Here's How Much $$$ Our Cheap Rolls-Royce, Maserati, And Audi S8 Are ACTUALLY Worth
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On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged the guys to get their cars appraised for the highest price possible, which was a little more difficult than it seemed. Ed's Maserati Quattroporte was suffering from a bad case of tree-in-grille disease, Tyler's Audi S8 was permanently stanced, and Freddy's Rolls-Royce was patient zero with a steering wheel. It would take a miracle for them to get their cars appraised. Thankfully, it was Christmas.

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  • Paul Shaffer
    Paul Shaffer

    I've legit died laughing through this. Yall are great.

  • Scott

    Freddie did Tyler amazingly!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tom DiCosola
    Tom DiCosola


  • Mac Nachten
    Mac Nachten

    The Rolls was crap from the start and the Maserati was...was...a nice car, but its a real shame what happened to the Audi

  • meddner

    Poor S8... Destroying a great car for nothing.

  • William Martin
    William Martin

    The poor v 10. It sounded so 🥵🔥

  • The Curious Noob
    The Curious Noob

    Welcome to South Texas soil where you can't dig without power tools or 90 days of your life

  • The Curious Noob
    The Curious Noob

    I want a pure EV Miata. 0-60 in 4 seconds, 200 miles of range, 2300lbs, all the weight is the batteries in the floor.

  • The Curious Noob
    The Curious Noob

    Shout out to the camera crew! They're the true stars of any series!

  • The Curious Noob
    The Curious Noob

    Real humans sleep naked. So comfy!

  • BL000OOO000D

    s8 is really fun tbh

  • Fordguy1997

    Hoovie impression was hilarious, especially the Wizard part. That was spot on

  • Sandro W140
    Sandro W140

    this guy is worst parts dealer

  • Mario D. Zmaj
    Mario D. Zmaj

    Can we have an episode with classic american muscle cars and show merica a little bit?

  • Joshua Cook
    Joshua Cook

    SVname gold with your Hoovie impression made the whole series LOL great job with that

  • Frankie Gonzales
    Frankie Gonzales

    This must be rich people comedy...

  • gatoLOCO - play lose laugh win
    gatoLOCO - play lose laugh win

    Not funny what anyone did to that poor S8. Starting with that idiot who crashed it and ripped it apart whilst "looking for value" - and that pulling it out was absolutely unnecessarily violent :(

  • 4CarG

    Greatest impression ever.... I can't breathe. I can't stop laughing. Tyler is so f****ing funny and Tavarish just proved it!!!! Please keep this going....



  • kynan latto
    kynan latto

    i would buy the Maserati it looks quite cool

  • James Sabins
    James Sabins

    American top gear but it actually works lol

  • Adam Posey
    Adam Posey

    Came back to see Jarrod as wizard...

  • Erik Hefflefinger
    Erik Hefflefinger

    Freddie definitely got some sort of disease from licking that seat. 🤣

  • anthony hernandez
    anthony hernandez


  • csakben99

    The crew member who unstuck the s8 did it the whistlindiesel way.

  • matthew williams
    matthew williams

    I like the Audi the most

  • Mathieu Falardeau
    Mathieu Falardeau

    His exhaust is now an innie instead of an Audi lol

  • CrunchyDogs

    That weezard impression had me actually crying from laughter!

  • Daniel Kovalenko
    Daniel Kovalenko

    Get in the car we stuck, Yeah that was not intentional. I hate when people acting like total idiots.

  • Craig Fordham
    Craig Fordham

    Classic Hoovie impression.......I’m still pissing myself laughing..... 😂😂😂😂😂 @tavarish

  • BibbityBop

    The impression of Hoovie is Oscar worthy

  • Anthony Schroeder
    Anthony Schroeder

    I love how Mona would probably have been profitable before the crash.

  • redbull 85
    redbull 85

    The more you know. The less you care😂😂😂😂

  • Callan Glennon
    Callan Glennon

    Ed’s pants when he walked away from the estimates!!!! Lmao!!🙅

  • ThatCarGuy 17
    ThatCarGuy 17

    1:04 oh no…

    • Tomoharu Kaneko
      Tomoharu Kaneko


  • Chris Groom
    Chris Groom

    Pity you are trying to be a US Top Gear.....maybe try and find your own unique style.

  • Alan Aliyev
    Alan Aliyev

    I owned an old S.Spirit.....ITS VERY RELIABLE in normal use

  • ##AlbanianKing

    “My daddy doug”😂that skit was so on point

  • ##AlbanianKing

    Please tell me hoovie caught that audi stuck on purpose the 3rd time😭 theres no way

  • ##AlbanianKing

    They talk so much shit about these cars i could never afford😅😅😂😂


    this show is basically about wrecking cars?

  • RaZerExlipse


  • Anetere'a


  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown

    Mobile is one of the biggest understatements I have ever heard.

  • Bruce Goldy
    Bruce Goldy

    That rolls almost gave Freddy rona

  • The Kris
    The Kris

    “The more you know the less you care.“ I almost spilled my hot beverage when I read that. 😂

  • Joshua Mcclure
    Joshua Mcclure

    Is someone gonna tell them that’s not frosty lol that’s Sam the snowman lol

  • Ian Montgomery
    Ian Montgomery

    How much does a Spirit of Ecstasy cost in the US?

  • Greg Hatch
    Greg Hatch

    Worst season of car trek. 3 friends goofing around with cool old cars is great fun. 3 jackasses purposefully destroying them isn’t.

  • Budget Audio
    Budget Audio

    wish Tavarish would take the Audi and fix it

  • Curtis Wilson
    Curtis Wilson

    Tavarish is the best Hoovie impersonator ever.... I am actually scared that he was possessed by Hoovie when licking that seat.

  • Jim Mullenax
    Jim Mullenax

    How long until Amazon or netflix pick these boys up for the grand tour meets top gear?

  • Sir Loin
    Sir Loin

    Fredwards video was best!

  • Sydney West
    Sydney West

    all the psa was the best

  • Bashar AlNasser
    Bashar AlNasser

    This.....has got to be one of the best, most entertaining episode in this whole brilliant series. Absolutely on par with the best from the "trio" from TG and later GT.

  • Scott Savage
    Scott Savage

    ///HAMMER TIME///😎👍

  • Cam Cam
    Cam Cam

    Yall have molested the best platform for money Audi ever sold. My heart is breaking watching you absolutely destroy my favorite car. Please tell me where this car is and I must own this car. Sincerely your most hated fan...... for at the moment.

  • RS2KR

    Wow that Hoovie impression was so accurate. Uncanny.

  • Aashish Dhawan
    Aashish Dhawan

    I laughed so hard when you tried to sell the rolls to john xD Patina look, amazing leather that you would get a weird disease from ROFL

  • Kenneth Beyer
    Kenneth Beyer

    These 3 should be the American Top Gear. so much better and funnier than previous casts.

  • - Barracuda -
    - Barracuda -

    Ed it's stupid as f uck

  • PURP __x
    PURP __x

    best one of the series yet, i love this please do more

  • SoulFly

    a lambo v10 for 2,500? im surprised ed didnt just buy it. he will need it eventually.

  • Daniel Frankowski
    Daniel Frankowski

    As an Audi owner I feel offended.

  • Possible Games
    Possible Games

    This series is too good.

  • Krazee2XXL

    Haha, at first the impression and then the intervention. Very well done guys. Funny as hell.

  • Winston AllThingsElectrical
    Winston AllThingsElectrical

    Tavarish I hope they give you medical insurance for being on this show... because I KNOW you just caught something in that car

  • Justin Beck
    Justin Beck

    Tavarish had all the symptoms of covid, but tested negative. After seeing this rolls, I can see why he was so sick, and how he got that way.

  • John smith
    John smith

    Good way to piss in someone's cheerios that is walking to work

  • Alex McKinney
    Alex McKinney

    Definitely agree with the comment below. Freddy doing the Hoovie skit was incredibly funny 😂😂😂

  • Samed Heydarov
    Samed Heydarov

    The Hoovie impression is genius😂😂😂 “Behhooold”

  • TheLegendaryt2

    Dang, what they did to that S8... 😭😭😭

  • Car Culture Nation
    Car Culture Nation

    The public service announcement is so funny and true at the same time!! I love they point out how bad these cars really are!!!

  • Randy Demers
    Randy Demers

    I would pay for a car trek / grand tour show a cross the world grand trek

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    It would help if the title said what episode THIS is :P

  • Harv72b

    "Special Thanks Epoxy" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Harv72b

    "From you, dad! I learned it by watching you, okay????"

  • Richard Searfoss
    Richard Searfoss

    Lol Ed is a legendary Salesperson

  • Sahnee_Bjarne


  • Zach T
    Zach T

    The Audi PS reminds me of Carcaine problems

  • Caleb уэллетт
    Caleb уэллетт

    hahaha this is awesome

  • Nylafay Ford
    Nylafay Ford

    *When he licks the interior* 🥴🤢 “nooooo!!!” *When he licks it again* “nooooo!! Not again! 😷🥴🤒

  • Apgarage

    I want the s8 engine for my bmw project lol

  • Ken Egilsson
    Ken Egilsson

    The best homemade top gear ever!!!

  • Chinmoy J. Das
    Chinmoy J. Das

    Y’all destroy good cars man,you are not enthusiastic at all. Sad to see ruining this beauties

  • FOertel

    What a weird day... to watdh a video and realise: Not everyone can do Hoovies Job O_o :D

  • Stöpfel W
    Stöpfel W

    I feel sorry for the Audi tho , it’s a little too much crashing on purpose from Tyler 😕😅

  • Travis E
    Travis E

    This felt like an awful lot of trying too hard... Then a pretty good impression of hoovie-voice and wizard.

  • CTeves97

    24:46 greatest laugh ever 😂😂😂

  • Glitch Machine
    Glitch Machine

    Poor Maserati! Destroyed...

  • Luke Sohan
    Luke Sohan

    Was egging the car supposed to be entertaining?

  • Emanuel Ceccarini
    Emanuel Ceccarini

    Totally worth watching for the Tyler and Wizard impressions, that's GOLD!

  • sl0wbutfun

    the Audi is now static

  • Carl B
    Carl B

    The Hoovie impression was freaking awesome Tavarish.

  • Casper Madsen
    Casper Madsen

    Tyler, might be the worst driver ever, to host on a car show. Damn, that's next level bad.

  • Martin O
    Martin O

    As a current Q7 and former A4 Avant owner, I'm just sorry. I can't stop. I don't know what to do. I've tried rehab, it didn't stick....

  • Jonathan Peters
    Jonathan Peters

    Paid for by a partnership for an audi free america

  • Bjorn Fleur
    Bjorn Fleur

    The end genius 🙈✌️👌

  • Sarat C
    Sarat C


  • John Bruce
    John Bruce

    Freddie, your impersonation of Tyler was EPIC! Omg man, you nailed it! hahahahahahahaha!!!