Ferrari Purists Will CRY When They See What I Did To My F355 (WORTH IT!)
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  • The Ferocious Wolf
    The Ferocious Wolf


  • Ananay Joshi
    Ananay Joshi

    Look how they massacred my boy

  • Brooklyn Angelito Pantoja
    Brooklyn Angelito Pantoja

    Got to Angel motorsports if you want it done right

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • WildDigger

    What a cool project! 😎

  • Salvador Marin
    Salvador Marin

    What happened too the McLaren ?

  • Sebrenity

    Not super a fan of the hood pieces but everything else on this I'm all for! :p Plus like you said, your car not mine

  • BlamBar7

    I love Jared such a great personality

  • Dan R
    Dan R

    No vents on a hood that doesn't even have an engine under it is wrong.

  • Isaacs Random Videos
    Isaacs Random Videos

    Sad because the whole front *was* mint

  • Isaacs Random Videos
    Isaacs Random Videos

    Is it like the cyberpunk Quadra?

  • Adamdoesbmx

    its been 4 months when is the next episode?????????????

  • Lettuce Carrots
    Lettuce Carrots

    Ferrari purists want you to take that Fiero clone to a junkyard and throw it in a metal shredder.

  • Christopher Sprague
    Christopher Sprague

    Can we talk about what's happening with the honda beat in the background?

  • Al Ferui
    Al Ferui

    Doubling the weight of the brakes doesn't seem like a good idea. Isn't it going to add a lot to the suspended mass?

  • Al Ferui
    Al Ferui

    That was a bold decision,🙄

  • Mr PCB
    Mr PCB

    I like Gerard. He just gets on with it. Keep it up.

  • Pierangelo Quintieri
    Pierangelo Quintieri

    as italian and ferrari fan.... my hearth is crying.

  • Dennis Gerritzen
    Dennis Gerritzen

    its starting to get funny a lot of youtubers call those clutch/brake hoses stainless steel brake lines ........... they are not stainless steel but Teflon and they are availible with a stainless cover over them. But this line shown in the video is a Teflon brake line

  • Alvaro Go Green
    Alvaro Go Green

    you have a lambo engine in the shop, so put the lambo engine better!!

  • William Burdine
    William Burdine

    I wanna RIDE in IT!!! It's gonna be BEEEEETCHIN!!!

  • Krusty Pickles Gaming
    Krusty Pickles Gaming

    shoulda cut it at the top of the side mirrors and made that the height of the new windshield also for rotaries idk how close you are to Atlanta Georgia but my boys over at Garage Zero rotary swap everything

  • Robert Marks
    Robert Marks

    Don't put bonnet scoops, pls

  • J Stephenson
    J Stephenson

    Hey Freddy, if you’re set on putting holes in the frunk, maybe consider something similar to the F50, I think that would look awesome.

  • Michael HMFIC
    Michael HMFIC

    Sounds like a weed wacker

  • Mark Enfante
    Mark Enfante

    Love the Rob Dahm call out

  • Brian Jacobsen
    Brian Jacobsen

    The Curan Brothers over. In Kangaroo land. Check out there Castrol Rx2. Did 201 in quarter Mile few years ago. it's the nastiest burnout I've ever seen a rotary do.

  • theves123

    when the eclipse ?

  • Rahul Kapoor
    Rahul Kapoor

    Bro, Love your videos but could you please get a wider lens? your videos really makes me dizzy. Sorry.

  • Steven Makings
    Steven Makings

    It is confusing me so bad as I don’t like rotary engines but I like it it’s just the right amount of insane to be great 👍 can’t wait to see it done

  • Automaniac

    You covered a ferrari with a kit car. Thats funny

  • Fart Vader • 84 years ago
    Fart Vader • 84 years ago

    Looks like you spent too much time looking at the F&F eclipse , those hood scoops are atrocious 😂😂😂

  • Ali Haaider
    Ali Haaider

    RIP Ferrari

  • infinoit

    Aaron Parker. Please contact him for the rotary build

  • Badledgend117

    Please PLEASE don't keep the stupid hood scoop/vent things

  • Starship Teddy
    Starship Teddy

    This is going to be hideous but it'll be interesting to see what it'll look like, assuming he finishes it...

  • Starship Teddy
    Starship Teddy

    I thought it was going to become a hardtop?!

  • Oscar Emilio
    Oscar Emilio

    You shuld send the engine to PPRE in new zeland

  • Carlo Leon Sadang
    Carlo Leon Sadang

    If it was a softop to begin with. It was already the wrong model.

  • Ken Wray
    Ken Wray

    If keeps works tavarish wouldn't be going bald 😂🔫☠️

  • Ryan Houp
    Ryan Houp

    Tavarish anymore vids on this coming soon?

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker

    Windshield in rendering looks... well I was hoping for something more like a late seventies Glastron Carlson CVX

  • Max Moovin
    Max Moovin

    I love that you are turning the car into a ricer. A tuner Ferrari, how hilarious.

  • Dhruv Bhat
    Dhruv Bhat

    Everyone - likes the video. Ferrari Purists - Dislikes the video (707 of them).

  • Christapher Simmons
    Christapher Simmons

    I love how he says he's broke as hell but he built a full giant garage just for the cars he never works on I have an 86 warlock 1 of only 14 of it's kind I've been working on for 3 years can't afford it to sit on my driveway let alone take an attempt

  • Roger Doger
    Roger Doger

    Ferrotari ! Can't wait for a few more years for a minor update.

  • The Michael
    The Michael

    Enzo is cursing you from hell and I love it. He deserves it. LoL!

  • William Malamas
    William Malamas

    This is unsubscribe worthy.

  • D&T

    I see you, fishing for Frito-Lay to sponsor this build.....😉

  • Max S.
    Max S.

    12:15 The new hood-vents will push hot air right into the hood scoop.

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    I though that ruining cars with shite fibreglass body kits died in the ‘90’s but obviously not. The funny thing is this pair of morons will think it’s the coolest car ever 🤣

  • Chris Aracena
    Chris Aracena

    Vargas brothers

  • Zach Woods
    Zach Woods

    I want to see more

  • IbraNNB7

    Restored this Ferrari will worth much more than one

  • Antonio Scacchetti
    Antonio Scacchetti

    Didn't know it was legal to put rape videos on SVname :v

  • keith fox
    keith fox

    Angel motorsports the Vargas brothers build sick engines. They actually just started selling 13bs they build. I'm sure they would be down to do a engine build for you and they are on the same coast. Rob would be sick too now that he's machining his own parts.

  • David White
    David White

    I used to love this channel then you broke the code by fucking with this

  • Klapper

    wamogu are some german specialists and he helps JPPerformance too with his low milage rx-7 13b but they do 3 and 4 rotors too (wich is basically the same)

  • Jonny :D
    Jonny :D

    Motor swap? Nice! Wide body? Awesome! But why? Why did you have to saw it's windscreen of!?😭

  • Jonny :D
    Jonny :D

    If you'd excuse me. I'm at the bathroom throwing up the tons of flies you'll catch without a windscreen

  • Scott S
    Scott S

    The most interesting Ferrari on SVname! They are usually boring as hell.

  • Blankface

    I'm here for the McLaren.. wheres the next video

  • roughndo80

    @Tavarish - Should ask the Guys/Hert over at Hoonigan as well.

  • Gio B
    Gio B

    HAHA Ask Rob

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi

    dude not bad. a mazda powered ferrari, cool. if you want hurt ferrari really badly i'll put twin turbo a ford ecoboost v6 or a super charged coyote V8 in there just to see Enzo swearing and screaming from wherever he is.

  • Drew Philippidis
    Drew Philippidis

    Angel motorsports are the rotory gods

  • SlavPlays Games
    SlavPlays Games

    Damn this is gonna be better then the Monza xD looks sooo damn gooood !

  • Brian E. Buxton
    Brian E. Buxton

    Sorry this is horrible. Even the drawing. 🤮

  • J. N. Miller
    J. N. Miller

    I think Hoovie and the Wizard would beg to differ that the car wasn't maintained. Hoovie keeps very good care of his cars

  • nightfall22

    I need to see this car built!! 🤤😳

  • strike9716

    If there was ever a ferrari to do this to, it's this one. It's like a 90s adventador J

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill

    Bro. Hit up rob dahm. Please. Dude's amazing. Such a Kool guy also..😁

  • geeknproud321

    This makes me sad in my heart

  • Rick Hayner
    Rick Hayner

    This is an abomination!

    • Itsmejak 78
      Itsmejak 78

      That's the point

  • Rick Hayner
    Rick Hayner

    That made my stomach turn! It is just not right.

    • Itsmejak 78
      Itsmejak 78


  • Matthew

    Wait... is this HOovie's F355 that burned down on video/?

    • Itsmejak 78
      Itsmejak 78

      Yes it is

  • Matthew

    love the harbor freight special sawzall. I have one too...

  • Francisco França Ferreira
    Francisco França Ferreira

    If you'd upset only one Ferrari Purist, I'd already say "go for it". You're gonna actually upset a lot of them, so thats capital GO FOR IT to you, Mr. Tavarish

  • Andrew Bewernick
    Andrew Bewernick

    Rotary - check out "aaroncake".

  • Brian Senez
    Brian Senez

    It looks like bosozoku style. You should get the ridiculous exhaust that goes like 10ft up in the air

  • farcas felician
    farcas felician

    Hallo search in SVname the car throttle canal they have rebuilt and improved an rotary and they do rotary also part's.

  • Davi Quintella
    Davi Quintella

    shave your head and embrace it.. its what i did

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    Colleen Ackert

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  • Maxmayer Mustermann
    Maxmayer Mustermann

    Vargas Brothers

  • Mets Rock
    Mets Rock

    wasnt that tyler hoovers car

    • Itsmejak 78
      Itsmejak 78


  • Captain El
    Captain El

    I really tried hard to never hit the dislike button but cutting that windshield I had some strong feelings please lose those hood scoops I want to see you build something but this seems like it’s going to be a disaster looking forward to it though

  • psycosoft1

    Romax Industries can get you a bullet proof rebuild, and about an extra 100hp. out of it.

  • Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
    Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Imo having the mid section being sliced to become one gigantic wide vent for downforce would be cool but those narrow frunk vents better make the car get planted on the ground when you need traction the most.

  • Lungshenli

    Dorito dorito dorito ga-dunk dorito

  • Lance Larson
    Lance Larson

    I am digging it

  • ededdynova

    Nooo the fake bonnet vent bit looks awfull and on the sema car too, rest of the kit looks good tho. Personally. I can't get my head round why you would remove the windscreen and frame surround just clean up the f355 engine like you origanly planned and hard top it you got the parts be loads easier to sell on and be worth 10times more too

  • SoCal Fritos
    SoCal Fritos

    Going DDE style with the Aperta!

  • 2rueblue

    Thats not you losing your hair bro it's because you keep your protective glasses up there in your head. You have created a gully on your doo buddy

  • Jay Ali
    Jay Ali

    Dude wtf 😢 poor car.

  • Josh Mendonca
    Josh Mendonca

    Then you gotta go do donuts with the Hoonigan crew.

  • Josh Mendonca
    Josh Mendonca

    Angel motorsports, bring in the Vargas brothers!

  • Adam Thorsson
    Adam Thorsson

    Those brakes are similar to the stock Alcons on my RCZ R but my front disks are the size of the rear disks

  • nick strickland
    nick strickland

    Hideous. Maybe the final product will make a difference but color me a skeptic.

  • Elijah Robinson
    Elijah Robinson

    I think the pop up headlights need to disappear, and maybe those particular hood vents. I’d recommend a clear lens over the recessed headlights. The widebody speedster look is nice. What type & size of wheels/tires?

  • Перун Вид
    Перун Вид

    Purists? Make them cry!!!