I Bought An UGLY Mercedes S65 AMG For $200k Off Its Original Price (And Here's What's Wrong With It)
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Today, I bought my new daily driver - a 2015 S65 AMG, the most powerful sedan ever made by Mercedes-Benz. It has a 621 horsepower twin turbo V12, and mine may be the ugliest one in existence. Oof.
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  • Tavarish

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    • woodworker Royer
      woodworker Royer

      I love the video, but just so you know, my dad's 07 town car has a center console like that. It's broken about 20% of the time, but it had it...

    • Mad Mod Video Games
      Mad Mod Video Games

      Buy my renntech built c230 spots koupe.

    • Ajay Uttam
      Ajay Uttam

      @L Marcotte iu👍yu

    • Tummy Filler
      Tummy Filler

      Grab a better camera that can handler the dark it’s 2021

    • futte2303 #shquad
      futte2303 #shquad

      there is nothing you can do about hair loss. one can only throw money after an empty hope. the hair follicle is dead, it can not be revived

  • thepro08

    Yeah I have a 80k series 5 and this car is decades in the future. i know all those toys will give errors and make problems after warranty.... but its amazing car as long is not a boat

  • Nicholas Tinkey
    Nicholas Tinkey

    I have to work out just to put my car in gear bruh

  • Nicholas Tinkey
    Nicholas Tinkey

    'ze output of za.." lmao

  • Peter Feeney
    Peter Feeney

    I want to bash that stupid car with a hammer.

  • MoDz Hunter
    MoDz Hunter

    Your remote is for the passenger in the back lol

  • suneku78

    This so called Mechanic has not idea what he is doing. 20 minutes for an inspection of a car like this? WTF?

  • Johanna Richardson
    Johanna Richardson

    The sable unit genotypically reply because class visually surprise along a uptight jeep. cruel, unable swing

  • Max'd Mayhem
    Max'd Mayhem

    white guys voice sounds a bit like chrisfix🤭

  • Eric Bishard
    Eric Bishard

    Looks kind of dirty, you should have cleaned it first

  • WildDigger

    Wow that is a phenomenal vehicle. If only.

  • Hein Daddel
    Hein Daddel

    Nice try to speak with German accent but it sounded more French! 😝

  • Eveseptir

    I said 3500$ just like you! What is up with that headlight?

  • StepDad Dee
    StepDad Dee

    i wish the burmeister speakers had the same "wow factor" in their sound that they have in their visual presentation

  • StepDad Dee
    StepDad Dee

    literally any new mercedes or bmw with heated steering wheels will also have heated center columns and arm rests lol

  • 1990 in
    1990 in

    Your Hosenstall is offen lan!

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • shakisdabeast

    whats so bad bout it

  • B-4 kaustubh mangam
    B-4 kaustubh mangam

    2:35 that segway was cleaner than your car

  • SeiFieS

    NOWHERE in this world is an ugly Mercedes S-Class AMG.

  • Jonas Foellner
    Jonas Foellner

    I think the remote is there for a special reason. As you said, the back is the best seat in the house so people who have this car are also very likely to have a driver. What kind of peasant has to communicate with their chauffeur to change their panel heating.

  • matty d
    matty d

    Not sure if Frankie's math is up to snuff ? If the headlight alone is $3000 how is he going to do all the work for $2700?

  • Crown Royal
    Crown Royal

    That is a beautiful awesome car

  • jetski

    I am so jealous

  • Keaton Grasser
    Keaton Grasser

    2:31 good segway but it ain’t no LTT segway

  • NightKnightBG

    what the hell is "foot pounds of troque" ?? just use newton meters please just like every normal human being

  • Dean Waters
    Dean Waters

    Drove an '06 S65 AMG as my daily-driver for years. Still have it. Don't drive it much anymore. I've had many (!!!) S-class V12's over the years: '93 600 SEC, '94 SL600, '97 SL600 (still have this one), '95 S600, '96 S600, '05 S600, and my '06 S65 AMG.

  • KO*RO*PY it is.
    KO*RO*PY it is.

    Why is this car ugly ? Doesnt look like it

  • Hi

    I’m part way through this video and I’m hoping you give this hol car inside and out a very good cleaning

  • Flaniganskywalker

    And after 2 years--everytime you take one of these--or an Audi--BMW m car--in for an oil change--they find one of these modules has failed and you got a 1k repair on your hands.I rent Audis and had an A6 that was like 2 years old close to 30k miles--so it was driven a decent amount.I had to look up something in the owners manual and it had a packet--just a list of repairs--mainly just module BS--it probably had 10 or more repairs--with most under warranty--and these were 500--700--1100 dollar repairs.Literally it was everytime the car went in for an oil change--they had to fix one of these failed modules--and when that 3 year 36k warranty--or the maintenece program ends--you will experience this--unless abused a modern car should go at least 60k with no "modules" or other parts failing.BTW to keep a warranty intact--and this is most delaers--you better have every repair and service done with them--you get that 19 dollar jiffy lube special and mercedes gets wind of that and your turbo blows--they will use that as the reason.


    Until you get bold, you'll be riding the W223 BRABUS 900 ROCKET!

  • Marko Rados
    Marko Rados

    Personally it is not ugly at all, I think it’s design is just timeless and absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥, and having the power of AMG and the luxury of the S-Class is just amazing.

  • Twinkie Cakey
    Twinkie Cakey

    621 is just fine, goddamn you're a shit liar Tavarish hahaha you know you want those 850 hp and 1000 Nm of Torque :D

  • Matt

    Congrats Tavarish! Beauty.

  • Blerim Jashari
    Blerim Jashari

    S65 have a remote because the owner may be a bussines man that have a driver and rides in the back then he can use the remote to control the car and driver can focus on driving only

  • Marke3s

    That shit is not ugly lol

  • Eddie MacK
    Eddie MacK

    This cars interior is beautiful

  • Eddie MacK
    Eddie MacK

    I love the early 2000s s500.

  • Nahshan Yahudah
    Nahshan Yahudah

    200k off original price...how much did it cost originally?



  • MakeYourOwnAdventure

    the fact that the headlight was more expensive than all the mechanical repairs

  • Gud shepherd
    Gud shepherd

    Really awesome!

  • DHK1 BSK9
    DHK1 BSK9

    for a 2015 that’s a really nice interior

  • WhosThis

    Oh yeah this car is sooooo ugly. And what a broke ass right?😂 lmao this guy how dares he call this ugly

  • Ahsan 824
    Ahsan 824

    Well it’s a German car it’s a Mercedes Benz of course the car is going to be awesome 🇩🇪💪🏽 Also to be honest that’s nothing you should see the new s class it’s amazing it’s like a privet jet and a luxurious house but as a car and also looks really cool and elegant

  • Mahasat Robert
    Mahasat Robert

    you say you pay 200k on a second hand car? yah shure why you lie to attract click bait.

  • Rz St
    Rz St

    Lol, a car americans could only dream of building.

  • Nick

    How do you get deals like this? This seems like a deal too good to be true.

  • Ron Beau
    Ron Beau

    Best Benz is the E class coupe. Its the C class chassis so lighter and lower than the E sedan They stuff the 550 motor in, 372 hp, You can pick up a nice one for $10K. with that nice E class interior. And you look like a South American dictator when you take it out

  • AkaPhantom

    Anyone else notice how huge Mercedes are compared to other cars

  • Lulucaca

    How th does he get does for so cheap ?

  • AlphaValiant

    It's a beautiful car

  • Unkown

    USA S-Clas owners: Bald,rich,old. Europe S-Class owners: Bald,Mafia,Old.

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    Linus Tech Tips level of segway! :D

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    What was the price? I missed it

  • CRACKENskulls101

    Homie needs to adjust the cables on his lift the safety's should clack together as one (source Dad installs and repairs mechanical lifts and I've installed a few)

  • Kiss My Memes
    Kiss My Memes

    "Im not rich." *Lambo in the back*

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan

    That interior... WOW.

  • RyansuBike

    I find the I paid X amount under retail argument to be an apples and oranges comparison. One is brand new, zero miles, under warranty, the other is 6 years old, out warranty with regular mileage. A better question is how much under blue book did you get it for? Love the content Freddy keep it coming.

  • Klaus K
    Klaus K

    At 18:20-ish... how does the driver check their passenger side mirror?

  • 317Kids&Cars

    Not even trying to compare because I can't, I love the s65amg, but my 2004 Lexus LS430UL that I paid 5k for has a lot of these options, but with half the horsepower and torque...just makes me feel good abt my old man's car!

  • Jacob L
    Jacob L

    Keep the wheels black sweetie E> maybe not the weird rattle-can walmart-parking-lot dark gray they are now, but black would be badass even if you remove the wrap (which, that i think you should do, posthaste) lol

  • Matthew Nicholas
    Matthew Nicholas

    How badly does the passenger seat block the drivers view out of that side in recline mode?

  • Shooter Sanoff
    Shooter Sanoff

    Why isn’t the car washed before this video

  • Shooter Sanoff
    Shooter Sanoff

    Ugh that luxury front end.. hated when they did that shit back then for all models

  • GabyKatut Plays
    GabyKatut Plays

    I drive that car, the V12 is sweat but damn son the ride is so bad, is to RIGID to be an S-CLASS, literally too much. Yes, the wheels were CHROME.

  • George Zaharia
    George Zaharia

    im sorry, but that is the best facelift mercedes ever did to their cars... the fk? every other model look like a dead people carriages funeral cars.

  • Kaitlyn Alexander
    Kaitlyn Alexander

    Ok.... I don’t want my bmw anymore.....

  • Harv Singh
    Harv Singh

    Subscribed for the awesome segway!

  • PowerZ 750
    PowerZ 750

    are they for real how did you sell 200k car in that condition forget the bad wrap look how much dirty is this car from outside to inside

  • Gidenkidenk

    I have 20" brand new amg s63 wheels for sale for this car ;)

  • Arnaud Thevenet
    Arnaud Thevenet

    Citroen C5 had a kind of fragrance dispenser. I don't know if it's still the case though

  • Deathignator

    Wow you are much younger than I thought...

  • IKhan

    The Keeps is important. I've noticed a little bit of hair thinning right at the front so I will look into it.

  • Dragos Alistar
    Dragos Alistar

    5:33 put BRABUS or Capristo on it! The sound is insane

  • Owais Khan
    Owais Khan

    So how much did you pick it up for!?

  • William Newman
    William Newman

    Dude, the steering wheel is on the wrong side

  • Adrian Vio
    Adrian Vio

    Did he say he paid $60k for it? I can’t find the part where he says it anymore. And 90k miles?

  • Christapher Simmons
    Christapher Simmons

    How many features were his "favorite feature"

  • Gabistro

    I find funny how tavarish is always tired. I identify with it.

  • woodworker Royer
    woodworker Royer

    That engine sounds like a wimpy Ford tractor from 1920... My Weed Eater sounded better than that!

  • Michael Dickens
    Michael Dickens

    Just wait until you have Sensor problems Or computer

  • Sedric gaming
    Sedric gaming

    How the fuck is that ugly that mat black and silver

  • HungryHUNGarian 007
    HungryHUNGarian 007

    This is what happens when a Leb tries to customize his car.

  • Jurica Restović
    Jurica Restović

    toje pravi mercedes ludilo daje bilo imat para i vozačku dozvolu aja neznam vozit niti imam para blonda

  • peter ellis
    peter ellis

    cops need a car like this

  • Speed is gain
    Speed is gain

    Great more power is always better yup

  • MEMeOp

    Remote for back seats Merlin.

  • 3xoticG4m3r

    Btw people who are interested in hair loss treatment, this ad wasnt a complete scam. Minoxidil works, so just search it and buy the best value product for your hair. Coffein doesnt work, only things like Minoxidil and Finasterid (but that second one could be inhibitoring your libido)

  • Michael Mader
    Michael Mader

    Nobody of your german viewers is caring about your personel fake bald advertisments.

    • XangshinxKenshin

      Rude much? Keeps is actually legit bro.

  • D Jassal
    D Jassal

    Tavarish has his fly open in the intro!!!

  • Qusay Abdo
    Qusay Abdo

    I have one of this car

  • Malte Hündling
    Malte Hündling

    It’s a Mercedes-AMG. Not a Mercedes-Benz. 😂

    • Vicky Martin
      Vicky Martin

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      Vicky Martin

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    • Malte Hündling
      Malte Hündling

      @bocoy noiu who called something ugly? 🙊

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      you don't have the right to call almost a mythical looking mercedes ugly lmao, it's like mixing coffee and ketchup, just does not add up

  • Mrt 80 Airsal
    Mrt 80 Airsal

    Dumb Video .. that mercy looks very nice..

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Freddie explaining things to the guy who owns a Euro Repair shop and worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of Mercedes. LOL

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    i was looking at a different browser tab whilst listening to Tavarish, but when i heard "quirks and features" i immediately got back, gave a thumbs up and wrote this comment.

  • Ammar Almasri
    Ammar Almasri

    I love the fact that you didn't even bother watching the damn thing 🤣


    An S65 AMG is the only car I would ever need,what a BEAST....

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Dude, cut that afro, you look ridiculous hiding that bald spot. Try a number 1 all around.

  • Chapps

    Those headlight tints, the wrap and the black wheels look awful. Need to un-chav it ASAP.

  • Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson

    Ay, Lake County represent. I’m actually from Leesburg, but Tavares is close enough...

  • Nick H
    Nick H

    Also the Gt BS has the highest HP engine

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      The servicing and running costs for this car would have me 'wretch every day' lol