My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

  • Scott

    Freddie did Tyler amazingly!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Abdul Official
    Abdul Official

    I heard, once you go black, you never go white.

  • Ashish Rawat
    Ashish Rawat

    Nice video


    All Balkan viewers on this video be like: 😡

  • Mad_Like_A_ Hatter
    Mad_Like_A_ Hatter

    Cheating blatantly on the budget makes me want to unsubscribe for sure

  • David Nelson-Leang
    David Nelson-Leang

    watch it end up in the scrapyard in a few years

  • Derek Jay
    Derek Jay

    My dream car is a Nissan NX. I've always wanted one when I was in high school.

  • Akbar Mohabbat
    Akbar Mohabbat

    come on bro...perfect? we all know nobody sells perfect stuff lol

  • Freddricc Bañuelos
    Freddricc Bañuelos

    That was meant to last a year or two before all the electronics fail lol

  • Nicholas Tinkey
    Nicholas Tinkey

    I have to work out just to put my car in gear bruh

  • Sky Flyer
    Sky Flyer

    I see the mileage was around 167K. Do these cars need a timing belt/chain change? What's a rough cost on the job?

  • Joshua Sharp
    Joshua Sharp

    Tavarish finally tries his hand at open wheel racing.

  • Machine Trader Europe
    Machine Trader Europe

    whats with the horrible light blue?? get som taiste guys.

  • Nicholas Tinkey
    Nicholas Tinkey

    'ze output of za.." lmao

  • mtsevovii

    you missed the center console

  • Eswagger Williams
    Eswagger Williams

    Turn it into your own version of a Bugatti PLZ lol

  • Bman Kelly
    Bman Kelly

    Jared don't go until these leaks or fixed !!!

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • Jack Meoff
    Jack Meoff

    Not on.y not at a.l a Bugatti but also ruined a honda

  • InshoreAndy

    Where is a mclaren update???

  • hasan gezer
    hasan gezer

    What happened to the mclaren ?

  • Александр Александров
    Александр Александров

    Ты русский чтоли?

  • Sergey Podwalny
    Sergey Podwalny

    Awesome episode. Watching all these backwards but what a great production and love seeing Jared as the wing man on these stories.

  • Andy Speck
    Andy Speck

    You know you frequent the liquor store too often when you recognize the shape of a whiskey bottle you’ve never drank before. I hope it went to a good cause instead of being dumped out for the message in a bottle

  • sptrader

    My 3 favorite car guys !, they should have their own TV show.

  • Yo Krey
    Yo Krey

    one of my middle school teacher had pet roaches and she would put them on students desk and shi i killed one and had to go to the office but she put it on my desk after i said not to

  • Juan Pagan
    Juan Pagan

    Nice ok.

  • Touching The Rainbow
    Touching The Rainbow

    Dude just wear a mask, we already have them everywhere *looks at the upload date* ooooh damn the good old times ~before~

  • Bill Skinner
    Bill Skinner

    A new set of wheels&tires, and a set of Coil-overs. Fix the exhaust and do the car a decent once over, detail it, and sell it at cost/break even. Even if you don't keep it, use your skills and resources. Pass it on, without greed, only to know you helped a person get a solid ride, and one less car filling landfills.

  • Azazel the Fallen
    Azazel the Fallen

    Im actually surprised the paint job held up I thought for sure they'd halfass the job for the TV show...

  • Ozkr palminteri
    Ozkr palminteri

    U just bought an underpower salvaged fiero

  • Ananay Joshi
    Ananay Joshi

    Look how they massacred my boy

  • Peter Feeney
    Peter Feeney

    I want to bash that stupid car with a hammer.

  • Chris Marin
    Chris Marin

    You got ripped off. You could've got a booted k swapped eg hatch that would smoke that turbo b series.

  • DBZ- DaBomb
    DBZ- DaBomb

    bro was barely tapping the gas😭. we need a real honda driver to drive it

  • Kurty_kurtz Garage
    Kurty_kurtz Garage

    I’m going through the same issue with mine now. How do you get the engine cover closed? Mine is stuck open and I can’t get it shut🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Dan Rice
    Dan Rice

    $20 for fun racing…priceless!

  • KattoRockFire

    I was not expecting to listen to Kmac on this, but the song fits in so perfectly with the car rebuild and its story. Love it.

  • SJ-Omar

    So umm what about that Porsche on your lift

  • O G
    O G

    VR4 content?

  • MoDz Hunter
    MoDz Hunter

    Your remote is for the passenger in the back lol

  • Juan Pagan
    Juan Pagan

    Si a panda ok 😂😂

  • Storm Mccree
    Storm Mccree

    The chrome crx breaks my heart. Whyyyyyyy

  • suneku78

    The BMW SatNav is still crap. I hate it and will never buy a BMW.

  • Buster2016

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • Andrew Dutton
    Andrew Dutton

    My F350 has a ground fault so bad that it drains batteries after only a couple hours of sleep. But it starts and runs just fine because it's a 5 speed manual. 13 ground points to go through with a helper cycling ignition for me in the cab. Gonna be fun.

  • suneku78

    Hi. Can you say how much you paid for the engine?

  • قناتي - Canati
    قناتي - Canati

    The negative side of this channel is that (70% talking. Talking.. talking and talking.. 30% work )

  • suneku78

    This so called Mechanic has not idea what he is doing. 20 minutes for an inspection of a car like this? WTF?

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy

    They shaved the door handle on the usable door, but not the unusable door???

  • Taha Sultan
    Taha Sultan

    We're is your guys shop I have a is300 and I live in Florida as well I was wanting to send it to you guys


    hate those wheels

  • Dean Duggan
    Dean Duggan

    Thats a 350 horse

  • Janisha Garcia
    Janisha Garcia

    I wanted to see the little girls reaction to the van

  • foxypsycho

    What are you wearing 🤔

  • Winu Sv
    Winu Sv

    First of all , how the car got buried ????

  • Ian Suarez
    Ian Suarez

    yo what are thoooooooooossseeeeeeeee

  • Rogelio Bailon
    Rogelio Bailon

    I think 33,000 dollars aurelio luxurius and more better and cheaper.....

  • LUCAS NEIRA 7867 2019
    LUCAS NEIRA 7867 2019

    I like that the inside the trunk is clean but the rest the full dust particles and rust

  • jamesbates1980

    Have I missed the mclaren being finished ?

  • Boris H
    Boris H

    Is these even alowed in US to be straight piped?

  • Kedar Jani
    Kedar Jani

    but?!! but what...it has no freakin doors LOL

  • Tim O' Callaghan
    Tim O' Callaghan

    It's nice to find a car you live enough to treat this well!

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    Cool to see a project done, and Really well done. Thank you for this vid Tavarish.

  • Geoffrey Wheatley
    Geoffrey Wheatley

    I work for a sign Company I have lost count of the amount of cars I have stripped of the old vinyl, a good heat gun is essential but leaving it in the sun was a good idea we do that as well.

  • Tyler young
    Tyler young

    im high and for a moment i was confuse.......clicked on a car video and then.....random guy talk about man shaving balls.......glad aint tripping lmao

  • Nick Mazur
    Nick Mazur

    Dumb brauds

  • Marco Bongiorno
    Marco Bongiorno

    Where’s the s65

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White

    Wow lol

  • qksmith

    mclaren update?

  • harry stone
    harry stone

    Anyone here in 2021 watching for the 3rd time 😂

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  • John Q Public
    John Q Public

    It looks like precisely the same vehicle in a different color. That's what it looks like. Mercedes are "sleepers" in that their boring ass aesthetics will put you to sleep.