Here's How BROKEN Our Unreliable Luxury Cars Actually Are (SPOILER ALERT: VERY BROKEN)
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On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged the guys to find out how broken their cars actually are, but there's a twist this time. Ed's Maserati, named "Mona," stole his heart but may still have eyes for his bank account. Tyler's Audi S8 has the Quattro pedigree, but it's far from a track-prepped race car. Freddy's Rolls-Royce is as solid as a tank but leaks like a submarine with a screen door. This is going to get a little sketchy.

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  • VINwiki

    I couldn’t let Freddy have a better jump than me. I needed more air time!

    • ##AlbanianKing

      how funny would it be if tavarish replied to this comment with “U a bitch”

    • Garrett Mitchell
      Garrett Mitchell

      With great airtime comes great error time

    • skmetal7

      You're lucky you didn't wrap it around a tree you fucking dumbass!



    • Cassandra Browne-Schneider
      Cassandra Browne-Schneider


  • Alan Laryon
    Alan Laryon

    no doubt u guys are special, my favorite 3 dudes on the world hahaa

  • johnkimx83

    I do not own a car, have no plans on buying a car, and know next to nothing about cars. But I love listening to the mechanic speak.

  • Mac Nachten
    Mac Nachten

    Just so Auto Tempest knows, I've used their site to find and purchase two vehicles to date. Its a great place to find what you're looking, now I'm searching for that "just right" first luxury car.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall

    The Ace Ventura Refrence 👍😂

  • Big Dave Bishop
    Big Dave Bishop

    Omg I was in tears when you turned that corner in the RR

  • Eddie MacK
    Eddie MacK

    I can never get a read on the car wizard, it's almost like he's a robot

  • Drew Jackson
    Drew Jackson

    Hating hunting trophies is for Prius owners.

  • Craig Major
    Craig Major

    Love the Evil Dead scene

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • robert dutcher
    robert dutcher

    Not a car guys but love this series. Very entertaining! Great job guys.

  • Dorasz

    A Trabant, the last thing that I expected to see there. :D

  • antoine mortier
    antoine mortier

    I love this Car Trek serie, you 3 guys are really great, each in your own way. And let's not forget the Wizard of course :) Fuck TV this is the shit!

  • The Curious Noob
    The Curious Noob

    I can't believe a car as expensive as an S8 didn't come with a full size spare with matching wheel.

  • The Curious Noob
    The Curious Noob

    Tyler straight up pelvic thrust presents in his car

  • kalm dwn
    kalm dwn

    ah found my flat head screwdriver!

  • Jacob Kuhlemeier
    Jacob Kuhlemeier

    i had the biggest smile in my face when they walked into the aging wheels garage

  • Diana Maravilla
    Diana Maravilla

    The damaged fox cytopathologically accept because rule metrically shave to a second-hand knot. psychedelic, onerous tablecloth

  • Diana Maravilla
    Diana Maravilla

    The motionless library parenthetically surround because crush ultimately tug into a prickly british. slippery, astonishing grenade

  • Eric Bonneville
    Eric Bonneville

    Complete knock off of TG. Lame.

  • BaelHellfire

    This actually is an amazing show... They did TopGear better than TopGear is doing it.

  • sage11x

    This show was already a youtube top gear, but the reliant robin bit... getting misty over here.

  • maxman1602

    "I can't drive 55. The fastest I can go is 38."

  • A J Thomas
    A J Thomas

    Brilliant - you can write BOLLOCKS on a car in America and no-one else will know what it means

  • Tyvek Homewrap
    Tyvek Homewrap

    Not gonna lie, I'm moderately annoyed that Ed sent the Maserati into a tree

  • Tyvek Homewrap
    Tyvek Homewrap

    Oh, the irony of a blue line flag on a cannonball jacket

  • Buck

    A good Ace Ventura in the beginning

  • Sophia Evans
    Sophia Evans

    That Robin has the best plate on it 🤣🤣🤣

  • John Stana
    John Stana

    100% Cringe.. Gold Grand Tour this peace of s*it

  • Andrew Reil
    Andrew Reil

    Ed is Clarkson.

  • gary mcmahon
    gary mcmahon

    Who in their right mind picks an Audi as an unreliable luxury car? They are one of the most reliable brands anywhere, its a German car, not Italian lol

  • yanglue611

    I just love how they pull a Pet detective reference (Jim Carey)

  • Renato Lopes
    Renato Lopes

    What if the Maserati miles were in Km and on the machine he actually saw 122 000Km which is 76 000 miles??? (30:26)

  • Joshua Newton-Key
    Joshua Newton-Key

    "Infamous audi burning oil smell" You mean "hyper efficient lubricant waste management system"

  • Danie11o

    Great Ace Ventura 2 reference!!! Loved it!!!

  • Joe

    Poor Freddie got such a raw deal in this series

  • Joe

    For the presents they should have measured the overall cubic feet of presents they were able to fit in since they were all sized so crazy!

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    A very rare Ace Ventura 2 reference!! Sweet

  • Sam Steele
    Sam Steele

    I've been in a reliant robin. God damn death trap.

  • Jason Brusse
    Jason Brusse

    tyler played soo much mario as a kid. ;)

  • Hrvoje Grgić
    Hrvoje Grgić

    So... Freddy dies, Ed goes to prison and Tyler wins again. Fair enough.

  • Ross Houlihan
    Ross Houlihan

    Shit car

  • Tim Mosso's N95 Mask
    Tim Mosso's N95 Mask

    I wonder what this series would be like if three English blokes tried it.

  • doctoramg

    FEDERAL CRIME hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

  • No3d

    this mechanic gets on my nerves tho ..

  • Robert Ford
    Robert Ford

    WOOOOOOW. You damn near killed the camera guy when you tried to improve your rallye stage performance.

  • Shelby Lohrman
    Shelby Lohrman

    You guys are awesome

  • Muhamad Fadzly Shaharani
    Muhamad Fadzly Shaharani

    We all know who's weego it is. Its the only person that get a coda and 2 prototype coda as a spares. I watch his yt when he start smashing the poor lancer.

  • Dalton Maughan
    Dalton Maughan

    I love that reference right of the bat!

  • Emotional Content Media Unltd.
    Emotional Content Media Unltd.

    Way to cover that felony!! ooops that was a mistake wasnt it. Bang. All better.

  • Miravus

    Why on earth do you make a car show political?? FFS, I watch this to chill, not to see a close shot of a blue lives matter flag. If you wanna talk about politics, fine, but wtf is this virtue signalling political BS? Is it so much to ask for a youtube show about silly antics with fun old cars not to ham-fistedly insert their politics into it? I guess so.

  • Herja

    Love the ace ventura reference. When nature calls is one of my favorite dumb guilty pleasure movies.

  • Ethan Schafer
    Ethan Schafer

    Eds one liners are in matched

  • Luca Casler-Bustamante
    Luca Casler-Bustamante

    The s8 isn't unreliable, the main problem is that the v10 is stuffed into the engine bay so every repair and service requires an engine out and is really expensive

  • Lucas Castro
    Lucas Castro

    Fred always wants to know more than the mechanic it’s so annoying.

  • phantommaggotxxx

    LuL Ace Ventura, FTW!

  • Harry Ao
    Harry Ao

    Tavarish roll royce might be unreliable but I feel like it's more of a age gap between the other two cars more than the brand itself in this comparison.

  • redbull 85
    redbull 85

    Yall are fuckin hilarious

  • Ian Allen
    Ian Allen

    why on earth can he not say the issues with the cars

  • MrHeyfuckoff

    The Ace Ventura reference killed me

  • George Pomonis
    George Pomonis

    Tonnes of reliant Robins were sold reliant went bankrupt when this generation ended as the people that bought reliants weren't there anymore

  • Bill In The Box
    Bill In The Box

    In terms of design, the Maserati is an early 00's Buick LeSabre with some grated parmesan and chiffonade basil dusted on top. From the front and sides, when you think about it, it's pretty accurate.

  • DarthHideous

    Ed has his shrewd negotiation skills for Freddy getting him the nicest car in the competition.

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon

    Thanks guys Great show even though its 5 months later

  • foxpon105

    That Maserati is actually a really nice car for that price + repairs! Edit: Nevermind..... RIPserati.

  • Max S.
    Max S.

    24:00 Glass house, throwing stones.

  • Neithan02

    Really, trying to do top gear gags like the Robin.....

  • HPA_Sniper

    Reliant robin classic car right there you need to put a couple of paving slabs in the rear you can then make them wheelie

  • Sid Baher
    Sid Baher

    This show is actually pretty great. You each gotta pretty awesome personality that makes this interesting to watch. Not gonna lie though, I was so devastated watching that Maserati go through that beating. Also nice seeing the car wizard ;)

  • D33p Six
    D33p Six

    Your flag on your collar is backwards.

  • 65435364e

    What a massive waste of time, a true example of style over substance, without style

  • iSamYT Backup
    iSamYT Backup

    29:48 a trabant the middle car

  • iSamYT Backup
    iSamYT Backup

    reliant robin they see me rollin

  • Pócsi Kristof
    Pócsi Kristof

    10:46 OMG 😳😯

  • Feeding Ravens
    Feeding Ravens

    "This car needs just 2,800 dollars to bring it into full running order" - "Great, let's destroy it."

    • Feeding Ravens
      Feeding Ravens

      @rib bit Mr. Wizard just bought the Ferrari 308 from Tavarish - almost as if he wants to save it from the same fate.

  • ludger will gaster
    ludger will gaster

    You need do meeting show with grand tour crew...

  • Clock End Farm
    Clock End Farm

    New to the channel. "The Spork" absolutely killed me, and so did the turkeys. Hilarious!

  • Lukas Novikas
    Lukas Novikas

    3 dudes doing challenges... Just like Old Top Gear

  • Adi Tripathi
    Adi Tripathi


  • Anthony Fennell
    Anthony Fennell

    Watching them drive like that in a 3 wheeled car had my butt clenched the whole time and I wasn't even in it

  • limbichostwax

    Funny but the raito of add cancer to show is getting bad.

  • Gregory Nash
    Gregory Nash

    Where do I get the fra-gee-lay sweater?

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson

    the ace ventura reference was spot on! I love it

  • Michael Reed X
    Michael Reed X

    36:41 when you nearly kill the camera guy.

  • SBRonin

    Reliant robin and Oliver in that shop?

  • _BonezGuevara_


  • rpavlik1

    Robert (Aging Wheels) should definitely have made an appearance. I mean, presumably he got the hot rod Yugo as part of the deal, but still.

  • Vahid Garazhian
    Vahid Garazhian

    I miss jeremy clarkson

  • soldierguy2

    Genuinely curious to know if it’s ok for wizard to taste the car fluids like that. I’m guessing not lol

  • Volo

    Is this Robert Dunn 's garage from Aging Wheels? I mean who'd else have a Wheego, Smart and a Trabby in the same place??!

  • HARION12c

    Not only do their roasts destroy people they throw the dead body parts into a bag, burn the bag in an oven and bake a cake out of the ashes.

  • Gábor Gyöngyösi
    Gábor Gyöngyösi

    Wow a trabant from hungary

  • superspedboy007

    Disliked bc you didn't even mention aging wheels. You used his shop, just a 10 second shout out would have been great. Shame on you guys, even beat the piss out of his robin without a shout out.....

  • orion1310

    Hoovie looks like Beaker from the muppets

  • Joshua Risker
    Joshua Risker

    I love yalls series i been binge watching them all...please keep making more yall make youtube worth watching

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B

    maserati jump and crash staged as fuck bruh

  • HellsFire FreedomTube
    HellsFire FreedomTube

    Nice Ace Ventura reference

  • Metalhead of Norway
    Metalhead of Norway

    Rolls-Royce is the best looking one

  • Neo Csatornája
    Neo Csatornája

    I hope i can get a quatro 😍 I love german cars

  • Alex Minecraft
    Alex Minecraft

    A-G-I-N-G W-H-E-E-L-S