn

      No engine lights. Same engine as yours I’m pretty sure

  • Nef

    R stands for Retry......so dont give up.......

  • Micha Thomas
    Micha Thomas

    This may sound stupid, but doesn't that truck have a Neutral safety switch? The truck is not going to start if it isnt I Park or neutral.

  • Govinda Kesuma
    Govinda Kesuma

    "Modern diesel trucks are way way more complicated" Reminds me of my dad's truck that had leaked oil. The problem was not solved that he traded it for a hatchback-crossover for my request.

  • Quinton Koenig
    Quinton Koenig

    These trucks weren't designed to run on modern-day bio-diesel, so they clog up fuel filters like crazy.

    • Quinton Koenig
      Quinton Koenig

      I say this because I have a 2000 with a 7.3 and I can not tell you how many times I've had to borrow a car and run to get that $25 filter from Oreilly's, throw it in, and the truck runs just fine after that. But, I will say mine sounds just like that when that filter is clogged, so instead of just draining that bowl, pop the top and throw a new filter in it, but don't forget to prime it ALOT!!

  • Doug

    Charge the batteries to start. It will still crank but no fire if it has under 11.8v. If that doesn't fix it check your high pressure oil system. Low pressure could be causing the no start.

  • Brian Trester
    Brian Trester

    FORD Found ON the Road Dead.. Fix OR Repair Daily...LOLand of course Fuc&ing OLd Rebuilt Dodge

  • Peter Nanos
    Peter Nanos

    Hey mate. I noticed on the cluster that the needle for the gear selector is on ‘Reverse’. I don’t know anything about American trucks, but I know all of our Aussie cars will never crank over in anything other than Park or Neutral. Might be silly pointing this out, but I couldn’t help but constantly seeing this in the video.

  • Nasim Wehbe
    Nasim Wehbe

    You don't need spark but you need GLOW!! I drive and work on 18 wheelers. Glow plugs though rare do go bad. Also no oil pressure no injectors will be functioning.

  • Charlie S
    Charlie S

    Possibly air in the system - slacken off the injectors and check fuel is coming out - you may have to bleed the whole system. I've seen it on one car where the O-ring on the fuel filter water trap wasn't sealing. An expert diagnosed my brothers diesel car - he said there's only one thing left that it could be - a snapped shaft in the fuel pump but that was impossible because it never happens. He took the pump apart and sure enough, a snapped shaft. A new pump was £800 (£1100+) so my brother scrapped the car!

  • Moua Xiong
    Moua Xiong

    Car wizard time.

  • RT 1979
    RT 1979

    Take the truck to Jared get him a ring :D

  • soner harizanov
    soner harizanov

    The overall diesel car,trucks etc are bad. They get clogled up because the diesel needs to be driven kinda hard. Dpfs get cloged up, egr valves, tubros all that expensive diesel stuff.

  • watajob

    Um, maybe hook up the scanner before a second salvo of the parts cannon...

  • Luke Tanner
    Luke Tanner

    Anyone else notice the 'wait to start' light still on when he cranks it?

    • Nef

      He lost patience....

  • Jason P
    Jason P

    Where’s the update?? Did you get it running?

  • XRIDER0002

    This is the perfect example showing that diagnostics are the most difficult part to being a mechanic. Builds a McLaren from the ground up get gets whooped by a no start

  • Amanda Todd
    Amanda Todd

    It sounds like a crank position sensor, if not check the injector drive module. And those 7.3s use oil to drive the injectors. So if she's too low on oil you get no fuel 😂

  • 21babydew

    to put this simply cause nobody in the comments has made sense and with 3000 of them seeming like i have no chance in hell of being seen id say giving your symptons and your terrible diagnosis of ecu or wiring just no..... the wait to start light works which mean the PCM(ecu) is working at that point working forward the idm is suspect very suspect this is a known issue...... could also be the fuel pump given your truck has an electric pump it could be that... next down the list is the CPS (pray this is your problem) 20$ for a purpleish grey one on amazon yes only get the purpleish grey they are the best and most relieable and make the truck run much better at idle... next on the shit list The icp hook any scan tool up to it and you will see if you have ICP pressure or HPOP pressure if you have 0 or the pressure is not between 500-1500 the truck will not run unplug it and it defaults to 2200psi and the truck should start diagnosing a bad icp ... the ipr is probally the worst pain in the butt however not bad uhhh watch your ipr values in the scan tool it should be leaning towards 50% which means it is attempting to fire the injectors at all the pressure it can manage if its at 0 or not moving it is bad.... beyond that nothing else could go wrong. the valve cover wiring harness for the injectors can go bad however i highly doubt both sides went bad as normally only 1 side goes which results in a 4 cylinder miss. There ya go (source been driving the worlds most troubled 7.3 powerstroke ever and yea i have done most of these or been down the process of diagnosing them) Also beleive me the CPS "being new" means nothing it can go bad if you didnt use the right one and use if you got the cps from the auto parts store change it now i have used them and they have gone bad.

  • Chris Holley
    Chris Holley

    Check the fuel shutoff solenoid with a no start on a diesel