Can My FAKE Bugatti Veyron Break The Record For YouTube Views At The Freedom Factory?
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Today, my fake Bugatti Veyron finally gets to the Freedom Factory racetrack, where it can prove how fast it really is. Then we make it more interesting by installing 35" tires on Hummer H2 wheels....for the views.
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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    Solid unit 10/10

    • Darren Swails
      Darren Swails

      It may run better that his 308 in cartrek...

    • BnB Auto TV
      BnB Auto TV

      If you guys don't want it. I live in Orlando and I'll take it with the engine and everything else and I'll build it. Please let me know.

    • R C
      R C

      Watched the video even though I don't really feel the freedom factory anymore. I get you didn't want to be stopped by Covid but I draw the line at spreading mis-information and not being honest. Good luck with the FF despite it.. was a cool idea until you ignored Covid. Really disappointed.

    • Glitched


    • Danies Alex
      Danies Alex

      @Steeveo McJameson no

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • Joshua Sharp
    Joshua Sharp

    Tavarish finally tries his hand at open wheel racing.

  • kintoki kintoki
    kintoki kintoki

    My gran ma in her wheel chair down the hill goes faster !!!

  • WildDigger

    So funny. Love the Whistlin Diesel shout out.

  • Vatolicious

    Last video: never put spacers on This video: we put 50 spacers on

  • bob d
    bob d

    From a distance, you wouldn't think that was a pile of junk! Hahaha

  • Akala Belany
    Akala Belany

    .25 of 3 million views..

  • Cognitive Dissident
    Cognitive Dissident

    That's the world's first Bughetto Veywrong.

  • Pokemaste

    Please ls swap this lmao

  • MrTbay

    Y’all made a rocket league car

  • Guy Easton
    Guy Easton


  • Guy Easton
    Guy Easton


  • shuralmehki

    Wipers are killing me! 🤣

  • Lil DoeFlamingo
    Lil DoeFlamingo

    Looks like some of the Modded Cars in GTA 5 with F1 wheels 🤣🤣

  • Trevor Anderson
    Trevor Anderson

    it would be quicker if u put someone in the seat that knew how to drive like CLEETUS . driving around in 3-4th is a nooo.

    • Trevor Anderson
      Trevor Anderson

      boostedboy getting it a little better fr

  • Cjaise Wetzel
    Cjaise Wetzel

    All it needs is a subi awd system and some good tires and the dude should be able to make it a quick ugly car😂😂

  • chayton campbell
    chayton campbell

    6:42 that’s def a inside of a cap for a monster with a twist top

  • Boss Mode
    Boss Mode

    Wow. That looks like a ugly pokemon

  • Cxm3r0n


  • wewe ewew
    wewe ewew

    How many likes for u to make the Bugatti faster

  • gmane1989

    That piece of plastic came from a monster can the kind with the cap you can re-close them

  • Sacala Bolcita
    Sacala Bolcita

    How many spacers can you stack before risking your life.😂

  • Sacala Bolcita
    Sacala Bolcita

    It reminds me of a go cart. Bugatti v tec

  • Ken Tyler
    Ken Tyler

    That thing needs boosted awd k series lol

  • Randy Ledford
    Randy Ledford

    That's a pure beast you have on hand..

  • joe berchini
    joe berchini

    That plastic is the inside of a big monster cane's cap that they took out and slits in the sides

  • Eric Roseberry
    Eric Roseberry

    I like it

  • Nathan Dorris
    Nathan Dorris

    Is your rev limit set to 4600 rpm, best sound to ever come out of a Bugatti

  • DarthHideous

    i love the Spewgatti Neyron best car eber

  • Travis Noseworthy
    Travis Noseworthy

    2 months later still only 500k views

  • B’s 12 WRB Limited STI
    B’s 12 WRB Limited STI

    Yea gift car to people who don’t need more cars instead of your viewers lol we the viewers can’t afford a Bugatti

  • Marc

    Hahahah my windshield wipers aren’t turning off he said 😂

  • Philippe Artist
    Philippe Artist


  • Lost Pineapple
    Lost Pineapple

    Get it on a dyno and tuned properly

  • Ryan Pringle
    Ryan Pringle

    Sweet unit

  • Jordan Benson
    Jordan Benson


  • John Snapp
    John Snapp

    Damn someone put some effort into the audio side of it tho. Looks like decent old school equipment. I want that old hifonics amp in the back. Lol.

  • Zombieninja1

    This video is like shadow banned. Saw the Bugatti at the freedom factory a long time ago and was waiting for the video on your channel and now it finally shows up

  • Trai Hines
    Trai Hines

    I love cars

  • Jok3y Jesu3
    Jok3y Jesu3

    I deadass think a stock honda civic is faster

  • Eric

    This is a great ad for Kyle and Boostedboiz

  • angeloplus4

    me: mom can i have a bugatti? mom: we have a bugatti at home bugatti at home:

  • Michael Cross
    Michael Cross

    Tavarish's stary-eyed love with Chris Harris really shines through. How about being YOU for once? There's too much changing, there's lack of presentation consistency. I don't know who the real Tavarish is because every video it's a new person.

  • Antonio Avila
    Antonio Avila

    I was gone for like a month whhhaaaat happppen

  • Luke Aleckson
    Luke Aleckson

    Legit need to K swap that unit

  • Chris Whoop
    Chris Whoop

    Ill take it

  • Jesse Roberts
    Jesse Roberts

    This is why I play Forza it just works why not a v12 in a 3 wheel car that littery just flips when you just rev with 1000hp 🤣 irl I just want a skyline r33 or a R34 IDC if it's stock or not still a bad ass car

  • Gilles Priod
    Gilles Priod

    250 hp???? more like 25

  • Kevin Salusen
    Kevin Salusen

    Fake Bugatti……..WHY GOD WHY?

  • Mike Gleghorn
    Mike Gleghorn

    Today, Jared and Tavarish turn the Freedom Factory into the Laugh Factory. Glad you survived :D

  • The Drew Green Show
    The Drew Green Show

    That's like 50hp not 250

  • XxgofuckyourselfxX

    I actually really wanna see him do something with this maybe 1500hp fake bugatti

  • Jonathan Fairchild
    Jonathan Fairchild

    literally that blue plastic looks like the plastic in a walmart sippy cup.

  • Eddie melz
    Eddie melz

    Oh now plz kill it 😂

  • TG Blvd
    TG Blvd

    Swap it to electric engine and mod the body

  • Russell Jacob
    Russell Jacob

    Peeks at views.... not 3 million yet, but in quarter bugatti views, getting close, only 250k to go!

  • IcWhy

    He aint shifting?

  • oicfas4523

    That Kyle guy looks cute 😊.

  • eighthof8

    It should be called a BULL-gatti

  • iiDrippyKingii

    Can I have that cluster

  • Jacob Ware
    Jacob Ware


  • mirthenary

    Handles like a dream, man those bugatti engineers know what they're doing

  • NDRonin1401

    Adds 300 pounds to car ... "Oh, she settles a little bit!"

  • Zack Belletete
    Zack Belletete

    What a pos

  • Keeperof Themountain
    Keeperof Themountain

    I've never driven a Bugatti before! Dude, you still haven't.

  • Gavin

    5:40 no shit kyle

  • Enpsychlodelica

    Dude I wish you would have made a I robot type car or robo cop car out of that platform because it would have been easy especially taking the spacers out. Moulded some fibreglass and make the wheel wells look completely rounded so it looks like your rolling on balls instead of wheels

  • Mista Notu
    Mista Notu

    I want your door panels lol

  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel Miller

    When i launched my old coupe my wipers would come on too

  • Stanlin Quezada
    Stanlin Quezada

    I’d buy it SERIOUSLY

  • Michael Minniear
    Michael Minniear

    Active aero kicks in on launch. Amazing car 😂

  • Michael Minniear
    Michael Minniear

    The best things about a civic beside when V-Tec kicks in yo, is that it feels and sounds like you are always doing double the speed you actually are going. Best bang for the pennies on the market 😂

  • isaac cagle TN
    isaac cagle TN

    You know whats funny, cleetus had a cheap car challenge and they were faster than that on the track

  • Da Wrench07
    Da Wrench07


  • RealityCheck✓

    Bugatti Fakeron 😁

  • Joe Grow
    Joe Grow

    it's a poogatti

  • Mr.chicken

    First thought was a vid about a rc car

  • Kalan Hitchens87
    Kalan Hitchens87

    Who would dare put this made up piece of plastic in the regulator, so let's put a new one in there and plug it with a random spark plug

  • Jon Kershaw
    Jon Kershaw

    Haha buhonti 🤣

  • Lacy Desires
    Lacy Desires

    I hope the sponsors wrote you some healthy checks on this one... If was fantastic

  • gsppuffer

    Kyle or Brett need to build this thing into a 9 second monster

  • traxxasman93

    Instead of calling it a Bugatti, start calling it’s the Bushotti.. because that thing is shotti as all can be. Lol

  • aye its shane
    aye its shane

    Lmfao the bugaivic

  • Ankit Naik
    Ankit Naik

    You guys are so the way you enjoy man..keep going

  • Ron Matson
    Ron Matson

    Bugonada? Hondotti?

  • Ron Matson
    Ron Matson

    I was hoping this was only like minutes old,very disappointed this did almost nothing,the algorithm fcked your bum

  • Matthew Mohr
    Matthew Mohr

    That plastic peace is from a Monster can 😂😂😂😂

  • Skip

    Good....... your windshield wipers are on.

  • v65sabreking

    I want that body kit

  • Bloodninja019

    Oh hell yea

  • Cannon Fodder
    Cannon Fodder

    That's about as much of a Bugatti as Tommy Chongs Bug was a Rolls Royce lol

  • capichow

    Reminds of the game burnout 😂

  • The Dark Empath
    The Dark Empath

    Of all people Kyle @BoostedBoiz should know that piece of plastic is from the lid of a monster energy can.

  • rundownaxe

    Clearly the wipers were the key. Such an innovation! Swimming through the air to help the car go left more efficiently.

  • Jim619

    It looks like a streamlined shopping cart

  • Evan Taylor
    Evan Taylor

    The car looks good if you're not comparing it to a real Bugatti

  • Cynical Poptart
    Cynical Poptart

    I feel like that thing is a real ripper and it's seriously hurting. I had a 93 civic with the D16Z6 stock and it seemed at least twice as fast as that thing. It's just painful 🤣

  • samuel lopes
    samuel lopes

    I ran a stock fuel pressure regulator when I had my boosted CRX, never had issues.

  • motorfanatics

    "Turning is gonna be a problem." No no, the car itself, its existence, that's the real problem.