Driving 1,000 Miles In Our Cheap Ferraris (Was A Total DISASTER) - Car Trek S4E3
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On this episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenges the guys to drive their cheap Ferraris 1,000 miles to Gateway, Colorado, to a road that some say is the greatest in America. Ed's Ferrari 599 is made for this, although its watery past may give it some pause. Tyler's Ferrari 456GT is a La-Z-Boy with a prancing horse badge, but Freddy's Ferrari 308 GTB is hanging on by a thread. This may take longer than expected.

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  • Tavarish

    COMPLETE CAR TREK SERIES 4 PLAYLIST Series 4, Episode 1►svname.info/nick/video/gKWwgsZ7hpeX1bo Series 4, Episode 2►svname.info/nick/video/eoKTj9ujiIidyrY Series 4, Episode 3►svname.info/nick/video/dIpuaraWd4uuvrI Series 4, Episode 4 ►svname.info/nick/video/e2qyjKufeWuWxtg Series 4, Episode 5(FINALE)►svname.info/nick/video/c4mjbLCrYoyXw8w

    • D. T.
      D. T.


    • Meton12765

      The instant I saw you're fezza I had a flashback of Jeremy Clarkson in TG with the classic episode where he grenades a Maserati V6. I was not, disapointed since this end result was inevitable with the thing bleeding essential fluids like Exxon Valdez. Just like, the Marek in Jezzas less then mechanically empathetic hands. And, the black plume it threw out of it's rear, you must've been aware of since it's on film, well.... You did that on purpose man. :D

    • Emerald Salazar Rose
      Emerald Salazar Rose

      Mr. Hernandez? To be honest F40 is now same value as camry as well now and you will get same as that one with back V8 engine with cool blow off valve sound but better luck next time 😊😊😊

    • Matshoho Mohoje
      Matshoho Mohoje

      Next car trek series should be a 15k luxury suv moab challenge

    • Eddie Thomas
      Eddie Thomas


  • chris fernandez
    chris fernandez

    They should def do this again but without cheating Freddy was robbed because he was honest lol

  • Gt Taylor
    Gt Taylor

    Ed that lousy tip wasn’t right, servers only make like three dollars an hour…

  • boskovski

    #1 Old Top Gear #2 Grand Tour #3 Car Trek #4 New Top Gear That's how the list goes, I don't care if you don't agree.

  • Theoda Man
    Theoda Man

    His face when they started talking about their invested Ferrari's are priceless. 22:10

  • bjkactivities

    The question that's on my mind for the last four series. How is this all road legal? What are the rules in the USA for cars? As long as it isn't on fire you can drive?

  • Julian Ramirez
    Julian Ramirez

    13:30 Tyler and Ed watching Freddy getting gas is like 2 doggies waiting for their master to feed them food

  • gelb_hunter

    I like how he went to a 1000 mile trip with one lug missing from the rear wheel! Heh

  • Nathan’s Beats
    Nathan’s Beats

    Ahh buc-ees always a good experience when we go there

  • Lettuce

    as a texan, i feel a certain disrespect for the literal god of gas stations

  • Faisal Azhar
    Faisal Azhar

    Need to do affordable German car challenge

  • Matthew d'Abadie
    Matthew d'Abadie

    When Hoovie started drinking wine with a straw I started to cry

  • AlphaDeltaMike

    Just visited the cadillac ranch on the hunt for that cartrek sticker. Must have been coated in 30 layers of paint because I know I was looking at the right car.

  • Brett Thickhammer
    Brett Thickhammer

    Is it just me or does Ed come off poorly sitting around the fire talking about his car sales ability, manipulating his wife, insulting a mans negotiating skills and generally coming of as your typical used car guy with a silver spoon up his arse. The other two guys come of as infinitely more likable. I'm not saying I hate the guy but when you add that to his general bending of the rules to benefit himself he presents as your typical garden variety narcissist.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Amarillo does have better Italian.... barely, but they do.

  • Destry Soule
    Destry Soule

    The moment when my 64 Plymouth works better then a Ferrari course it was a simple straight six and all the gages were mechanical . But still thing only cost 3500.

  • Bryan De La Torre
    Bryan De La Torre


  • arthur itchybollix
    arthur itchybollix

    Auto tempest is a crap website auto trader and eBay are much better

  • Anonymous

    Tyler drinking the wine with a straw lol

  • Matt T
    Matt T

    Your format and scripts are so close to Top Gear that this has to be copyright infringement or an intellectual property rights violation. Like I’m pretty sure I heard a few comedic lines that were verbatim word for word taken from top gear. I can’t be the only one who notices this.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson

    Hoover’s car looks like a taxi from the back seat camera.

  • clemente rodriguez
    clemente rodriguez

    are these guys trying to be the next top gear cause theres no replacing those guys

  • ShamblerDK

    Never seen you so sad and annoyed as when you ran out of fuel. Also, love all the banter :-)

  • Dan Otoole
    Dan Otoole

    You guys should do a run through North Dakota

  • CTRL

    Hear me out, Ed = Clarkson Freddy = Hammond Tyler = May one would say the similarities are uncanny...

  • Mario D. Zmaj
    Mario D. Zmaj

    I dont care what anyone says, 308 is prettiest of the bunch

  • HeliMarcReviews

    The 308 is missing a Bolt on its right rear wheel 🥺

  • jimmies rustled
    jimmies rustled

    I'll tell you what... That 308 just looks a million times better from the front.

  • WernerKlorand

    List of things to have in your car when the fuel gauge isn't working: 1) brand-new but empty gas can 2) camera drone

  • Gregory Nie
    Gregory Nie

    Is it just me , or do the roads in Texas look retreated for ice @ 15 min mark

  • Robert Lotstein
    Robert Lotstein

    Best looking is the 308 hands down, the other Ferraris are just to round...

  • arup bose
    arup bose

    Tyler to Ed: How did your brain have room for that much crap? Freddy : there is only so much Ed bolian facts that one can take. 😂 Man these guys are gold.

  • EvanElleDev

    Anyone spot the missing wheelnut?

  • McGuire Reid
    McGuire Reid

    wearing a mask in texas 😂

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Hey Gumby stop whining 😂

  • MrVnick1

    Olive Garden scene had me geeking 😂😂😂

  • robert caldwell
    robert caldwell

    Abpt discrimination of Texas

  • Thiago Feltrin
    Thiago Feltrin

    No eletric windows, diverse and several malfunction problems, don't work properly and stops more eventually that it should and could. Looks like a car of less than 3.000 Reais that I've had (something around your 500 Dolars). Amazing haha

  • Adrian Sousa
    Adrian Sousa

    Watching the ferrari owner walking for gas cuz he ran dry, is absolutely hilarious

  • sarath kumar
    sarath kumar

    this gives old top gear vibes

  • Trystan Kirkley
    Trystan Kirkley

    When Hammond, May, and Clarkson decide it’s time to retire I think the entire car community would support these guys trying to fill those shoes.

  • Ricky Roof
    Ricky Roof

    Have you heard of checking the fuses?

  • Thom Collins
    Thom Collins

    I’m driving my 1987 celica over 1000 miles this week. Had an issue. Needed a new interior light bulb. Thom

  • Joey Toon
    Joey Toon

    12:06 .....the point where you see a man questioning some life choices.

  • YSG 2017
    YSG 2017

    That 308 is still a gorgeous car and by far one of the best looking and fun to drive cars ever made. Too bad this one’s far past it’s prime. I’d take a maintained 308 over these other 2 in a heartbeat.

  • David Steinhour
    David Steinhour

    18:35 Freddy's car is missing one wheel stud, driver rear.

  • Dom T
    Dom T

    “Like Miley Cyrus letting down civilization” 😂. What a line by Ed

  • Raghav Joshi
    Raghav Joshi

    Btw guys did you observer 308 is missing a wheel nut 🔥🔥

  • mirthenary

    Ed- What do you have to drink to feel that way Me- Absinthe?

  • JB Cepeda
    JB Cepeda

    where can I get a tshirt "gated community" like tylers

  • 68 Charger
    68 Charger

    Love the Kick in the BALLS Jokes? Ford Probe😂🤣

  • Jake Phillips
    Jake Phillips

    Love the video! I saw my office in the background a few times while you were driving on the George Bush Turnpike. You guys sure did some teleporting around Dallas Ft. Worth mid conversation 😂

  • Oscar Alejandro Torres Aguilar
    Oscar Alejandro Torres Aguilar

    The song and video from 12:45 is a masterpiece tbh

  • 5T4N1

    17:37 Is it just me or is that Ferrari literally on fire?

  • Tyler Kendrick
    Tyler Kendrick

    So do you guys actually drive the entire 1000 miles or do you take breaks like top gear?!

  • FierceMotorworks

    Poor Freddy, getting punished for following the rules

  • Jeff Omalley
    Jeff Omalley

    Come on freddy your crying about the temp in the car lol while your wearing a jacket and prob a long sleeve shirt to lol. Your still a good dude tho I don't care what the other 2 say about ya lol.

  • A J Thomas
    A J Thomas

    What is the nose on that old 308? Not one I've ever seen before...

  • Jay DoesStuff
    Jay DoesStuff

    Ed ruins this... what a fucking dork

  • Old Matelots
    Old Matelots

    28 minutes of my life I'll never get back!

  • Jack Bates
    Jack Bates

    Y'all came to Texas just to drive across the plains?, should've come down to the Hill Country where the fun roads are.

  • Justin Dickinson
    Justin Dickinson

    The funny thing is that it showed them at Witchita Falls and than shot to a clip of the “racing” back in lewisville but than they stopped in buckees before that which is in denton... hmmmm

  • Jeremy Menchaca
    Jeremy Menchaca

    Uhhhhh, Freddy is missing a wheel stud.

  • Avery Holder
    Avery Holder

    "Now we know who's NOT from Texas" Digging the sarcasm lol

  • LogBoy the Shitpost
    LogBoy the Shitpost

    How can you be stuck in Amarillo and not get the 72oz steak??

  • Adam Whitehead
    Adam Whitehead

    Really milking those adverts guys. Love the content but boy, the adverts are a little excessive

  • Eric Ford
    Eric Ford

    21:44 I hope a Ferrari owners tip is more than $2.00, I hope you dropped some green on the table with that..

  • Jesse C
    Jesse C

    I really hope that was a fake tip. Wait staff don't get paid a living wage and rely on tips.

    • IKhan

      It was a Ferrari joke.

  • Dane Rodriquez
    Dane Rodriquez

    Other 2 were legit pos assholes leaving him to walk to get the gas while they sat at a gas station choosing to ignore him.


    It's like gear club lol

  • Marilyn Dresser
    Marilyn Dresser

    Gumby hair💯😉😘

  • Marilyn Dresser
    Marilyn Dresser

    Gumby hair😂

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Jean-Claude Van Damme

    17:37......ummmmm fire???

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Jean-Claude Van Damme

    #TeamHoovie all the way!

  • geauxst1

    Bucc ee's is the best gas station chain in the US. Great employers too.

  • Goliathstanggt500

    10:17 that's lewisville

  • MantaRay007

    YOU GUYS WHERE IN AMARILLO!! Wish I'd known to get a photo 😔 You guys are awesome, funny, and have great content!! 👍Yall should have gone to Texas Road House or tourist trap The Big Texan and tried the 72oz. Steak challenge instead of Olive Garden.

  • pfizer121

    Wait, what's wrong with a 355 f1?

  • Nathan Elcoate
    Nathan Elcoate

    It's like Top Gear all over again.

  • Unknown Perso
    Unknown Perso

    Freddy didn't cheat but he had the worst car BY FAR

  • Alexis

    Guys I am sorry to say but you need to improve the color grading and contrast of these videos. They look pretty poor in many ways but for sure you can make it better in the future. Just some friendly feedback ;)

  • Daniel Mitchell
    Daniel Mitchell

    "It's like Miley Cyrus letting down civilization..." 🤣

  • Jonathon

    Hello From Amarillo!

  • MrHamlet

    Poor Freddy! He caught more shit than be should have. I feel ya man. I just got out of surgery having been in a massive car accident in my Tesla. So thanks for the entertainment guys while I recover....this was therapeutic. And I'm using Auto tempest to help me find a new Tesla.

  • Caton Dutt
    Caton Dutt

    I am just so happy to see that like you guys were in Dallas and I know where u guys were going but I really wish I could have see u guys in person tho 😔

  • jayhawker4149

    I think the guys are getting much better at the "top Gear" style and banter. It seems much more natural and comfortable. Awesome to see. For instance compared to the awkwardness of Top Gear 26 with Chris Evans and Matt Leblanc, Cartrek is just more believable.

    • Leandro Travaglia
      Leandro Travaglia

      In this way, maybe the next episode, they would choose not the beeeest car ever because maybe, just maybe, such a switch could happen again. Hahahha

    • Leandro Travaglia
      Leandro Travaglia

      For me, this episode would be even better if at some point in the episode they (for real) totally switch cars and we could see the despair of the one who got the 308 trying to finish the 1000miles !!!

  • Andre Gilbert
    Andre Gilbert

    A "Ferrari owner style" $2 tip at the Olive Garden on an $84 check... Hopefully left some cash on the table.

  • John Freeman
    John Freeman

    @7:53 the radio is incomprehensible. Please add subtitles in future videos. Btw this series is fkn AWESOME! Close to those auto shows with those guys who like to go on grand tours.

  • Owen Hartzburg
    Owen Hartzburg


  • Rollins Brown
    Rollins Brown

    Top Gear called, they said stop

  • C Cashin
    C Cashin

    They really made my man freddy walk thats cold

  • Shawn McDowell
    Shawn McDowell

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  • A B
    A B

    I love that this is shamelessly just a top gear cheap car challenge

  • Kirk H
    Kirk H

    Tavarish’s chesticles are growing into a fully formed rack. He’s gonna need a pronoun change soon.

  • Luke Kraus
    Luke Kraus

    really think the 456 is elegant and has great proportions, I don't get the hate on the looks lol

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan

    Oh Freddie ._.

  • Gox Vuk
    Gox Vuk

    Look at the wheel bolts at 19:09 LOL

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Hoovie has so much more personality and is way more entertaining than the other 2. Especially Tavarish, stop trying to be ironic and funny all the time... it’s beyond annoying dude!!

  • TimothyRedburn

    I want the 308.

  • Adam Luther
    Adam Luther

    Missing wheel nut at 19:08!