Here's What My UGLY Mercedes S65 AMG Was HIDING Under Its NASTY Black Vinyl Wrap
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Today, I remove the nasty matte black vinyl wrap from my new daily drive, a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, and it's a little worse than I thought underneath. OK, maybe a lot worse.
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  • Tavarish

    Get 20% off + free shipping and two free gifts with code TAVARISH at

    • BamBam 71
      BamBam 71

      Hear me out dark purple wheels

    • Speed is gain
      Speed is gain

      Keep the rims black but more glossy

    • Thommy Thomas
      Thommy Thomas

      16:29 which music did you use. That music fits this video. Can you please link in description

    • Jim Beck
      Jim Beck


    • bigdaddy741098

      @Liten Fara 😅😂🤣🤣 This is a hilarious coincidence... I never read any of these comments, including yours. To start with I had no idea what you were talking about, then I read Your comment and understood. It really does sound like I was responding to you 🤣 Nah man, that's my thoughts to the question Tavarish asked. I was saying with the quality of the finish, even though I wouldn't choose black, it's close enough to the colour I would want. And he would have to really dislike them to justify the expense if he was going to do just that. But dislike is actually the same as saying it would have to really bother him, or stand out to him etc. It really isn't strong language at all even if I was responding to you. Not trying to be a douche, but it seemed like you thought I was being confrontational, which isn't really how that word is used imo. Anyway, have a good one mate 👍👊

  • Abdul Official
    Abdul Official

    I heard, once you go black, you never go white.

  • Juan Pagan
    Juan Pagan

    Si a panda ok 😂😂

  • Geoffrey Wheatley
    Geoffrey Wheatley

    I work for a sign Company I have lost count of the amount of cars I have stripped of the old vinyl, a good heat gun is essential but leaving it in the sun was a good idea we do that as well.

  • Tyler young
    Tyler young

    im high and for a moment i was confuse.......clicked on a car video and then.....random guy talk about man shaving balls.......glad aint tripping lmao

  • John Q Public
    John Q Public

    It looks like precisely the same vehicle in a different color. That's what it looks like. Mercedes are "sleepers" in that their boring ass aesthetics will put you to sleep.

  • Al Homfeld
    Al Homfeld

    She's beautiful in white

  • WildDigger

    For your broke headlight check out the LKQ recycling yard in Crystal River FL. They have the high end stuff.

  • star

    sticking fake chrome on an s class is straight up cringe

  • V.O-media

    The first song is:

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • Muscl3 N3rd
    Muscl3 N3rd

    This looks like a German taxi...this because probably it is

  • eric perez
    eric perez

    The cumbersome cloud respectively pour because signature logistically dam between a uneven fight. narrow, ajar battle

  • ThePoorConnoisseur

    Why did the badges come off so easily, as if they were painted on? Also, wouldn't a heat gun make life easier.

  • Truth

    What year is this?

  • Kids Study Now
    Kids Study Now

    Very nice car.....can I have your other mercedes please.....thank you in advance.

  • Lord Tez
    Lord Tez

    Change the wheel color.

  • matty d
    matty d

    You need a Dremel for those grills fella

  • vantsen nm
    vantsen nm

    front grill alone is max 500euros, wat you can get cheaper tho

  • SoundScientist1

    @1:41- an overpriced Mercedes Benz is "THE best practical daily driver" a motorist can buy? 😳😳😳😅😅😅 @8:27- No wonder that a previous owner tried to "wrap" the vehicle. The factory white-on-tan color combo is ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS for a "performance car." @9:16- I agree. Tinting headlights & rear brake light assemblies = STUUU-PIDDD.

  • G&N

    no offence rims UGLY

  • marsalismcdonald

    Looked so much better without the tint

  • Bigskydude

    Wraps are such garbage...😏

  • Perry Schaeffer
    Perry Schaeffer

    Well.You obviously have poor taste

  • David Whitfield
    David Whitfield

    See to me it looked better wrapped that color white makes it look like a granny car when it isn't.

  • CNC 81
    CNC 81

    You should go with red or yellow wheels

  • Mr. Godspeed
    Mr. Godspeed

    Looks better now in white ❤️

  • Emilis Vilimas
    Emilis Vilimas

    Song at 17:15?

  • kendrick bryant
    kendrick bryant

    Who wraps a diamond white S Class!!! A 65 at that!!! Diamond white is one of the most expensive oem paint jobs

  • Joker On Acid
    Joker On Acid

    If you want a good daily driver look what german taxis are driving and voila trust me its gonna be a good daily car ;)

  • Christopher Fiore
    Christopher Fiore

    Jesus. The dude putting that crap matt over that white is just an ass.

  • Christopher Fiore
    Christopher Fiore

    Rocking the segway from the lipstick and rouge of a car to the wares of manscape with an open fly... Genius. 😁

  • Spaken

    25:54 it's clearly Mickey Mouse

  • Barry Schalkwijk
    Barry Schalkwijk

    that steering wheel is amazing, but it would look even better if you had white stitching in the seats.

  • Phredxter Tequila
    Phredxter Tequila

    I really wish i could work there with u though i have no clue how cars work. I just love them

  • AttonTheLightbringer

    "This is the best daily driver"... eh... if you are rich that might be true, yes. Because 3000$ or even 1500$ for a new frontlight? That's expensive... And it burns through 11L/100km of petrol. That is also not cheap. And insurance? I mean, here in germany it'd probably be around 1500€ per year just for that. But yeah, it might be a good daily driver, I can see that.

  • Ryan DaSilva
    Ryan DaSilva

    I spy some P&S Bead Maker 🙌

  • Mike Crew
    Mike Crew

    Get light crome wheels. The ones on it you can't see.

  • NauRioXx

    It generally looks awesome, but I would have left the headlights tinted. :)

  • Thattt Michigankiid
    Thattt Michigankiid

    Will you buy me a car?

  • Index

    Black wheels suck. Do nothing for car. Just dark wheel wells.

  • José Armando Guerrero Chairez
    José Armando Guerrero Chairez

    How do you buy used these crazy luxury cars?

  • Michael Yormark
    Michael Yormark

    For the chrome grill, if it's real chrome covered by paint. an easy fix might be soaking it in water with citric acid for an hour then spraying it off. I use citric acid for removing rust and paint, not sure how it would react with chrome but I expect it would work the same and save you A LOT of time.

  • Cor C
    Cor C

    Haha love the Samcrac joke

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    Watching this makes my fingers hurt

  • Templeton Peck
    Templeton Peck

    As someone who has removed loads of decals from vehicles in a bodyshop, definitely use light heat from a heat gun set at 1. Move the gun closer and further away as the vinyl becomes more stringy. You can use the heat gun as a way to soften the glue ensuring that you don't over apply heat and have the vinyl stretch and snap.

  • Lauren Michaud
    Lauren Michaud

    I'm sorry what?? Not a fan of matte Black? What?!!!!?

  • Tom Hubbard
    Tom Hubbard

    White Mercedes = drug dealer 😂

  • Frederik Figlarz
    Frederik Figlarz

    No black wheels!!! 🥺

  • Flying Elephant
    Flying Elephant

    Please Change the colour of the wheels..

  • Anton Byström
    Anton Byström

    I've heard that hot water helps with removing wrap

  • BIM Adam
    BIM Adam

    When u bought the right Mercedes but u wanted white instead of black lemme peel off this wrap

  • blamthekaboom

    if i was a drug dealer i would wrap my car and steal license plates for said cars

  • Mohammed Almuraihel
    Mohammed Almuraihel

    When he said about the hood “this isn’t soft close, is it !” 😂😂😂😂 He’s still mad you talked about the ISF😂

  • Daniel Costello
    Daniel Costello

    Somebody paid money to fuck up their car. And, even worse, they didn't think the restore it before selling or trading it in. When you get a vehicle appraisal done, it is NOT A BONUS to have aftermarket modifications. There is a reason these are listed along with "hail damage?", "warning lights?", "unrepaired body panels?", "mismatched tires?". It's because after market modifications only de-value the car. For heavens sake, keep your factory take-offs and lights and reinstall them when you go to trade in. And take off stupid shit like a wrap. Maybe that is why I don't lose a ton of money when I sell or trade-in. When a dealership buys your Ford F-150 Lariat, they want a Ford F-150 Lariat. Not a Ford F-150 mostly Lariat with wonky wheels, grill, headlights, dash trim kit, etc.

  • Roy N.
    Roy N.

    Jared's lost his mind!!😂😂 Awesome way to start a vid

  • señor

    The guy who did this should be in jail!

  • draconpost

    Guh, it looks like a toilet with the chrome flush switches.

  • Vripex [FreeDesigner]
    Vripex [FreeDesigner]

    these wheels are fire

  • Chris Perkins
    Chris Perkins

    I'm a little disappointed you didn't leave it as a "cop car" motif by removing only the front and the back wrap for a bit.

  • Skelturoth

    hm.. in europe, the mercedes emblem in that form is banned due to safety reasons. didn't know that it's different for the US market!

  • Joel Batchelor
    Joel Batchelor

    How much did he buy the car for??

  • Monolize

    german taxis are more "yellowish" :D

  • S V
    S V

    27:28 Poor Jared!

  • Sad Vibes Forever
    Sad Vibes Forever

    godzilla chicken for 10$? that's a steal.

    • poop

      godzilla chicken? wtf is that

  • debovsky123

    Song at 5:50?

  • Horny Ducks
    Horny Ducks

    Don't know why you didn't put a layer of tape on that grill piece and just fill the holes with that solvent

  • Arron Lunn
    Arron Lunn

    All chrome looks tacky. It just looks horrible. Unchrome everything

  • Joliie

    Red Rims.

  • Rama Nrusimhadevara
    Rama Nrusimhadevara

    @Tavarish there’s a company in Naples Florida sells OEM headlight lenses and headlights for many cars. Check out Devine Concepts they can also do a lot of other work if you want.

  • Rama Nrusimhadevara
    Rama Nrusimhadevara

    To get rid of the glue residue, try Optimum Power Clean. It’s an automotive degreasing soap that works amazingly on glue, residue, bugs, everything. Some detainees in your area may be authorized OptiCoat installers and may be able to detail the exterior for you!

  • LednacekZ

    You are not a fan of black cars, mat black cars and dirty mat black cars, so why you buy one?

  • Constantine Joseph
    Constantine Joseph

    Let me guess? This car's warranty has been voided?

  • T.P. BROWN
    T.P. BROWN

    car is miles better w/ no wrap

  • T.P. BROWN
    T.P. BROWN

    lmao 2:21

  • Samuel Cabodi
    Samuel Cabodi

    I really like the dark wheels, and I'm usually not a fan of those at all. This AMG model is much more tamed visually than the others, and I think this brings in just enough muscle to beef up its look. But they are *really* dark though. Maybe a shade lighter? Anthracite?

  • MrX MrY
    MrX MrY

    the first things i'd do to a new car are - get a dashcam installed, preferably a 2-camera system (one front, one rear) - get paint protection film applied. i don't fancy chips, cracks and scratches. if the car was blue, i'd go for gold rims.

  • Kornel C
    Kornel C

    "I am starting to take care of myself" - at least take a haircut bro lol

  • phillip gordon
    phillip gordon

    black wheels no

  • andres romero
    andres romero

    My theory: previous owner had the classic moving column in an underground parking while parking in one of the following conditions; either pretty tired after long day at work or with 2 more cup of wines than allowed

  • DanyeEast

    Taking care, how about u start with a decent hair cut? Man

  • John Lynn
    John Lynn

    Definitely like the black wheels

  • joe stryke
    joe stryke

    What about that f&f eclipse ???

  • Frederick Smith
    Frederick Smith

    Wow, the car looks so much better. I am not a fan of tinting cars, except for the windows since I live in Florida.

  • pienzelchen

    Oh! There is a car hidden under the crappy foil. Who could have guessed that? And come on. Fake carbon is most ugly.

  • cetterus

    Not "panda". It's a skunk!

  • Zulfi Parker
    Zulfi Parker

    Hot Sun... really 🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Betancourt
    Gabriel Betancourt

    My opinion back was better

  • Oonagh72

    I think the cop saw your skin tone and that is why you got stopped.

  • P51 Sleeper
    P51 Sleeper

    Great car but it could be BROWN

  • Kim Leach
    Kim Leach

    Do wanna wanna go to talk about the Box

  • Tonza11

    Use boiling water to loosen up that vinyl, works really well :)

  • Matthew Nicholas
    Matthew Nicholas

    Whoever made the decision to do that to a premium vehicle needs to be banged up.

  • Shrink1061

    Breaks my heart... a ton of shitty plastic that will be cast out into the world, and for what, so some guy could have a shitty looking merc! Good on you for taking it off, just wish it had never been added in the first place!

  • Tabias Johnstan
    Tabias Johnstan

    Beverly hills cop 2 just saying you gotta watch it bro

  • LowImpedance1

    Tavarish keep the dark wheels, J is right it off sets the chrome and white, and will work with the old black roof.

  • Jacob L
    Jacob L

    Satisfying to peel off? How about satisfying to watch someone else peel off in fast forward. My word

  • Tibanu

    not ugly to me!

  • Asik Banget
    Asik Banget

    I bet the previous owner who wrapped it was an asian

  • ivan

    Chrome wheels for that car because ther is a lot of Chrome on it