Fixing Everything Wrong With My FAKE Bugatti Veyron (Was A TOTAL DISASTER)
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Today, I fully restore my Bugatti Veyron replica. OK, maybe not *fully restore*, more like get it running, which shouldn't be hard because it's based on the most reliable car int he world, a 1992 Honda Civic. Good thing it's super modified with a ton of sketchy parts. Stradman ain't got nothing on this!
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  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • Jack Meoff
    Jack Meoff

    Not on.y not at a.l a Bugatti but also ruined a honda

  • FURY

    There’s literally spiders just chillin

  • Ziggy Zee
    Ziggy Zee

    It was funny watching you guys drive a manual car with a gear stick 🤣

  • WildDigger


  • We The People
    We The People

    That car look like a Bugatti after taking a big crap.

  • Stephen Woods
    Stephen Woods

    Too much talking in these videos

    • Stephen Woods
      Stephen Woods

      This is shit

  • Jerich Morey
    Jerich Morey

    that one brake light lol

  • Fuquan Tiegermann
    Fuquan Tiegermann

    "Coolentn't" made me chuckle. Got the Pimp My Ride Van Video in my Recommendations, have no wonder why, but so far no regrets.

  • Teppee

    thats what you call a FENDER FLARE

  • ScMadness843

    seeing a screw get put into fiber glass is prob the most painful thing to watch.

  • DreadInNY


  • Kamil Polok
    Kamil Polok

    of course its a honda

  • crazy bot
    crazy bot

    its a Bugatti cvic

  • reezlaw

    I was gonna say please put the spacers back on but then I saw the next episode preview

  • John Tousseau
    John Tousseau

    I lost it when Jared started drilling though the hood. lol

  • Elite Club
    Elite Club

    4:04 Coolain't

  • redneck 6977
    redneck 6977

    I mean if you squint and like at it from a quarter mile away or looks good

  • rawednylme

    Would be nice to see all the bodywork ripped off and burned in the fires of hell.


    Only way to fix everything wrong with a fugazi bugatti is to set it on fire.

  • T-Mass

    this car= girls on instagram vs real life

  • Trevor Ferris
    Trevor Ferris

    It looks like a obese lotus Elise..... 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Usman Haider
    Usman Haider

    Tbh if I had that thing, I'd just rip all that crappy bodywork off and turn it into a cart or something.

  • Joshua Rios
    Joshua Rios

    Now stuff like that brings in the people and interests not just rebuilding cars...and don’t get me wrong but it’s cool to watch too but man you guys got the $$$ for it why not make some videos of you guys really testing out the vehicles you guys put together

  • Joshua Rios
    Joshua Rios

    I say take off all the body and make it a big giant tricked out doom buggy and you guys both make a video of you two hitting sand dooms

  • Kevin Kaminski
    Kevin Kaminski

    I would love to see this thing swapped with a big power k series or something, and raced against an actual Bugatti at a drag strip.

  • mamamia88

    I first discovered your videos a couple weeks ago when you worked with Greg Salazar on a pc. Your hoodless comment gave me an idea. You ever put tempered glass on the hood like a pc case? RGB trunk?

  • mamamia88

    Do you end up racing a real Bugatti?

  • Yushi Chan
    Yushi Chan

    U should take the body off

  • mirthenary

    Lucky, I wish I had a Honda Veyron, or is it a Bugatti Civic

  • FormulaZR

    If someone told me they had 4.6L Ford 3V with Vortec heads and VTec cams I'd be more likely to believe they are a car enthusiast than the guy who uses a Fram filter.

  • LFshelby

    Mum can i have a Bugatti? Mom: we have Bugatti at home Bugatti at home:

  • Sean Wilkie
    Sean Wilkie

    Can i have the turbo ?? lol

  • Ben


  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson

    The car track I'd like to see is where each of you reach into a hat and pull out a country from around the world and that's where your car has to be manufactured from but ECU has to buy a car or the other person from that country so if, I would pull out a slip that said India then one of three of you would have to buy me a car based on the name you pulled out of that because that would make it really freaking interesting for a show and remember folks you can find all your cars on auto temples at one place that's right folk Auto has all your cars that you need with one short click of a button you can find listings from anywhere on Auto tempest so come on down and stop by at Auto tempest today where one click can lead you to many cars and one website can change your life forever.

  • Thecrypto Chaser
    Thecrypto Chaser

    When your going 10mph but sound like your doing 110 you might be driving a honda

    • Thecrypto Chaser
      Thecrypto Chaser

      Jesus it sounds like its hauling ass but I can count the leave on the trees....why do people like these junk cars

  • Enpsychlodelica

    Dude I know exactly what you can do with this car make a futuristic like robo cop type car that you can take fibreglass and cover the wheels and make it look like it's rolling on balls!!! Please do this that would be amazing You know what i mean right like some of the cars from I Robot??

  • Cal Essel
    Cal Essel

    Well at least this thing is better than that horrific fake Lambo Coutach/ Fiero piece of crap.

  • Rand Dower
    Rand Dower

    Sounds like there is a serious tune issue on that thing. I see it all the time 10 grand in the best parts but forget paying 1-2k for a decent tune. That's just too much and because it does not add a cool anodized part or prestigious race name to your parts/bumper sticker pile it is not worth it. a properly tuned motor with good internals should be a really fun drive from that setup well maybe not drive the suspension/steering choices or rather sacrifices for the body kit are suspect but either way, it should be fun in a straight line

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L

    Got spacers on my impreza all the way round, nothing but good things to say about the handling

  • joseph thomas
    joseph thomas

    Damn did you use a yard long extension on thems plugs lol . Guessing you had to have a ladder also , right

  • Aidan Murphy
    Aidan Murphy

    Did anyone else notice the sheer amount of speakers in the door card lol 😂🤣

  • Abdul Kareem Rainers
    Abdul Kareem Rainers

    That one brake light is like the middle finger for people behind you😁 just rip that body off, put a truck suspension and some 22’s

  • Jeffery Arnold
    Jeffery Arnold

    Its spelled like einki

  • Jeffery Arnold
    Jeffery Arnold

    The wheels are actually inki brand

  • Compeer

    Not a bad 30 footer!

  • Brian Abington
    Brian Abington

    The test drive was hilarious. Hearing this ripping open exhaust and seeing how slowly the scenery is going by outside the window killed me. 😂

  • T L
    T L

    You need to reenact the Bugatti driving into a lake video (I think it's a Lambo dude)

  • Zak

    it weirds me out whenever i see people wearing masks in stores lol

  • David Vick
    David Vick

    should have blown it up fs... would have made a great video lol.

  • Slick Mike
    Slick Mike

    I have photos of this exact car on a flash drive from before 2015

  • Gazzer McVenge
    Gazzer McVenge

    But its not a car ha ha ha

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White

    the light reflecting from Freddy's camera setup makes Jared look faded haha

  • jay_hubs _
    jay_hubs _

    Can i have the speakers and amps out of it!🤓

  • MrTilbin

    Ialways what wonders what goes through civic fans heads.....for the time and effort into just could have saved for something that isn't a commuter car.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali

    Drewpcoak: this is not a real car Me: I see this car in this video

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    Don’t destroy the car, have the car destroy for the lol’s. A super legit performance eye sore sounds wonderful to me.

  • Mrtroxs99

    I need everything in that engine bay😅🥲my car just blew up the day after I lost my job😂

  • Eleanor Ronis
    Eleanor Ronis

    So glad y'all got around to this gem!

  • Dill


  • An idiot in a racing car
    An idiot in a racing car

    18:03 That's no way to work on carbon fiber

  • An idiot in a racing car
    An idiot in a racing car

    2:41 You really can find everything on Aliexpress nowadays

  • MayDay11

    Sell me the engine and turbo set up, or the whole thing.

  • Dorie Johnson
    Dorie Johnson

    U guys are great

  • Wass Ko
    Wass Ko

    22:33 that side mirror is crying for help

  • scott wolforth
    scott wolforth

    I run the same offset on my civic and it is an extremely max effort road racing car. To say that some spacers is making your hood machine 'sketch' is insane.

  • Potardo

    I've never seen someone have to be told more than twice to "TURN IT OFF!" when something is wrong and it should be shut down for work. Got a good laugh.

  • Tre Wardos
    Tre Wardos

    Let's see where this civic ends up your last turbo civic went to Cleetus Then Boosted Boiz

  • Matthew Newton
    Matthew Newton



    My question is, who built this and thought they done a good job???

  • Justin

    The more you watch it, the worse it gets

  • Alleymack

    That what happens when 2 cars get together that are related... you need to punt that baby 🤣🤣😂😂

  • 50geo50

    21:17 Alright, maybe in the eyes of the designer it looked good 21:21 WHAT IS THAT REAR, BURN IT

  • David Faulkner
    David Faulkner

    God, that is awful

  • William Larkin
    William Larkin

    Why does this vehicle remind me of the “Explorers” movie -spaceship-? Maybe it’s the craftsmanship and look.

  • Stoiss

    Oh wow, a REAL Bugarbage Veyron! I love it Tavarish

  • Dan Druft
    Dan Druft

    Give it to Demolitionranch

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    The question is how hutch did the previous owner spend on it to make it look like that???🥲🤣🤣🤣

  • Jimf

    make it a LeMons car...would be great to see racing in a LeMons race

  • Aaron

    Thats a Booshgatti

  • Trevor Lahey
    Trevor Lahey

    So much money so shit edits. Yikes

  • Trevor Lahey
    Trevor Lahey

    This was stupid

  • bongo man
    bongo man

    I honestly wanna see Freddy strip the car from it's body panels.

  • Ron Ashbaugh
    Ron Ashbaugh

    James May just roasted this car and tavarish

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    When Jared finished his drive and the side mirror started to wave hello had me....

  • Jonathon Duran
    Jonathon Duran

    Hey look I see a Nissan Titan!!

  • ExTrumpet

    That ugly jack-o-lantern needs a fire.

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley

    Jared... Puts Honda sticker in basket... Tavarish... Casualy puts it back... 😂🤣

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley


  • Stefan Tirpak
    Stefan Tirpak

    Why dont you just run it with no body panels, it would reduce the weight and look cool

  • reno

    What would compel someone to create this abomination

  • Ryan Finniear
    Ryan Finniear

    Introducing the ... Bugonda Vtron

  • kn shobhin
    kn shobhin

    There is no bad students. There is a bad teacher. Likewise There is no bad car. There just bad mechanic or engineer

  • Aryeh 1
    Aryeh 1

    the seats are tiny

  • oof oof
    oof oof

    dang a Bugatti with a twin turbo v4 putting out 1500 horsepower it can for sure gap anything it goes against.

  • Joebiz24

    The flapping passenger mirror is the cherry on top.

  • colegrove4x4z

    The fugatti :) fu**ing bugatti

  • The DocMack Car Channel
    The DocMack Car Channel


  • Sbe Svnne
    Sbe Svnne

    13:50-13:45 what an insult

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    It feels like it's been longer than 9 months. I thought he'd never get back to working on this car lol