Aston Martin Wanted $7,000+ To Fix My DBS...So I Did It MYSELF (WAY Harder Than I Thought)
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Today, I try my hand at doing some regular maintenance on my 2009 Aston Martin DBS. As it turns out, it's incredibly expensive to get it done at the dealership for a reason, but nothing that we can't handle as a DIY. Or is it?
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  • CommonCentsRob

    So what was the final total? How much was this DIY fix?

  • Tim O' Callaghan
    Tim O' Callaghan

    It's nice to find a car you live enough to treat this well!

  • Alex Mac
    Alex Mac

    33000 miles and you replaced all the Aston Martin coil packs? lol The equipment to diagnose coil packs is less than 12 of those. Can get these induction coil pack testers that don't require to be inline, just sit over the pack. Oscilloscopes can do the same. But you need to know what your are looking at.

  • Kids Study Now
    Kids Study Now

    Nice car

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas

    What is the mclaren status?

  • killed71

    You should have bit the bullet and did a oil filter relocation kit and placed it up in the area in front of the radiator.

  • K M
    K M

    Your kind of humor that you tend to overdo is a bit annoying. That being said I still enjoy your videos (not for the humor) and will continue watching. I have to totally agree with you on the sentiment of making sure everything is done once you get a car/vehicle. It just gives you piece of mind if nothing else. I do the same thing with my vehicles. So high five on that brother! So envious of the Aston Martin lol! Fell in love with these long time ago and still love them to this day.

  • Big Dave Bishop
    Big Dave Bishop

    Need to use a torque wrench please

  • Ozzman Comethz
    Ozzman Comethz

    your wig looks great pal👊😁✌

  • Gustavus pad
    Gustavus pad

    Good job rookie

  • Mohd Parvez
    Mohd Parvez

    Hi tavarish. I am Parvez all the the way from Mumbai India. Why don't you upload bts videos of cartrek. Love watching your videos. Parvez

  • charles coulson
    charles coulson

    What a tribute to awful unmaintainable design. Sadly typical of the Brits. Why the hell you have to half dismantle the car to change the plugs. Crazy. The BAC 1-11 airplane was exactly the same which is why Boeing took the Lions share of the shorthaul jet market.

  • WildDigger

    That is such a beautiful car! 😍

  • jurie De Kock
    jurie De Kock

    Brits are coach builders, witch they can! They should stay away from anything mechanical !!!!!

  • K Brickell
    K Brickell

    like it .."soddered" in !!!

  • Jude toyota
    Jude toyota

    Love the background music.

  • Philippe van den stockt
    Philippe van den stockt

    Off topic here butt what are the sound tracks??

  • dick buttz
    dick buttz

    I bought a BMW 850i V12 Coupe in the early 1990's, the cars were the flagship model for BMW and were technologically on the cutting edge at the time, they were $90,000 in 1991 which is about $180,000 in todays money , even at that price BMW reportedly lost $50,000 on each one they ever sold! The V12 is essentially 2 inline 6 cylinder 2.5 litre motors that share a common crankshaft. Each cylinder bank had its own throttle body, (drive by wire) and battery, it was essentially 2 motors on one crankshaft. I was on the E31 forum for years and we basically decided the BMW V12 motor was essentially a "throw away " motor, meaning it was cheaper and often better deal to replace the motor with a good used one if anything went bad on the V 12 engine!

  • dick buttz
    dick buttz

    Ducati motorcycles are the same thing, I bought a 2011 Ducati Diavel (devil) carbon fiber edition in black for $10,000 with 13,000 miles on it. Ducati's have DESMODRONIC valve actuation meaning levers that open and close the valves rather than using a spring to close them , this eliminates valve float at high RPM/s. The valve adjustment must be 100% accurate , if too tight it beats the valve seat into the heads and too loose loses compression and burns the valves. It uses 2 timing belts that must be replaced every 15,000 miles and they are tightened like tuning a guitar string, it goes by MHZ not ft lbs of torque, at 15,000 miles a DESMODROMIC service is required where all fluids are replaced , oils , lubes etc new plugs valve adjust new timing belts , it runs $2,200 labor and about $600 in parts, or about $3,000. During my service I had 2 new tires and a new chain and 2 new sprockets and a battery installed, this brought the bill up to $4,300 then the shop said I need a new clutch slave cylinder and a new wire harness, the harness was $3,000 alone, it was another $500, making it $3,500, plus the $4,300 already owed, luckily I had extended warranty that covered the $3,500 and I only owed the the $4,300. Without the extended warranty I would have owed the shop $7,800 !! So I paid $10,000 for the bike 2 years ago, rode it for only 2,000 miles before it needed the 15,000 DESMODROMIC service which was $7,800 all together. I put the bike up for sale and nobody offered anything except the dealer offered me $5,500 for a bike they just did $7,800 of work on!! I might be able to sell it for $7,000 if lucky, yet am $17,800 into the bike, so it has cost me $10,800 to ride the bike 2,000 miles, over $5.00 per mile! Actually $5.40 per mile !! If you will notice 90% of all Ducati bikes for sale have less than 15,000 miles or close to it and none have had the DESMODROMIC service performed or often ever been serviced! I could have sold my bike for $7,000 before it was serviced and saved $7,800, thank God I had extended warranty, do not ever think about buying a used Ducati without extendde dwaanty or a service record, without that the bikes would be hard to give away to anyone who knows about them, of course the bike it awesome and a Ferarri among bikes but it costs the same as if you had a Ferarri too!

  • 1eddwood

    If your changing the timing belt and tensioner why not the water pump

  • Jay The 2nd
    Jay The 2nd

    Any news on the 675 lt Freddy?

  • Dave Paturno
    Dave Paturno

    Whenever you're changing oil, you should wear nitrile gloves to protect your skin.

  • Dave Paturno
    Dave Paturno

    I'm guessing you have a factory service manual?

  • Tom

    Why you changed coil packs and not test them because they might be wrong ?just in case :D. changing spark plugs, oil ok but coils? your ,,fix'' was only an assumption. I don't believe that there was so many issues with the car for you changing few parts , it is a joke!

  • Ted Moss
    Ted Moss

    reminds me of the time I rebuilt my 1962 DKW. I went down to the Mercedes Benz parts depot in Fort Lee, NJ and bought three pistons and rings and a gasket set; took the engine out by hand, no lift, no chains, just hands. The engine had no water pump either. I had it bored with tight clearance and when I got it out on the road, it seized up and the wheels stopped. I waited 10 min for it to cool and drove it for ten years after that.

  • David McLeod
    David McLeod

    always wanted one but they look like a bunch of trouble I'll stick with my 2006 gto with a 400 hp .364 v8

  • Dave Wallace
    Dave Wallace

    Amsoil is what I would use!!

  • Fires Blade
    Fires Blade

    NGK spark plugs (recommended PTR6D-13) 1.3mm gap/ (alternative BPR6EFS-15) 1.3mm gap

  • John Becay
    John Becay

    $500 for spark plugs

  • computer build144
    computer build144

    Get a Camry if you want reliable transportation

  • Jeebus

    The hood's open, but there's no engine.

  • G A
    G A

    I'm @ you to talk about the disco volante

  • Phillip Lopez
    Phillip Lopez

    Dollars and sense !

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell


  • pro az
    pro az

    This is the true meaning of taking off all your clothes in order to scratch your back😁😁😁

  • Tiago R
    Tiago R

    I don't understand very well the english language, so... take a minuto to notice he talking about some sponsor. its funny when because "why he is saying something about hair?" Im from brazil, language here is portuguese btw

  • Scott curtis
    Scott curtis

    Looks exactly like my 5.4L triton coils

  • Daniel Craft
    Daniel Craft

    those look like ford coils. haha

  • abhi

    Sir please continue the mercedes s class upgraded video

  • Ed Wilko
    Ed Wilko

    its only the block that is ford designed, pistons, rods, cracks, cams etc....not ford. Some Ferrari parts are Fiat as its their owners 👍


    Your 710 cap is on upside down 🤭🤭

  • Buba A
    Buba A

    My boy got that nohaj456 hairline

  • Tyrienda

    Can fully understand that decision of buying spark plugs from manufacturer's own spare parts counter, as there's engines even in common cars that are rather allergic to spark parts that are not just right. And i wouldn't try if Aston Martin happens to be allergic to spark plugs from local spare parts market's shelf.

  • Bret Barnes
    Bret Barnes


  • Brian_TWW

    Tavarish likes Ice Nine Kills. Respect.

  • Andrew Drew
    Andrew Drew

    Damn. I'm so glad I don't have an Aston Martin DBS ;)

  • Puder McGavin
    Puder McGavin

    They look like ford 5.4l coil packs

  • John Carrillo
    John Carrillo

    Lucky you. I’ve been wanting one since it first came out in Casino royale

  • Chris

    Tavarish: lists stuff that needs doing. Me, knowing nothing about car repairs: "Yes, that sounds about right."

  • Kal Petkoff
    Kal Petkoff

    Aston Martin with Ford engine? I'm buying it.

  • Micah shvetseek
    Micah shvetseek

    “How hard can it be?” As a top gear fan I already know where this is going.

  • Dave Reeves
    Dave Reeves

    That alunimum 710 cap is boss.

  • Mark Walsh
    Mark Walsh

    To bad the car trek 308 didnt get a fraction of this love

  • david slacks
    david slacks

    shoutout to the galaxy note so useful.

  • Nick Blood
    Nick Blood

    Freddy, you definitely need some "make my forearms skinny" cream

  • Bas Thompson
    Bas Thompson

    Good looking. But it dont beat AM One-77! 😉

  • GameOfPhones

    Now I can’t do any work without listening to that background music

  • Eduardo Di Lascio
    Eduardo Di Lascio

    Please, don't put the Aston through Cartrek... not if you really love it.

  • Mike Davies
    Mike Davies

    19:21 the whole Ghosts track + your work timelapse is now a lullaby for me. The actual use of a stylus is icing on the cake.

  • peoplehavetherights

    Try getting to the windshield wiper motor when it dies. I was quoted $3500 to R&R it. Why, you ask? You have to pull off the entire intake manifold and related hoses, pipes, wires. When this is out of the way, of course this is a front/mid-engined car and the bulkhead/firewall is WAY back there near the dash. Access is "difficult." It was a great car though, really only "minor" stuff like this ever a problem. Fantastic sound and driving dynamics.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown

    Whats happened to Tavarish no where to be seen or heard from?????

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans

    Are you planning on selling your channel to royalty exotics too ?

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    Ohhhh ! Your Hair!!! Sigh!

  • A Bralski
    A Bralski

    I miss the good old days when Tavarish actually worked on his own cars instead of this never-ending Car Trek series of shows. Is the McLaren ever coming back?

  • Lyfz Good
    Lyfz Good

    Hey you and jared need to be friends and I need content brudda

  • eSysman SuperYachts
    eSysman SuperYachts

    Where is the finished McLaren? I went for a month long paint job about three months ago.

  • soheyl khatami
    soheyl khatami

    Where is the mclaren man?

  • Brody Z
    Brody Z

    The hair is looking very good Freddy!


    I love to watch these vids but its so bad when i cant to these things

  • Paul Armstrong
    Paul Armstrong

    No diagnostic codes to tell you which cylinders were f’d?

  • David Freeman
    David Freeman

    If you and Jared are having problems, I will literally stop watching you, car trek, and wrench everyday. Don't know what's going on if there is even anything going on. But yeah. Been an avid follower for a few years now and I don't want to see that relationship go to waste.

  • tday99music

    here's the only Aston owner to do his own oil change lol

  • David Rosenbaum
    David Rosenbaum

    It blows my mind that morons would watch your great videos and talk about your fucking hair.

  • Cynthia Greenwood
    Cynthia Greenwood

    The sneaky caution operationally correct because trouble conceivably fry per a faint fair brain. vivacious, likeable mom

  • Chandlerb141

    Any updates on the Mercedes?

  • Joseph Crede
    Joseph Crede

    Tavarish: I can't have this car on Car Trek if it's not running right... Ferrari 308: uhhh....? Rolls Royce: Mm really? Maserati: WTF!!?

  • Oğuzhan Pişkin
    Oğuzhan Pişkin

    Dude what happened to mclaren :)

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones

    The 1st engine I built was a Ferrari "Columbo" engine. I used to stop by a shop in a street with mostly abandoned street which has Aston Martins, Jaguars, Land Rovers, MGs, Triumphs etc. The guy asked one day....."you always stop to check out the cars and talk why don't you help out".... so my first project was a TR6 we had to paint. He gave me a paint gun and some pointers and after I screwed up the door and hand to sand it down...I finally got it and we painted the car a British Racing Green. The paint job was $2,000 in a novice. He had a customer who wanted his "Columbo" V12 rebuilt and a Jaguar 6 from 1964. After that I had no issue building or taking apart engines because the Ferrari engine was not that hard to do. I would definitely try this.

  • Nevets Legasi
    Nevets Legasi

    How come a Toyota Camry can run 300+K miles and NOTHING ever gets replaced. I mean NOTHING but oil changes. Yet an aston Martin at 30K miles needs all this work?????? I'll tell you why, NONE OF THE WORK DONE WAS NECESSARY!! It's 100% an OWNER problem.

  • Protouring Sierra
    Protouring Sierra

    I’m here from vinwiki. You said come here and comment “work on the McNugget”

  • pete slusinski
    pete slusinski

    update on the 1000hp 9/11!!!

  • Leon Moxon
    Leon Moxon

    tip top happy days and a great soundtrak..

  • Jonathan Squires
    Jonathan Squires

    Just awesome - beautiful car - my dream car too. Such a wonderful sound from that V12 after the service!

  • Robin Sjöberg
    Robin Sjöberg

    When we gonna se the New paintjob on the 675 lt?

  • Rich Carter
    Rich Carter

    I’ll wont comment on you wonderful hair but I won’t skip asking you to ditch Ed in the next car trek.

  • Will Thibodeau
    Will Thibodeau

    Ok where’s the 675LT

  • Eduard Porton
    Eduard Porton

    No official white gloves used during the tinkering and no test drive footage afterwards... I have to admit, I am a little bit disappointed 😜

  • Willem Van Der Nest
    Willem Van Der Nest

    Where is the new content?

  • 2004 Subaru WRX STI
    2004 Subaru WRX STI


  • Cesar Magdaleno
    Cesar Magdaleno

    I like the cross referencing of parts. That’s what I like to watch. Just like you did with the Lambo.

  • RC Robymar
    RC Robymar

    Has SVname changed the video aspect ratio or you gained 20 pounds? I think it is the latter but I wanted to make sure.

  • Erick Soler
    Erick Soler

    This man just spent near 2000$ in just spark plugs and coil packs..... my car is not worth 2000 dollars

  • Erick Soler
    Erick Soler

    Brooooo My original Dream car was the DB9 because I fell in love with it playing Need for speed. Than I had a more realistic dream car in the Honda Civic Type R 😅

  • Brian Juncher
    Brian Juncher

    fuel filtres hmm

  • JMdDesign

    Hi Tavarish. I'm a big fan of your videos since the beginning of your channel as well the Alex Palmeri ones. I have a dream to work with you one day, even if it is just for 1hour. I'm a car enthusiast my self and Mercedes fan, and always try to solve all the issues by my self. I'm really thinking of beggining my SVname channel dedicated to DIY. Best regards from Europe

  • Sean Keane
    Sean Keane

    I don't know much about wrenching but damn... Freddy is the real deal.

  • MickeyDee

    They should have stuck two 4.0L barra's together 😂🤣 Best engine to come out of Australia


    23:35 "Just make sure I dot my T's and cross-my-eyes ...." DOH! (Your typos are too funny. Glad you didn't edit it out.)

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    How many quarts of oil does a v12 take?!

  • JK VDV
    JK VDV

    I would probably pick up venerial deseases if I drove that car!