I Bought The WORST Car EVER MADE (And It's Actually WORSE Than You Think)
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Today, I bought the worst car ever made - a 1986 Yugo GV, which happens to be world famous as the most viewed Yugo on SVname, being on channels like Doug Demuro, VinWiki, Aging Wheels, and this one. It's also very, very broken, so let's see if we can fix it, shall we?
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    All Balkan viewers on this video be like: 😡

  • cuore sportivo
    cuore sportivo

    Što fali yugu..dovezeš se od točke a do točke b, jednostavan za održavanje, kad se sredi jedan od ljepših auta

  • antonio kns
    antonio kns

    Yugo is based on fiat 127.On fiat 128 was based zastava 101.Check first before say your stupidities

  • Alessandro N.
    Alessandro N.

    Plenty of people driving Yugos on a daily basis here in Serbia. This was not the worst car ever made, you and other youtubers have been calling it that so that people click on your videos. Mark my words, Yugos will outlive your channel, SVname as a platform and humanity as well.

  • Xyma Ryai
    Xyma Ryai

    man that 6/8 polyrhythm song was so good while you were working on the car, i bet a bunch of people went "wtf? where the hell is the beat in this song?"

  • Xyma Ryai
    Xyma Ryai

    i would not impune communists for making an unreliable but very easily repairable car, while capitalists are making unreliable and unrepairable cars *cough Pinto, Fiero, cough*

  • Macedonia Timeless
    Macedonia Timeless

    I wouldn't say that Yugo is a bad car actually... Name me 1 car that was made outside usa and was sold in there for 4000$? I can wait all day. First... Its not like any of your cars and that's why you think its bad, it doesn't have 5.0 engine, it doesn't have leather interior, it doesn't have the comfort... Second.. If you are from any country on the Balkans you will see how good this car actually is because of the cheap parts, easy maintenance and not very big problems that it has... Because we aren't americans with salaries of 2000-3000-5000$ but salaries of 300-600$ 😉 Third.. The car services are often yes, but when you take the cost of the parts you will see that 100$ once every 6 months is enough to make this car go forever. Forth.. This car shouldn't stay outside of the garage in order to keep it from rust, it was built fucking 30-40 years ago... Fifth... With this car, lots of people went to vacation driving all around the Yugoslavia and had no problems climbing big heights with it... Sixth... This car engine is 1.1 and its 55hp yes but 10-11s for 1980s-90s is great when you have the price of only 4000$ in your head... Seventh... If you have time come to any country that was part of Yugoslavia and you will see how much these cars are driven even after that many years and how much people love them and restore them...

    • Macedonia Timeless
      Macedonia Timeless

      I have one in my garage with around 130k km, it still has factory seats with seal on some parts of them, the first engine, but of course... It was maintained perfectly... Washing it everytime before it goes into garage under the blanket and changing oil and filters every 3000-4000km like you should in order to have the perfect car 😁

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • j harnden
    j harnden

    Ex had a Yugo. Put a coke can on the hood. Made a dent.

  • DavidM21

    It's not the worst car it is actually very good and very cheap here in the Balkans you can get a used one for $300

  • PsyKowski

    how people call this car ugly while it looks the same like Golf 1 !¨it was a popular design back then... for its time , yugo 45 was pretty decent... a care built for easy home repairs !"


    I have got the new one 2008 and it is awesome i am the first driver of yugo koral and i havent changed anything only the tires when there is snow

  • Psyhodelik

    Yugo ♥ The car from my childhood ♥ One of the best car in the world ♥

  • blue mushrum
    blue mushrum

    love this for a vilage

  • ive pesusic
    ive pesusic

    So...yugo is build like average american hause....but not overpriced lol

  • Aaron Cable
    Aaron Cable

    I think the yugo spanners and tools are more reliable then the car more expensive and worth more then the car atleast they put them in they new the car tho its not great knowing it has tools in the back I do that with my puch bikes for insurance when I'm riding them and to get rid of annoying situations where I'd have to walk or carry it back but that's not saying something good when there in the boot from factory tho i like how there normal cheap tools but they just put yugo on l I think the random spanners we have at home are better then the yugo ones tho a bag of garbage they forgot to put the car in it sorry

  • Uroš Stančić
    Uroš Stančić

    Yugo is yugo

  • Jelena Srdanov
    Jelena Srdanov

    So, NOT true! Not the worst AT ALL! I was the second owner and I drove it for 14 more years - it got me through snow and ice, when way more expensive and luxurious ones were left stuck or by the road! The parts are cheap and easy to find! This little thing has a soul and it was my reliable friend for so many years! So, there's no chance that Yugo is the worst - far from it! Huge Respect for Yugo!!!

  • NK GameChannel
    NK GameChannel

    Zasto niko ne napravi od jutjubera nesto protiv o njihivim govnjevim autima nego oni stalno nas Jugo kritikuju kao i Jugoslaviju....ja da imam novca kupio bih jedno americko govno od auta i rekao sve kakvi su zapravo losi auti....

  • Timber land
    Timber land

    Lol its funny to see how a country is brainwashed on "freedom" when its used everywhere in advertisement lol

  • Weezard Official
    Weezard Official

    better think twice before you disrespect the yugo

  • nlaszg

    Why does a yugo have windshield wipers on the inside? so you can wipe the spit from swearing at it so much.

  • Brian Barker
    Brian Barker

    Advance Auto Parts has Yugo parts, that kinda lowers my opinion of them.

  • Milan M
    Milan M

    I onda ce dođu tamo neka lajna engleska pa će oni Yugo da proglašavu za najgori auto na svet, majke im ga sponabutkam, kad se dobro znaje da mi nesmo ko ostali svet".

  • Milan M
    Milan M

    Kad položiš na golfa peticu numes da uđeš na kružni tok, kad položiš na yugo odma dobiješ dozvolu za B, C, D, E i malokalibarski pistolj!

  • Milan M
    Milan M

    -Pereš ga samo s kišu

  • Milan M
    Milan M

    - K'd je*es u yugo onda si je*ac, a kad je*es u mercedesa onda si sponzor

  • Milan M
    Milan M

    Brus Vilis je u onaj film seja u njega rekaja ,,JIPIKAJE" što na naš mu u prevod znači ' E sad gi naje*aste", i uzme si i potepaja teroristi, a da je bio u neka druga kola ku* moj bi ih potepaja

  • Milan M
    Milan M

    I limuzina i hechbek i off-road.. ide i vozi se gde 'oces !

  • Mark Thornsburg
    Mark Thornsburg

    these guys are faded

  • Andrijaa Obradovicc
    Andrijaa Obradovicc

    U mean THE BEST CAR😩

  • Dj Orion
    Dj Orion

    fck off dude! YUGO was one of the best cars in ex YUGOSLAVIA!! Sorry if we didnt have back then ford, mustang,ferari, porshe ! Asshole!

  • Jamie Pile
    Jamie Pile

    If there is one thing about eastern bloc cars, they're tough and cheap! They aren't exciting but will run forever if kept maintained.

  • mare 66
    mare 66

    2:40 when he siad this car was bulid poorly by a bunch of comunists i have decited to jebati mu mater

  • mare 66
    mare 66

    Only true balkan and only true slav can drive it

  • Dániel Rencsényi
    Dániel Rencsényi

    worst car of all time? Absolutely not, Yugo is a fucking beast

  • Kifla

    Vi amerikanci samo znate kenjat i pravit se pametni. Yugo je odlican auto, to sta nije najnoviji auto s jebenim zaruljama spojenim na kompjuter nema nikakve veze. Meljes da nije kvalitetan a izdrzava po 40 godina, a tvoj novi mustang se pokvari ako bacis kamen od 2 cm na njega... Smijesno

  • IVT Studio
    IVT Studio

    Ma druze samo ti vozi cadilake i ta americko engleska sranja,yugo je yugo

  • BRTanikus

    YUGO, but car DOESN'T

  • Sabin Sabinus
    Sabin Sabinus

    Try Dacia Lastun....

  • Djibri

    you better never say that again.

  • mak1

    U are worst human ever made

  • bojan mitrovic
    bojan mitrovic

    holy fckin shit..that comercial...i was born in yu but man even we didnt lie about it that much.And for the price of the motor...u could get it for 50$ the whole motor for a yugo.

  • Slavisa Trifunovic
    Slavisa Trifunovic

    jeftin za kupiti i odrzavati i popravljati,sa malom potrosnjom..da Yugo...mater vam jebem americku zato vi vozite gromade koje trose kao tenkovi ali zato ste i okupirali i sjebali zemlje gde god ima nafte :)

  • Ognjen Janković
    Ognjen Janković

    Yugo the worst car ever? You don’t know what is a bad car in my hometown I see almost every day a race tune yugo and my grandpa still drives it so yugo was the most reliable car ever made so please don’t speak shit!

  • Abdullah Ahsan
    Abdullah Ahsan

    actully peaple still drive this car in pakistan

  • Marko Prpic Zets
    Marko Prpic Zets

    We owned a few of these over time (in Yugoslavia and later Croatia). We loved them all. The reason is that it was a sort of a car that you could use for almost any purpose, and even if it breaks it was so cheap to fix. I managed to put some really large objects inside of it, like huge paintings, that couldn't fit in bigger cars. My mother was driving it for 20 years or so. But then again, we were used to similar (better and worse) cars back then. I would still love to drive it around. It was also a great car to drive offroad. Not maybe like some big car dedicated for that purpose, but I can't remember that there was ever a type of road that we couldn't conquer. If you visit any part of ex Yugoslavia, most of the folks will have a positive memory of Yugo.

  • Ганг Рена
    Ганг Рена

    Pravio se kada i golf kec a nije lošiji od njega, golf benzinac 1,1

  • leonstm

    You just insulted all of Eastern Europe, sir. Yugo 45 is one of the best cars made in former Yugoslavia!

  • Jurica Vrbanec
    Jurica Vrbanec

    You should try Rimac Nevera, also from Croatia

  • Bane Vicanovic
    Bane Vicanovic

    Yeah thats why you bombed Zastava factory in Serbia 🐣

  • Dimitris Lagortsis
    Dimitris Lagortsis

    for me is lovely car, i love it

  • Давид Јовановић
    Давид Јовановић

    Dude, I own and drive 25 years old Yugo every day and I don't need another car until rust eats it :D In 80's Yugoslavia plan was to build a cheap, very cheap small car with good fuel economy and low maintance costs. You can get spare parts almost for free and replace it by yourself. Today Yugo is ultimate hipster DIY machine :D

  • Ronyx

    When I came here I didn't expect someone trashtalking car for 15 minutes, but sure if that boosts your viewer count. Pay some respect asshole.

  • Madjori

    Kakva budala.Nezna jer nije jebo u juga.

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne

    It,s still better then Robin 2 : )

  • Cdog

    Even today you have original Yugo driving like a new. So you can't say the worst car ever made. Yugo was just a simple car with how much you pay you will get.

  • Богољуб Гагић
    Богољуб Гагић

    Bruce Willis will agree with u

  • Niko Nekic
    Niko Nekic

    From this clip, I can see you are very, very lack with basic knowledge about cars. Bro, change your Chanel for reviewing toys for kids. 😂😂

  • B4Ne

    Here in the Balkans, we say that if you learn to drive Yugo, you literally can drive a tank :-)

  • Pavle Ilić
    Pavle Ilić

    Yugo is thw best

  • Svarogov Ratnik
    Svarogov Ratnik

    Šta, naš jugo najjači auto. Ja i ortak prepakovali motor 1.4 od lančie u jugića išao kao metak sine moj.

  • Mitko Lefkov
    Mitko Lefkov

    There's is a huge difference between this car and all plastic cars

  • Mitko Lefkov
    Mitko Lefkov

    This car is 50 years on the road, and still active to this day.Is that a bad think "WORST"??? answer pls.... :)

  • M B
    M B

    Yugo sjene će se voziti po Beču, lutati po dvoru, plašiti gospodu :))) You can talk whatever you want buddy, but Yugo survived Yugoslavia and can be still seen around the globe :))

  • Aleksandar Miodragovic
    Aleksandar Miodragovic

    Funny thing is that not one of u tried to drive it in all terrain, the add about yugo was right, u can drive it anywhere

  • ica s.
    ica s.

    2:40 BRUH.

  • ica s.
    ica s.

    The video: car bad lmao The comments: Speaking from personal experience, I'd say this car was good for what it was. It got the job done and the maintainance wasn't that expensive.

  • golub

    Aye its not the worst car ppl in serbia didn't had better to drive soo ya it's a legend and these jokes are not funny at all

  • Roko Milat
    Roko Milat


  • crazy horse
    crazy horse

    You're talking shit, car is not that bad!

  • Red Scorpion 6
    Red Scorpion 6

    In all fairness, it was the only communist built car that met the minimum safety standards for the US.

  • Andrej Nikolov
    Andrej Nikolov

    yugo was the best car in yugoslavia and in that time it was the best car you cant expect that much for that old car

  • Djordje Markovic
    Djordje Markovic


  • Stef Stefan
    Stef Stefan

    6:46 - “ I don’t know much about this car…” But you surely know it is the worst car… 👏👏

  • Venom

    Yugo is cheap and not good, but definitely not the worst..

  • Milos Milosavljevic
    Milos Milosavljevic

    YUGO THE BEST CAR on world . . . Hello from Serbia . . . :) :) :)

  • Ijar Ijar
    Ijar Ijar

    Niste vi nikad ni bili u Yugoslaviji niti ste vozili Juga!

  • djolarola

    All 1.7k dislikes are from Balkans. Screw you and your video. Regards

  • rolov@no pr@se
    rolov@no pr@se

    You have one more joke Kupite jugo ne traje dugo It means buy yugo it wont last long Joke is better on cr

    • rolov@no pr@se
      rolov@no pr@se

      Joke is better when is in original language

  • trk aymlk
    trk aymlk

    In this and many similar videos, for some reason, I see parrot-headed people repeating unproven lies assuming they know something. And when I see people living so empty that they believe such parrot-headed people, I worry about our future, of course, those cars were someone's success and why would you want to defame them with no proof or proof? Please seek the facts because accuracy is never possible in these videos. I own a Trabant and I always say it's not a bad car as described. By the way, it is nonsense to examine and denigrate cars in bad condition. Also take a look at the correct information about Trabant on this page; www.adrianflux.co.uk/cult-classics/sixty-years-trabant/

  • Doctor 0039
    Doctor 0039

    Najgori auto na svijetu ko i drzava koja ga proizvela.....

  • George Gurdjieff
    George Gurdjieff

    Mistrija je u gepeku..😀..

  • Dzonny Blue
    Dzonny Blue

    yugo commerical Cringe Level `100000000000000%

  • Lazarus Blackwell
    Lazarus Blackwell

    Many people would give anything to have a car ANY CAR A car is like your moving home and a roof over your head

  • shone

    if it was so bad,America would not import for own citizens😁😁😁😁🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • FBI_

    If the cars so shit why do people still drive it to this day. Every day i see 10-15 yugos.

  • Lord Mobile
    Lord Mobile

    druze pa ne mozes da sprdas juga,i posle se pitate zasto vas niko ne voli

  • Ermin Klimenta
    Ermin Klimenta

    Americans: Yugo is a PoS Balkan People: "Angry Noises*

  • Nenad Trkulja
    Nenad Trkulja

    Bro that the best car ever made lol good on gas and got me trough the Bosnian war with flying colors after u pack all ur shit that babe can roll.

  • Kristianson

    Who remembers this from cars 2?

  • YuuY JaaJ
    YuuY JaaJ


  • Hangaroid

    My dad still drives around a red Yugo and it was bought it '91. It carried around tons of materials and tools since my dad is a smalltown construction worker and it only needed one major repair since then and the parts are cheap and very easy to come by. I don't think many newer cars can say that they would last 30 years if driven everyday carrying construction material.

  • Milan Boskovic
    Milan Boskovic

    Yugo is beautiful car. Dosado ljudska, moralni Pigmeju.

  • Stevan Terecki
    Stevan Terecki


  • Stevan Terecki
    Stevan Terecki


  • DaftKnightLP

    i love when the cars about to roll over in the commercial, some marketing material, "Wanna feel like you're about to die? Buy a Yugo!" i actually guessed buy line and i was right its just "buy a yugo"

  • DaftKnightLP

    this guys definitely an LTT fan with that intro

  • guruklipa

    Ovaj auto ti je omogućio zaradu na kanalu... malo respekta.

  • Veljko Djokic
    Veljko Djokic