I Bought A Fast And Furious Eclipse For $500 (And It's MUCH WORSE THAN YOU THINK)
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Today, I show you a project that I've wanted to build for a while - a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T, but unfortunately it's a project that will have to leave, for some very, very good reasons. Sorry, not sorry.
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  • Tavarish

    Head to keeps.com/tavarish to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video!

    • Taldren

      What is going on with the McLaren. Haven't had an update in 3 months and that was in picking a paint color. I don't even think we saw the car in that episode.

    • Bbearhug Thomas
      Bbearhug Thomas

      @pa1ncak3 Samcrac Segues are trash....

    • Phil Brotherton
      Phil Brotherton

      Not joking, but genuinely wanted to say that your hair looks noticeably fuller. Looks great, man!

    • hypedcardz

      When is the Porsche start up video coming?

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C

      We haven't seen the tt Gallardo in a while. How about an update? Maybe a driving video?

  • beezball

    Giving up on the lotus, too?

  • Nathan Vrubel
    Nathan Vrubel

    No one commented on CarTrek playing in the background?

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall

    All 12 gears is the most accurate part of the Car via the Movie 😂😂😂

  • sleek sumo
    sleek sumo

    Looks like a fun project to sink into. The engine shown in the movie is the Chrysler 420a Dohc that was also used in the neon and it was a front wheel drive just go find a cheap one with the cheap engine and your set.

    • sleek sumo
      sleek sumo

      Adding on hear you added that to the end of your video.

  • Cartoon Fish! Fun videos!
    Cartoon Fish! Fun videos!

    Is the English Lamborghini real or a stunt replica?

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann

    8:15 that was Active Aero back then :'DD give it good wobble it will be "adaptive" to the speed your driving :'DD

  • Tony C
    Tony C

    500 bucks in this market? Pics or it didn't happen

  • Jr Almendarez
    Jr Almendarez

    The car from the movie was an RS so it was NON turbo model from the factory

  • 13Dixiefried

    That car almost looks like the car that was used in the movie "SexDrive". Lol

  • Jacob Felix
    Jacob Felix

    For a car guy this dude seems like a bit of a pansy

  • Travis plays
    Travis plays

    Ugh "go home pizza boy"? It's "find another way home pizza boy" Get the fast and furious quotes right

  • NightOwl Games
    NightOwl Games

    if you pay cheap you pay twice so its not as cheap as you think.

  • Eveseptir

    Not gonna lie, I love the colour.

  • Johnathan Dozer
    Johnathan Dozer

    This guy is annoying af lol

  • Nets

    I´m not even a big car guy, but for some reason really enjoying your videos, so subscribed.

  • MotoGinji

    12:00 that's the most movie accurate shifter you can get, has the same amount of gears as the cars in the movies do.

  • VariablePenguin

    Imagine watching the first FF movie and wanting to make a replica of Brian's car. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ace5000wattz

    You should finish the car

  • Craig P
    Craig P

    "that was ballin" had me LOL!!!

  • FireAntzBlazing

    Plot Twist: This was really a Honda Civic Ex

  • Samster

    Just like Brian said “don’t worry about it cuh”. That thing is sick

  • 0LDY DeZaRk
    0LDY DeZaRk

    Lol not a bad deal for you with only 3500 into it and then flipping it for 6k 😂

  • 👼

    I thought that car blew up

  • Justy Trudeau
    Justy Trudeau

    Dont Forget that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's, and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec System Exhaust !

  • Eric G
    Eric G

    You never Had Your Car. Granny Shifting Third.....😎

  • Build & Drive
    Build & Drive

    Tavarish is the Doug Demuro of fast and furious basket cases 😂😂😂

  • Matt Cangie
    Matt Cangie

    @29:53 The scoop was functional when you deleted the sunroof and custom modified the headliner. It was meant for dry, track racing only(obviously).

  • Listerfeend

    Feels like someone should sell decent quality, movie accurate stuff for everything...


    why do all those body kits fall off

  • Dishaun Lee
    Dishaun Lee

    @tavarish we should exchange info, or you can let me get that car, I have what's needed to finish this for less than what you're going for

  • -*KGB*-

    audio clipping, microphone

  • KridieL

    bruh you really put the alternative iphone ringtone, i thought i was tripping

  • Savas Uzun
    Savas Uzun

    Whats with the jetta??

  • Auffq

    500 for a working car tho..


    Shoot, if THAT cost only $500, I'll buy. My 1989 Crown Victoria LX costed the same amount...

  • Head Over Hot Wheels
    Head Over Hot Wheels

    We got no engines do we ? Do we ... lol

  • Peter Schmidt
    Peter Schmidt


  • Dion Irizarry
    Dion Irizarry

    I want to see the progress

  • Larry Lara
    Larry Lara

    Considering how it is and for 500 is a deal compared to most of the eclipses I've gotten

  • La Inca Kola
    La Inca Kola

    That hair gotta go get a buzz cut

  • Gaz Peters
    Gaz Peters

    Better ask Harry over night parts from Japan

  • Gaz Peters
    Gaz Peters

    Why would you care if it cost you 500 💵 still a call car to keep just to look at

  • logan smith
    logan smith

    Get a donor car

  • Chevymonster203

    Only one problem if you watch in the movie when they open the hood when Dom is checking the car out you can see the eclipse was not the turbo 4g63 engine but the N/A version 2.4 liter. Whether or not they had turbo'd the 4g64 engine or not was hard to tell. I believe it may have been turbo'd but definitely did not have the 4g63 in the movie. Also was no where near a 10 second car, anyone that has ridden in a 10 second car knows that lol.

  • Lor Soulja
    Lor Soulja

    its still an Eclipse .... (2$ final offer ) !

  • Mad Creations
    Mad Creations

    The yellow "clutch" is actually a pressure plate lol

  • TheKaisarwilhelm

    But...you had an Eclipse with 12 gears. I love that rowing.

  • Bam The Petrol Head
    Bam The Petrol Head

    You will never find that on the UK so cheap 🤣🤣🤣

  • Haze〆

    already bought so much stuff mine as well just build it lol

  • Jeremy Baker
    Jeremy Baker

    Wanted to hear about the jetta

  • 2006jakebob

    Long video and enjoyed every minute of it!

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis

    The movie car had a 420A which is a GS, stock it’s non turbo FWD

  • Ben Gosling
    Ben Gosling

    Freddy needs to get himself a hazmat suit

  • POlar Paw
    POlar Paw

    I had 19" axis 7 mod rims, had chrome lip

  • i keep gettin banned
    i keep gettin banned

    glad those cars are in good hands

  • bumperxx1

    @t 44:37 note to self bring a wheel chalk next time

  • bumperxx1

    in the words of Niazes where are your papers to prove all these movie cars. or authentic papers

  • Barnyardcustoms Car Club
    Barnyardcustoms Car Club

    They said the filmed the movie in a warm shade so the colors of cars in movie aren’t technically the real color

  • LilCloudy :D
    LilCloudy :D

    The seats seams like it belongs to Audi TT

  • Anonymous

    Wow 😳

  • Anthony Tyler
    Anthony Tyler

    You promised these kids Krusty the clown and instead they got krusty the cheapskate

  • Joshua Giuliano
    Joshua Giuliano

    Lmao. Its a DSM.. Not JDM

  • Ken Anderson
    Ken Anderson

    Funny that this car is probably in better shape than 99% of the actual movie set cars. Those things were trashed so badly.

  • Norberto Torres
    Norberto Torres

    The shifter is the most accurate part from the movie

  • anonymous friend
    anonymous friend

    You had a squint car. Looks like the real car if you squint hard enough.

  • Stevie Obie
    Stevie Obie

    What? Only $500 that's insane!! 🤯

  • WildDigger

    Why on earth would you buy that $200 $50000 car? That is a disaster.

  • spo wyatt
    spo wyatt

    do more 'attainable' FF cars!!! not the exotics which are to me less obtainable and less interesting than a tuner car or jdm platform, PLEASE!!!!

  • a

    You don’t need an engine when the car is powered by family ❤️❤️

  • 879 gaming
    879 gaming

    Man can you believe that Paul walker actually sat in these cars

  • Stock Smart Indicators
    Stock Smart Indicators

    I see that vr4 i had a 97 vr4 among others and many dodge stealth rt tt...some cars we sell and some you just dont...a vr4 is a sleeper keeper

  • Diego Salgado
    Diego Salgado

    This guy talks to much just get to the point

  • Tim O' Callaghan
    Tim O' Callaghan

    checked 2710 hammond street on street view, disappointed not to find the racer's edge

  • Clay3613

    How old are you if you were working on cars in 2001?! WTF!

  • Clay3613

    Fast and Furious: Wish Edition.

  • DougGlendower

    My blind uncle says this car was totes legit.

  • DR SensuBean
    DR SensuBean

    I have only seen one exact recreation here in Florida and it was the show auto one some dude payed $76,000

  • Isaac Atkins
    Isaac Atkins

    I could smell that car from Australia

  • StuffJayDoes

    I'd rather take that and build it to be something else entirely. AWD swap, try and fit a 4B11 in it, and paint it satin metallic silver.

  • Black Lake Media
    Black Lake Media

    Help me do a rb26 or a 2jz swap on my 1992 300zx slick top :p

  • Kampf0r


  • BobGP1

    We love your segways and your hair

  • shizannon77

    I want that Jesse Jetta in the background!!

  • Ben McWhat?
    Ben McWhat?

    Such big gaps between uploads these days, what’s going on??


    Oh look it's just a Mitsubishi Eclipse. How boring 😴

  • domkon _sk
    domkon _sk

    OMG thats cool and where buy this cars without engines or others parts

  • Kurt Krohn
    Kurt Krohn

    Too bad… I’d enjoy seeing you overhaul it

  • Derek Norman
    Derek Norman

    those seats are out of an 04 VW Golf R32

  • Marc28031984

    So it has a 12 speed transmission like in the movie... very authentic. 😂✌🏼

  • Rising Star
    Rising Star

    those seats are from a 2007/08 hyundai tiburon

  • Scott Clayton
    Scott Clayton

    Not for nothing but I would more interested in seeing that car being restored then the Mclaren

  • montysport94

    Normally I’d say this is in terrible shape but this is pretty much what most DSMs on marketplace look like.

  • Bbearhug Thomas
    Bbearhug Thomas

    When you going to get a cabinet system like WatchJRGo to organize your garage?

  • Scorpion24

    27:23 3000 GT

  • Emp Jackson
    Emp Jackson

    Crank walk it's a 7 bolt you save your own life


    This ain't fast & furious it's slow & delirious

  • diegolol58

    My brother's has the grand National from the gas truck scene have pictures & proof it's the real deal Aldo got it appraised & all that

  • Loki Asgerd
    Loki Asgerd

    It's been 3 weeks you didn't upload how I spouse to sleep at night. Your videos are like grandma's stories that you can't sleep without it.

  • Victor Silva
    Victor Silva

    Here's a challenge for Tavarish Make a Mini Cooper reliable by swapping the engine with a Toyota or Honda Engine?🤔